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Malughi Conflict Pack v0.3

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FEEDBACK WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Changelogs are on the very bottom!

Hello people! My name is BlackjaG and I am currently working on a content pack for Flan's Mod 1.7.10. The pack is currently relatively small, but is fully functional and therefore I am going public with it to collect feedback!
The content pack is fairly unique, because of it's weapon customization system. You are able to fully customize your weapons with a variety of furniture options using the weapon customization table from Flans Mod. For example, there are different stocks you can attach onto rifles from the AK family, which I will go into more detail in a bit. Of course, the variety of weapons and attachments will increase by the time I release more and more updates for the pack.

Items and their compatibilities:
- AK-74N
- AKS-74UN
- RPK-74N
- AK-105
- OTs-14 Groza-1
- SKS-45
- Makarov PB
- VZ61 Skorpion
- M16A1
- M79 Grenade Launcher
- PP-19 Bizon
- VSS Vintorez
- MKEK Bora-12
- Barrett M82
- MP5A1
- MP5K
- HK41
- HK416A5
- PKP Pecheneg
- Karabiner 98K
- M21
- Saiga-12
- Beryl M762
- Galil ARM
- SIG 553
- SIG 550
- SIG 550-1 Sniper
- HK G36KE
- HK G36E
- HK G36C
- RPG-7
- FN Five-Seven
- Vityaz-SN
- AUG A1
- AUG A3
- Molot Bekas-M
- Ruger AR556
- Ruger AR556 MPR

- 30rnd 5.45x39mm Magazine (Fits AK-74N, AKS-74UN and AK-105)
- 45rnd 5.45x39mm Magazine (Fits RPK-74N)
- 30rnd 7.62x39mm Magazine (Fits AKMN, OTs-14 Groza-1 and Beryl M762)
- 10rnd 7.62x39mm Clip (Fits SKS-45)
- 10rnd 7.62x54mmR Magazine (Fits SVD)
- 8rnd 9x18mm Magazine (Fits Makarov PB)
- 20rnd .32 ACP Magazine (Fits VZ61 Skorpion)
- 20rnd 5.56x45mm Magazine (Fits M16A1, SIG 550 and SIG 550-1 Sniper)
- 25rnd .45 ACP Magazine (Fits UZI and HK UMP)
- 53rnd 9x18mm Magazine (Fits PP-19 Bizon)
- 10rnd 9x39mm Magazine (Fits VSS Vintorez)
- 10rnd 9x39mm Magazine (Fits AS VAL)
- 10rnd 7.62x51mm Magazine (Fits MKEK Bora-12)
- 10rnd 12.7x99mm Magazine (Fits Barrett M82)
- 30rnd 9x19mm Magazine (Fits MP5A1, MP5K and Vityaz-SN)
- 20rnd 7.62x51mm Magazine (Fits HK41, M21 and Galil ARM)
- 30rnd 5.56x45mm Magazine (Fits HK416A5, FAMAS G2, SIG 553, HK G36KE, HK G36E, HK G36C, AUG A1, AUG A3 and Ruger AR556)
- 200rnd 7.62x54mmR Magazine (Fits PKP Pecheneg)
- 5rnd 7.92x57mm Magazine (Fits Karabiner 98K)
8rnd 12 Gauge Magazine (Fits Saiga-12)
- 20rnd 5.7x28mm Magazine (Fits FN Five-Seven)
- 20rnd 7.62x39mm Magazine (Fits SKS)
- 5rnd 12 Gauge Buckshot Pellet Stack (Fits Molot Bekas-M)
- 10rnd .450 Bushmaster Magazine (Fits Ruger AR556 MPR)

- Tear Gas Grenade (Fits M79 Grenade Launcher)
- RGD-5 Grenade
- RPG-7 Rocket (Fits RPG-7)

- AK Wooden Stock
- AK Polymer Stock
- AK Folding Stock
- AK Folding Skeleton Stock
- AK Romanian Stock
- RPK Wooden Stock
- RPK Polymer Stock
(Compatible with: AK-74N, AKS-74UN, RPK-74N, AK-105, AKMN, PP-19 Bizon, Saiga-12, Vityaz-SN)

- SVD Polymer Stock
- SVD Wooden Stock
(Compatible with: SVD)

- VSS Polymer Stock
- VSS Wooden Stock
(Compatible with: VSS Vintorez)

- HK A1 Retractable Stock
- HK A2 Fixed Stock
(Compatible with: MP5A1, MP5K, HK41)

- AR15 HK A5 Stock
(Compatible with: HK416A5)

- AK Wooden Handguard
- AK Polymer Handguard
- AK Wooden Handguard w/ Grip
(Compatible with: AK-74N, RPK-74N, AK-105, AKMN, Vityaz-SN)

- Krinkov Wooden Handguard
- Krinkov Polymer Handguard
- Krinkov Wooden Handguard w/ Flashlight
- Krinkov Polymer Handguard w/ Flashlight
(Compatible with: AKS-74UN)

- SVD Wooden Handguard
- SVD Polymer Handguard
(Compatible with: SVD)

Barrel Attachments:
- TGP-A Suppressor
(Compatible with: AK-74N, AKS-74UN, RPK-74N, AK105)

- PBS-1 Suppressor
(Compatible with: AKMN, OTs-14 Groza-1, Beryl M762, SKS)

- MshP Suppressor
(Compatible with: VZ61 Skorpion, UZI, PP-19 Bizon, MP5A1, MP5K, HK UMP, Vityaz-SN)

- Makarov PB Suppressor
(Compatible with: Makarov PB)

- AAC SR5 Suppressor
(Compatible with: M16A1, HK416A5, FAMAS G2, SIG 553, SIG 550, SIG 550-1 Sniper, HK G36KE, HK G36E, HK G36C, AUG A1, AUG A3, Ruger AR556)

Sig Sauer SRD762 Suppressor
(Compatible with: MKEK Bora-12, HK41, PKP Pecheneg, Karabiner 98K, M21, Galil ARM, Ruger AR556 MPR)

- SCO 12 Gauge Suppressor
(Compatible with: Saiga-12, Molot Bekas-M)

- Krinkov Extended Barrel
(Compatible with: AKS-74UN)

- Groza Barrel Grip
(Compatible with: OTs-14 Groza-1)

- AK Bayonet
(Compatible with: AKMN)

- SKS Bayonet
(Compatible with: SKS-45)

Scopes and Optics:
- PSO-1 Scope (AK Mount) (4x Magnification)
- PK-AS Optics (AK Mount) (1.5x Magnification)
(Compatible with: AK-74N, AKS-74UN, RPK-74N, AK-105, AKMN, PP-19 Bizon, VSS Vintorez, AS VAL, Galil ARM)

PSO-1 Scope (SVD Mount) (4x Magnification)
(Compatible with: SVD)

PU Scope (4x Magnification)
(Compatible with: SKS-45)

Barska 4x20 Scope (4x Magnification)
(Compatible with: M16A1, OTs-14 Groza-1)

- Trijicon AccuPower RS27-C (8x Magnification)
- Trijicon AccuPower RS29-C (16x Magnification)
- Trijicon ACOG TA31F (4x Magnification)
- PK-AS Optics
(Compatible with: MKEK Bora-12, Barrett M82, MP5A1, MP5K, HK41, HK416A5, PKP Pecheneg, FAMAS G2, Karabiner 98K, M21, HK UMP, Saiga-12, Beryl M762, SIG 553, SIG 550, SIG 550-1 Sniper, HK G36C, Vityaz-SN, SKS, AUG A3, Ruger AR556, Ruger AR556 MPR)

Grips and Bipods:
- Magpul AFG
- Magpul RVG
(Compatible with: MKEK Bora-12, HK UMP, HK416A5, Saiga-12, Beryl M762, SIG 553, SIG 550, HK G36KE, HK G36E, HK G36C, SKS, AUG A3, Ruger AR556 MPR)


- Turkic Bork Hat
- Kazakh Fur Hat
- Karakul
- Fez
- Balaclava
- Ghillie Suit (Helmet Slot)

Misherouz Police Department:
- Misherouz Police Beret
- Misherouz Police Helmet
- Misherouz Police Shirt
- Misherouz Police Bodyarmor
- Misherouz Police Pants
- Misherouz Police Boots

Royal Army Of Malughistan:
- Malughi Army Beret
- Malughi Army Helmet
- Malughi Army Shirt
- Malughi Army Bodyarmor
- Malughi Army Trousers
- Malughi Army Boots

Aktura Resistance Movement:
- Aktura Rebel Beret
- Aktura Rebel Helmet
- Aktura Rebel Shirt
- Aktura Rebel Bodyarmor
- Aktura Rebel Trousers
- Aktura Rebel Boots

- Mafia Flat Cap
- Mafia Helmet
- Mafia Smoking
- Mafia Bodyarmor
- Mafia Pants
- Mafia Leather Shoes

Misherouz Red Crescent:
- Misherouz Medic Jacket
- Misherouz Medic Pants
- Misherouz Medic Boots

To-do list
- M40 (Uncertain)
- Mosin Nagant (Planned for later update)

Grenades and Grenade Launchers:
- RGD-5 Grenade (Planned for later update)

Barrel Attachments:

- M16 Bayonet (Planned for later update)

Scopes and Optics:
- Different Reticles for different Trijicon Optics

- Decorative Grenade Launcher for M16A1 (Uncertain)

Installation: Install Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10. Download Flan's Mod from their website "Flansmod.com" and put it inside the "mods" folder. Create a new directory called "Flan" and unzip the downloaded file from this post in that folder.

Check out my Trello Board to stay up to date! You can also leave comments :) https://trello.com/b/ia0Heo9M/malughi-conflict-pack
I hope this post gave you a small overview about the pack and sparked your interest at least a little bit. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, you can write a comment on this post or join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/R3ujdKu
You can message me privately on Discord, my name is BlackjaG. Or if you wish, you can write a message in the "support" tab.
I will see you guys soon, have fun!
Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

18 Update Logs

Version 0.3 : by TheRealBlackjaG 09/12/2019 2:33:17 pmSep 12th, 2019

So, it has been over 2 months. Reasons being: Lack of motivation, vacation in Turkey, starting off in a completely new school and working on getting my drivers license. But for those of you who were wondering, I am doing great and I apologize :)
Now that we have got that out of the way, I am rolling out Version 0.3 of the Malughi Conflict Pack. I took the "BlackjaG's Masks & Hats" content pack and merged it with this pack, as it had gotten almost zero attention and just over 100 downloads within over a month (Which is not that bad, but compared to the 1000 downloads this pack gets on the same day I update it, it doesn't mean much). Of course, the other pack will still be available for individual download in the future!

Also again, if anyone is interested in making a review of this content pack on YouTube, it would be overly appreciated, so to those who are interested, consider joining our Discord server at https://discord.gg/R3ujdKu

Also, the Malughi Conflict Server has long been facing a serious drop in relevance and playerbase, which is sad considering that it is still being consistently worked on every day! For more information, join the Discord server linked above or check out the Technic Pack at https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/malughi.1376950

Now for the changelogs, enjoy!

Version 0.3
- Added Ruger AR556
- Added Ruger AR556 MPR and a 10rnd .450 Bushmaster Magazine
- Merged "BlackjaG's Masks & Hats" with the Malughi Conflict Pack:
- Added Turkic Bork Hat
- Added Kazakh Fur Hat
- Added Karakul
- Added Fez
- Added Balaclava
- Added Ghillie Suit (Helmet Slot)
- Removed prototype 1991 Toyota Pickup Truck which had very limited funcionality
- Retouched on some sounds which lacked quality and consistency with other sound files

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03/18/2021 5:30 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Ranger
Exufo's Avatar
can i use it in my server ?
02/20/2021 11:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
looooooooo's Avatar
Is it a Flans pack?????
11/18/2020 10:42 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
_Spectre's Avatar
Is this normal that names of weapons, mags, hats etc. are showing like this com.flansmod.aug? Cuz it makes things harder when I want to find items in creative menu. Expect that, this content pack is very good.
12/12/2020 8:01 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Warrior
TheRealBlackjaG's Avatar
I haven't worked on the pack in over a year now, so I have completely lost track of it. There is a .lang file inside the content pack, which sets the names for all items. Seems that either the file is missing or incomplete.
04/21/2020 3:00 pm
He/Him • Level 38 : Artisan Sailor Theorist
Cal12AlsoMobxvo's Avatar
Are you going to update this mod yet?
04/24/2020 7:23 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Warrior
TheRealBlackjaG's Avatar
I'd love to, but there doesn't seem to be much demand for either the content pack or the Malughi Conflict Server. Check out my recent blog about the large project I am working on, if that succeeds, I will actively work on the Content Pack alongside the server.
03/26/2020 7:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Agwilhelm04's Avatar
Hey man, great addon! Really unique systems and great models!
01/31/2020 9:54 am
Level 1 : New Network
PixelvengerJeff's Avatar
Bro you ooooooooofed me
10/05/2019 7:06 pm
Level 43 : Master System
C3LT's Avatar
Very good!
09/25/2019 3:31 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Ranger
StonesForTheStoneGod's Avatar

Minecreep Corporation is looking for Flan content packs for its server, and I'd like to ask you if we could use your content pack.
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