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Soulas avatar Soulas
Level 77 : Legendary Senpai
Radiation... Toxic Waste and players hand. These will be the ingredients chosen to make little tiny pets..
But Soulas has failed and accidentally added mutating shell to the mix.. The deadlest serum ever has been made!
Mutant Mobs were born.

Current Mobs:
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Mutant Spider:
Mutant Mobs Minecraft Mod
Mutant Mobs Minecraft Mod
- Has 160 Health and will deal 6 damage per hit.
- Has same properties as vanilla Minecraft spider.
- Will randomly leap around his opponents and every 500-700 ticks spawn baby spiders to it in battle.
- Heals 3 hp every 400 ticks during the night.
- Doesn't take any fall damage and even has a spider jockey variation.
- Will drop same spider loot as normal spider.
- On death will spawn horde of babies.
- Has 1% chance to spawn in biomes like forest, desert, plains and so on..

Mutant Cave Spider:
Mutant Mobs Minecraft Mod

- Has 140 Health and will deal 4 damage per hit.
- Has same properties as vanilla Minecraft cave spider.
- Will leap around randomly when fightning and spit poison around it's enemies.
- Venom armor will increase his size by 2x and echance his stats by 20%.
- Is immune to fall damage.
- When health is below 50% will active it's venom armor and will start leaping and spitting poison even more.
- Heals 3 hp every 400 ticks during the night.
- On death will spit 10x times more poison if enemy will be near him.
- Has 1% chance to spawn in biomes like forest, desert, plains and so on..

Mutant Pigman:

- Has 200 health and deals 10 damage per hit.
- Has same properties as zombie pigman that means he is neutral and immune to fire by default.
- Will jump around when fightning and every 400-600 ticks spawn pigman to aid him in battle.
- Has passive buff called iron skin that will allow him to absorb 50% of taken damage and will take only 1 damage from anything else, for example arrows, snowballs, fall damage, magic and even more.
- Is immune to fall damage and knockback as well.
- Will regenarate 3 health every 200 ticks.
- When health is below 50% will active enrage mode, that will drastically increase his speed.
- On death will summon horde of pigman to finish his enemy.
- Has 1% chance to spawn in the nether..

Mutant Iron Golem:

- Has 1000 health and deals 21-40 damage per hit to single target and 11-20 to mobs around his target.
- Is number 1 mutant in the mod, can easily defeat hordes of wither bosses and mutant pigman combined.
- Has AOE ability that will allow him to attack multiple mobs at once.
- Has same properties as Iron Golem, though will fight creepers as well.
- Can't spawn or can't be made in survival yet(suggest your ideas down below).

In the future even more mutants will be added, so be sure to suggest your own ideas in the comments down below!
P.s no i will not bring back old mutant creatures mod :)
And yes you can use this mod in mod packs , though don't forget to leave a credit.

Progress15% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

1 Update Logs

V1.0.1 : by Soulas 06/30/2019 4:37:06 pmJun 30th, 2019

Added Giant Hammer To Mutant Pigman

Optimized Mob AI.
Increased Mob spawn rate by 0.1f;
Optimized special mob moves.

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01/23/2020 8:55 pmhistory
Level 58 : Grandmaster Imposter
The ExiIed FeIIow
The ExiIed FeIIow avatar
Hey guys, since you can't summon the Mutant Iron Golem just yet, I made a 0ne Structure Block Creation that does just that right here!
01/23/2020 5:45 amhistory
Level 58 : Grandmaster Imposter
The ExiIed FeIIow
The ExiIed FeIIow avatar
I will do Mutant Mobs vs Mutant Beasts 1.12.2

I have the mob battle mod so I can make these mutants battle each other.

*slurp* *snap*  .N0lCE.
08/14/2019 7:43 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Bear
CatosBobu123 avatar
This mod requires:
1) a name change. I personally don't care if having "mutant mobs" sound like the original 1.8 "mutant creatures" mod counts to some as "stealing". But when you search on youtube "mutant mobs" you'll get mutant creatures instead. And if you search for "mutant spider/cave spider/ golem" you'll likely get chocolate quest mobs. One option could be "upgraded monsters mod", idk. But this brings me to my next point:
2) This mod needs more reviews. Big or small in terms of subs, someone on youtube has to review it. I am one of those people whose computer, at the moment I'm writing this, is so laggy it bluescreens whenever I open up MS paint. Some people just want to see them on video every now and then.
3) From the pictures provided I can say that the dark furnace contrasts with the golem and sticks out more than a sore thumb. To me it doesn't look that great. I suggest you get an iron block texture(old or new) and give it a faint pinkish hue to match the golem texture. Then, take the fire part of a furnace and paste it on the pink iron block. That way it should give the golem an obvious furnace look while also looking natural. But then again, this is just my subjective oppinion. And this is your game after all, if you really want a normal furnace it's your choice and I shouldn't stand in your way.
07/04/2019 2:43 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ghost3290 avatar
amazing mod but if there would be some amazing armor and wepons be even better :D but still good mod
07/01/2019 4:19 pm
Level 23 : Expert Procrastinator
thediamondbros_ avatar
If your asking for suggestions how to craft iron golem do it like this

B = beacon
f= furnace
I= iron
a= air
3x3 gv

06/30/2019 8:34 pm
Level 25 : Expert Ninja
AwesomeNinja886 avatar
Nice job!

If you're open to suggestions, here's mine:

1) Maybe the Spider/Cave Spider can shoot projectiles that deals moderate damage and creates a 3x3x3 box around your player made of cobwebs? But to balance it, it could only replace air (not water) and would be avoidable. That would make the fight trickier as you would have to avoid the webs while dealing with the other stuff.

2) The Spider should spawn babies DURING the fight as well. It would be invincible while all the babies were alive, but it should be stunned afterwards to balance it. It also could not use this ability below half health.

3) An Illager Scientist, the reason behind these mutated monstrosities. It would ride a flying mutant Ravager, have a whole bunch of HP, a special staff that it drops upon death (I'll leave the mechanics up to you should you choose to add this), and would summon a bunch of normal/mutant mobs to defend it. It would also have a boss bar.
06/30/2019 7:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BlueFoxYT avatar
need some animations and it will be perfect
05/20/2019 8:05 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Skinner
StoniTheStoneBlock avatar
I'm going to spawn in the Mutant Iron Golem and let it fight all other mutants.

This will be fun.
05/20/2019 2:26 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Senpai
Soulas avatar
Yeah. It's far more powerful than old mutant creatures mutant snow golem :D
04/14/2019 12:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Fenixloler avatar
Nice mod :D
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