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DeflatedPickle avatar DeflatedPickle
Level 39 : Artisan uwu


This mod adds heart items that are dropped by all mobs on death (1.3+), if the player that kills the mob doesn't have full health (1.4+, configurable in 1.7+). The hearts can be picked up by the player to regain a heart of health, though the item never appears in your inventory, as it is deleted as soon as it is picked up.


(Coming in a later update) This mod will work with any entity that implements IDropHearts.

Modpack Permission

This mod can be included in any modpack that downloads its' mods from Curse without explicit permission. If the modpack does not download mods from Curse for each user, then you do not have permission to include this mod.


This mod is very much inspired by the heart items from Terraria that work in the same way.

The reason for "" being that and not "" like the others is because I messed up the ordering on the previous version names. It's not a mistake, it's not an error. I just wanted to fix the version names sooner rather than later.

Please do not post my mod on another site without asking me and having that request approved first.
If you find this mod on any sites other than the ones listed, I would appreciate being notified.
CreditMojang, Minecraft, Forge, FML
Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

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08/15/2018 2:58 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Skinner
HystericalPeanut avatar
This mod requires: autoreglib
03/23/2018 4:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
EssenJey avatar
so can you recover life but do not keep it in the inventory? I do not understand :/
03/24/2018 7:35 am
Level 39 : Artisan uwu
DeflatedPickle avatar
You kill an enemy, the enemy might drop a heart, you pick the heart up, you recover life, the item disappears.
11/18/2017 4:26 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Modder
HbTextures avatar
Is there a way to store hearts, maybe if you're already at 100%? Either by having them not being deleted instantly from your inv or some kind of bottle that lets you collect them?
11/18/2017 5:55 am
Level 39 : Artisan uwu
DeflatedPickle avatar
There isn't currently, but that's quite a nice suggestion, actually. So there might be in the future.
I was going to make it so you couldn't pick up hearts if you're at 100%, but I haven't gotten around to implementing that yet.
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