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Villainous Difficulty Multipliers (1.3.1)

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Villainous Difficulty Multipliers is based on Halo's skull system. A small selection of game modifying difficulty multipliers can be applied to your game.

The mod currently adds 11 difficulty multipliers, all of which are intended to make the game more difficult. In the future more difficulty increasing multipliers may be added, as well as multipliers that decrease the difficulty.

To activate or deactivate multipliers, you need to be an operator with at least level 2 permissions (cheat commands enabled.) For single player, cheats need to be enabled.

Access to the mod's features is entirely command based at the moment.
List of commands
/vdm help - Shows a list of commands and what they do ingame.
/vdm list - lists all available difficulty multipliers (and keywords that control combinations of them)
/vdm activelist - shows all currently active difficulty multipliers.
/vdm check <difficulty multiplier> - Gives a description of what a given multiplier or keyword does.
-=Requires permission level 2=-
/vdm activate <multiplier> - Activates the entered difficulty multiplier
/vdm deactivate <multiplier> - Deactivates the entered difficulty multiplier.

The difficulty multipliers explained
* Aging - We all get old at some point. Upon breeding 4 times, animals and villagers will die of old age.

* Anger - Pillagers, Skeletons, Strays, and Witches all have significantly sped up attack rates.

* Black Eye - When you take damage, your ability to heal is nullified until you hit a monster or a player with a melee attack. Punch 'em in the chin!

* Cannon - Bombs away! Creepers always explode on death, regardless of method

* Fatigue - Phantoms are a lame punishment for lack of sleep. Enjoy debuffs and eventual death by lack of sleep with this modifier!

* Hardened - All hostile mobs get increased health!

* Karmic Justice - There is a 1 in 20 chance any animal usually farmed for food will explode violently when a player hits them. Tread Lightly.

* Shift - Fighting the same zombies gets old. Zombies are converted to drowned, husks, or zombie villagers instantly, skeletons are converted to strays instantly, and creepers are always supercharged.

* Soft Skin - Your particularly soft skin makes you more vulnerable to damage. All incoming damage has an extra 50% added to it.

* Unstable - Creeper explosions and Ghast fireballs have a larger explosion radius. For all your mass terrain destruction needs.

* Venom - Cave spiders inflict poison for a brief moment on easy, and both wither and poison on normal and hard. Spiders also get the ability to poison you for a shorter amount of time.

Can you beat Minecraft with all of these on? Of course you can. Nevertheless, good luck out there! :)

Modpack permissions: go ahead if you want to
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

4 Update Logs

1.3.1 : 06/15/2021 7:29:29 pmJun 15th

Bug fix:
Fixed issue with shift multiplier that sometimes caused loading issues.

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