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Luracasmus's Avatar Luracasmus
Level 82 : Elite Artist

Modern, lightweight shaders for Iris

RenderPearl is an incredibly lightweight shader pack using the latest Iris and GLSL features, aiming to deliver excellent performance with decently realistic graphics

It is currently only tested on a Windows/NVIDIA PC. If you find a bug and want to report it or give feedback/suggestions, the easiest way to do so is by leaving a comment

The name is based on RenderDragon


The pack uses several tricks to improve performance in different situations:
  • Shadows and Volumetric Light are automatically disabled when the contrast between sunlight and ambient light is too low, such as at night or during thunderstorms
  • Surfaces that are facing away from the sun completely skip shadow calculations. Since version 1.7 this only applies when Translucent Shadows are disabled
  • Shadows and VL are completely disabled in The Nether
  • glClear is skipped in dimensions where the "true" sky isn't visible, such as The Overworld and End

The pack is designed to be as simple as possible, using forward rendering and 1-3 post-processing passes (sharpening -> VL -> everything else)


Almost everything is customizable and can be toggled, including:
  • Gamma, Color and Saturation
  • Tonemap Operators
  • Shadows (Softness, Resolution, Color, Fade-Out, etc.)
  • Sun/moon and sky
  • Different types of Volumtric Light & Fog
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Emissive Redstone, Lapis and Emerald Blocks as well as Flowers and Fungi
  • FXAA
  • Sharpening & Bloom
  • Automatic Exposure
  • Waves and water opacity
You can also customize which blocks are treated as emissive, water, etc. in these files within the pack itself:
  • block.properties
  • item.properties


The pack requires GLSL 4.60 / OpenGL 4.6 support (might require updating graphics drivers) as well as Iris 1.7.0 or later

Progress80% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.21

26 Update Logs

v2.0 : by Luracasmus 04/26/2024 5:17:42 pmApr 26th

  • Significantly improved Shadows and Volumetric Light:
Volumetric Light is now enabled by default and has three new customization options: VL Base, Sun and Sky

Lighting now uses shadow samplers, allowing for smoother shadows and light rays

Modified Light Color

Shadows & Colored Shadows are now always enabled

Shadow Distance Culling is now 3D, improving performance

Added Shadow Fade option (Misc)

Waves now cast shadows
  • Added Phong lighting with Specular Reflectivity & Shininess options

  • Replaced Sun Brightness with Sun & Sky Bloom options

  • Rewrote most of gbuffers, removing unnecessary calculations and alpha
    tests, allowing the use the GLSL Early Fragment Test instead of a
    custom depth test, simplifying the code, fixing shadow rendering while
    moving the camera and possibly improving performance

  • Improved Clouds

  • Made more blocks and items emissive and added a range of brightness (1-15) for emissive blocks

  • Added Color Format, Skip Clear and Immutable Constants optimization/misc options

  • Fixed Hand lighting direction

  • Fixed Block Entity rendering in The End

  • Fixed Shadow rendering on Entities

  • Modified FXAA (no longer based on BSL)

  • Optimized FXAA and Sharpening
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          06/29/2024 10:06 am
          Level 1 : New Crafter
          Farmer_Markus's Avatar
          I love this shader but I think one thing is missing.
          I would be very nice if you can add waving plants such as sugar cane, grass... like in the "builders qol shader"(modrinth)
          I tried to do it myself but failed because I don't have any experience in shader programming :D
          oh and I'm using debian 12(linux) and your shader works well (nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI) except for the bug with the broken echantment glint.
          07/01/2024 10:20 am
          Level 82 : Elite Artist
          Luracasmus's Avatar
          I'm glad you like it!
          The enchantment glint will be fixed in the next update, and I'll see if I can add waving foliage as well (along with some really cool stuff related to colored light and shadows) :D

          05/27/2024 6:33 pm
          Level 1 : New Explorer
          JesterKing's Avatar
          I'm having an issue using this Shader with the Nicer Skies mod on Minecraft 1.20.4, the new sky render seems to be locked to the rotation of the playera view
          So whenever I move my head the render also moves with it, does t happen with other shaders or the 1.2 version but that one doesn't work with the Minecraft version I'm using
          If you could make an updated version for 1.20.4 that would be amazing
          05/29/2024 6:59 am
          Level 82 : Elite Artist
          Luracasmus's Avatar
          It might be because the 1.2 version of the shaders don't override the default sky like the newer versions do. I'm afraid I can't get around that without losing some features like Sun & Sky Bloom as well as stars, but it's possible that you could make it (mostly) work by simply removing every file that has "skybasic" in the name from the shaderpack

          The mod also states that it's incompatible with many shaderpacks, but not why, so this is just my guess on how to solve the issue, which might not work
          05/07/2024 2:42 pm
          Level 1 : New Crafter
          drakray's Avatar
          Hi, just want to report, Enchantment Glint seems bugged when used on 1.20.6
          Tools don't shimmer, glint is stuck at various level depending on tool
          Note: using VanillaTweak's Item Stitching Fix, otherwise the item dont glint, but the outer texture does
          05/10/2024 8:47 am
          Level 82 : Elite Artist
          Luracasmus's Avatar

          Thanks for the report! I'm hoping to fix this issue in the next update, but I currently don't know the exact cause
          04/26/2024 3:21 pm
          Level 1 : New Miner
          User5115226D's Avatar
          hi, i'm having distorted player name tags while using the shader - is this a known issue or is there a setting I can tweak? the color distortion changes as I look at different parts of the nametag with the crosshairs
          windows 10, nvidia geforce rtx 2060 super, using shader v1.10, iris 1.6.17

          thanks! love the shaders!
          04/27/2024 12:18 pm
          Level 82 : Elite Artist
          Luracasmus's Avatar

          Thanks for the bug report! Does the issue still occur in the latest version of the shaders on Iris 1.7?
          Miffen Kop
          04/12/2024 6:59 pm
          Level 1 : New Miner
          Miffen Kop's Avatar

          so idk why this is happening but the enchantment glint, particles, and block outline are completely broken...
          04/16/2024 5:10 am
          Level 82 : Elite Artist
          Luracasmus's Avatar
          I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. What version of the shaderpack are you using, on which OS and GPU, and with which mods?
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