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Lava Monsters [1.5.2 - 1.16.5]

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Lava Monsters [1.5.2 - 1.16.5] Minecraft Mod
Lava Monsters [1.5.2 - 1.16.5] Minecraft Mod Lava Monsters [1.5.2 - 1.16.5] Minecraft Mod

Disclaimer: the original 1.5.2 and 1.7.10 versions are no longer being maintained. We have no plans to support any other versions below 1.14.4, please update your game.

📚 Description

If you’ve ever found yourself bored once you mine down to lava because it stops hostile mobs from spawning, then this is the mod for you! This is a small mod that adds a new hostile monster to the game that spawns in lava and spits fireballs at you. Lava monsters’ spawning conditions can be adjusted in a handy-dandy properties file!

📦 Modpack Permissions

Yeah, go ahead unless told otherwise. Just make sure to give proper credit and you’re good.
CreditFather Toast, Phygie, Lachney
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

7 Update Logs

Lava Monsters 1.16.4-v1.0.9 Changelog : 11/10/2020 12:23:51 pmNov 10th, 2020

- Updated to 1.16.4

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11/10/2020 3:32 pm
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
ZenixTheHungry avatar
Not as terrifying as the laval dinosaurs or scorpions and what-have-yous I've seen in the past but still I wouldn't want to fight them other than to try and dump water on them and see if they turn into obsidian. Nice job!
08/10/2020 9:54 am
Level 24 : Expert Princess
Mary582 avatar
I think this should really be in Vanilla Minecraft it goes well with the new nether.
06/27/2020 2:37 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
CivilRedwoods avatar
Nice Mod Man! i like it, Not Many Monster Mods like this. where its like, lava monster, sea monster, etc. so yeah
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