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MoreFood Mod●1.4.7●[Vs 2.0]●Massive Update●

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avatar kingsmidget16
Level 47 : Master Slime Tamer
What is More Food Mod?
Well the more food mod's title explains it all. This mod adds different food items. At the end of this mod i hope to be adding more than 20+ food items and maybe even a evil mob.YOU CAN USE FORGE OR MODLOADER
What It Adds So Far
o Cheese Burger-Gives 8 Half Hunger Bars
o ZombBurger-Gives 3 Half Hunger Bars
o Golden Soup-Gives 6 Half Hunger Bars
o Banana-Gives 5 Half Hunger Bars
o Cookie With Sprinkles-Give 3 Half Hunger Bars
o Sprinkles-Used To Craft
o Doughnut-Gives 3 Half Hunger Bars
o Doughnut With Sprinkles-Gives 4 Half Hunger Bars
o Chocolate Doughnut-Gives 4 Half Hunger Bars
o Chocolate Doughnut With Sprinkles-Gives 5 Half Hunger Bars
o Cholate-Used To Craft Food
o Blue Haterade-Gives 6 Half Hunger Bars
o Green Haterade-Gives 6 Half Hunger Bars
o Cone-Used To Craft Food
o Soda-Gives 8 Half Hunger Bars
o Ice Cream-Gives 7 Half Hunger Bars
o Holy Ice Cream-Gives 25 Half Hunger Bars
o Taco-Gives 10 Half Hunger Bars
o Hot Dog-Gives 8 Half Hunger Bars
o Pizza-Gives 8 Half Hunger Bars
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If Anyone Has An Idea For This Mod Either PM Or Post It In The Comment Section You Will Get Credit : )
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Progress10% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.4.7

2 Update Logs

Massive Update : 03/11/2013 8:09:52 pmMar 11th, 2013

Change Log From 1.5 To 2.0 [Massive Update]

o Chocolate Doughnut
o Chocolate Doughnut With Sprinkles
o Cholate
o Blue Haterade
o Green Haterade
o Cone
o Soda
o Ice Cream
o Holy Ice Cream
o Taco
o Hot Dog
o Pizza
o New Texture To Doughnuts

o We Got Featured!

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do u want me 2 do an update vid cos i will if u want me to
it would be nice and even nicer if you can talk too
and also can u send me some pics for crafting recipes but not gifs
send them 2 me on [email protected]
my mic works now but the quality is bad and not in a good way so im waiting 2 buy a new one and also is this available for 1.5?
this mod is only for minecraft 1.4.7
My mod review is done, and will be uploaded in about an hour. It is HD, and pretty smooth.
replay here with the link when it is up
Here's the link to the mod review that I made:

i love it and next time will you do a mod review for my mod when the next update comes out?
Sure, but you have to send me a message, because I cant check every day.
sweeet that makes me soo happpy right now i am working on the next update but wont come out for 2 or more days it is going to be a huge update!
Any Suggestions For The Next Update Go Down Here!!
r u gonna show the vid i did?
yeah i will
i did the video
can i review this on utube
ofcourse you can just link me to it and when i get videos i am going to put them featured on the post or in the post
can u show us all the [color=rgb(34,34,34)]Recipes[/color]
if you have not looked under the crafting table tab there is a place for all the crafting recipes i guess for the next update i will make an image with all the crafting recipes still
ok :D
hey mod owner i will do a reiveiw on this on my channel at TheLightLord2point0
it would be great if you could show how to install it too = )
Sure Bro! when i get all of the mod reviews i am going to make a spoiler of all the videos and the one i like the most will go on the front page
it will mabye be uploaded tomarrow
I'll Make a review of this! Will you festure it on this page?

Make sure to add new stuffs, because this is only 10% finished.
it is only 10% finished cause i am just going to keep adding more food to it so yeah you can do one now
What I think I'll do is keep making new update videos for this mod until it is finished, cuz it looks pretty cool.
that is awesome!
It wont go up today, but possibly tommorow. I'll give you a link.
also it would be great if you could show how to install it : )
Sure, I'll try.
thats okay

1 - 37 of 37

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