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Immortuos Calyx (1.1.2)

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avatar jedijoe_
Level 23 : Expert Button Pusher
We've been getting reports of players infected by a strange new disease. Days after infection we've seen strange, aggressive behaviors from them. After further inspection we found it is a parasite. Now named Immortuos Calyx, it poses a high threat to our way of life. We have developed a cure... but it's imperfect, and we can not risk distribution at this time. Stay safe, cook your food, and avoid infected individuals at all costs.

Immortuos Calyx is a parasite loosely based off of the Velonaceps Calyx parasite from Barotrauma.

Immortuos Calyx slowly infects the player over time, ingraining itself in the host's organs, and providing all sorts of trouble (and in certain conditions, benefits!)

Here is a rundown of all the items in the mod so far:

And here is a rundown of the mechanics of the infection:

Modpacks: Sure
Videos and media: Sure
Stealing the mod and calling it your own: No
Using bits of code I made in your own mod:Sure. If you're using a full file or something though, it'd be nice if you gave me credit in the relevant files.
Porting the mod to newer versions: If this doesn't update for about two major updates, I don't mind. Unless I changed this permission line.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

2 Update Logs

1.1.2 : 10/17/2020 5:35:39 pmOct 17th

Bug fixes

Fixes the critical bug that stopped the mod from working with many other mods.

10/19/2020 7:51 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter
This gotta be one of the most important Mods to a Multiplayer gameplay !
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