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Necrotic Fortune - (Starting from scratch, suggestions would be helpful!) - (Nothing Released Yet)

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Mr_Boness's Avatar Mr_Boness
Level 52 : Grandmaster Bunny
Right, a few things i need to say.
I'm going to keep this thread up, so hopefully a mod won't remove it.
I plan to put alot more effort into this mod, after The Necromancy Mod gets a bit more work put into it, which means 0% of time will be devoted to this mod for now, so keep the suggestions coming.
Mainly, what i need is suggestions for Scrolls, anything at all, a spell probably.

I will of course put more time into this mod, but not quite yet.

"Boness, i don't think you will commit enough time to this mod."
Cool, neither do I.

How is that, in any way, a suggestion? If you wish to hate, go ahead, gives me something to laugh at.

"I want to support you"
That's great! I really appreciate it, you can help by subscribing, commenting, or leaving a suggestion.

"Bunnies :3"

Now, continue on with your lives, enjoy, i hear the world is ending again in 12 years.
CreditNotch (Making Minecraft), Cyprezz (Making PMC), starwarror25 (Some Textures), UltimaXReborn (Ideas), Linkseyi (Some coding)
Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.4.6

16 Update Logs

Stuff to be added in NC II : by Mr_Boness 09/06/2012 2:09:06 amSep 6th, 2012

Here we go:

Pandoras Box: A normal block that spawns with a very high rarity, can be broken with one hit and can be crafted with a o Skeleton Keyo To make the necronomicon.

The skeleton key: A craftable key, crafted with 3 bones at the top, 1 skull, then a corrupt skull, then another skull, with 3 iron at the bottom, can be used to break anything stone related instantly, but gives no drops.

Necronomicon: Does nothing when not activated, but can be placed in the crafting bench to make a Opened Necronomicon, which can shoot up to 3 fireballs before it breaks, when it breaks it replaces itself with a Necronomicon in your inventory.

Alchemical acid: Made with acid, and 1 bottle. it can be crafted with iron, gold, or lead to make 4 of the smelted item, after usage it replaces itself with a empty glass bottle.

Acid: Crafted with 2 inc sacs and 1 bucket of lava. Stackable.

Voodoo doll: Crafted with 4 bits of wool, 2 leather, 1 clean feral skull and 3 bits of string, it poisons the target with poison I when right clicked with, and has large knockback when hitting things, only looses durability when you use the poison thing, does half a heart of damage when you hit things.

Feral (Mob): Ghast sound effects (If possible, if not, leave out the sounds) and enderman sound affects when hit, has the model of a steve, faster than a zombie but does less damage, rarely drops Meaty Feral Skull, very rare mob, rarer than enderman.

Meaty Feral Skull: Can;t do anything with it, except for combining it with a water bucket to make o Feral Skullo Or can be crafted into 5 rotten flesh. Stackable.

Feral Skull: can be combined with a stick, and a voodoo doll to make o WitchDoctero s Humain Staffo , or can be crafted to make 7 bonemeal. Stackable.

WitchDocters Humain Staff: is effectively a staff that shoots lightning when right clicking, and does the damage of a iron sword with the durability of diamond, it loses 50 durability when using lightning.

Golden Idol: Can be found in dungeons- can be crafted into 50 gold, or combined with pandoras box to make a bag of curses. Stackable.

Bag of curses: you can place the bag of curses, then break it again to give you 52 needles, a WitchDocters Aesthetic Hat, 3 voodoo dolls, and a Witchdocters human staff. Stackable.

Witchdocters Aesthetic Hat: Gives you the defence of a diamond hat, and has the durability of 2000. (more than diamond), can be crafted with a feral skull in the middle on the left side, a meaty feral skull in the middle, a feral skull on the right, and 3 leather hats underneath, can be worn.

Alchemical Creeper (MOB): Can blow up twice and has 2 extra hearts, drops alchemical eyes, as rare as enderman.

Shadow Zombie (MOB): Has 2x the amount of health of a normal zombie, as rare as enderman, drops skulls.

Skulls: Crafted with every slot full of bones, has no use except for crafting. Stackable.

Corrupt skull: Applies a slow effect when hitting things, does the amount of damage that a fist does, can also be used to craft. No durability, crafted by combining 1 skull with 8 bits of obsidian around it. Stackable.

Workhammer: has the knockback of a gold sword but no durability, does half a heart of damage and can be used to craft with, after you craft with it, you keep the hammer, to be used to craft again. Can be crafted with cobblestone stairs to make 4 dust, can be crafted with cobblestone to make 2 dust, stone to make 3 dust, iron ore with 6 dust, coal with 5 dust, gold ore with 9 dust, and with a golden idol to make 60 gold. Crafted with a stick, 1 iron below the stick, and 3 stone above the stick.

Dust: Used for crafting

Alchemical Eye: Used for crafting things and transmutation, crafted with 2 revert orbs at the top corners and 1 gold at the top middle, 1 ender pearl in the middle with dust on either side of it, and 2 spider eyes on both sides of the bottom with a fermented spider eye in the middle, dosnt disappear when crafting, so you can use it over and over.

Revert Orb: Dropped from Revert Ore, when you combine it with coal ore, it gives you 4 iron ore, when you combine 1 iron ore with it, it gives you 4 gold ore, when you combine 1 gold ore with it, it gives you 4 lapis ore, when you combine 4 lapis ore with it, it gives you 4 redstone ore, when you combine 1 redstone ore, it gives you alchemical diamond. CANNOT be used for infinite crafting, after you use it it disappears. Also used for crafting.

Alchemical Diamond: Can be used to make tools equivalent to diamond, but not armor, can also be transmuted into diamond by combining it with a alchemical eye.

Revert Ore: As rare as lapis ore, drops a revert orb, generates in a ore vein of 1.

Unpolished Band: Made by putting the band into a furnace.

Band: Made by putting 4 iron in a ring like shape with 4 dust on the corners.

Polished Band: made by combining unpolished band with 1 peice of paper and a bucket of water, used for crafting.

Alchemical Ring: Made by placing 1 polished band in the middle of the crafting bench, a revert orb on top, 3 dust along the bottom, with a alchemical diamond on either side of the top with 2 gold on either side of the middle. This ring breaks everything the speed of gold with 50000 durability, it breaks ores already smelted, for example, it breaks iron and gives iron ingots, it breaks gold and gives gold ingot, it breaks diamond and gives 2 diamond, it breaks lapis and gives the normal amount of lapis.

Alchemical Mining Scythe: Mines the speed of stone, but gives the ore that it breaks, breaking coal will give coal ore for example, has 1876 durability.

Dark Side Staff: Crafted with 1 Revenant Moon in the middle with a necronomicon above it, 2 corrupt skulls beside the necronomicon and 2 skulls beside the revenent moon, the bottom row is unicoal in the bottom middle with 2 bones around it. This staff does 1.5 hearts of damage, and when you kill things with it, will create a small wraith that will help you fight, when you hold this staff a aura of smoke particles come from your feet as you walk, these particles are purely for show :3

Wraith (MOB): has 3 hearts and does 1 heart of damage, has a simple floating animation (Goes up and down slowly as if he is hovering) and his arms move slightly when he walks, when he hits things they get the slow debuff, it follows you if you hold the dark side staff, if not they will stay still. It will automatically attack anything nearby, then will teleport back to you with a explosion of smoke. (Torch particles).

Unicoal: Crafted with 4 coal in a ring shape, 1 skull in the middle and surrounded by bones, this will burn 40 things and is used for crafting. Stackable.

Revenant moon: Crafted with 1 stick in the middle, 2 iron at the top corners, 1 unicoal in the middle, 1 corrupt skull in the bottom middle, with 2 unicoal in the middle corners, and 2 coal in the bottom corners, when you attack things with this, you have a 50%ish chance to regen 1 heart.

Fossils: A ore with exactly the same rarity and spawn rate as gold, drops 1-2 bones.


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12/07/2013 3:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Ced12ric12's Avatar
add a suicide spell that when you use it, all your items in the inventory will turn into diamonds
07/14/2013 3:09 am
Level 31 : Artisan Dragon
NightMoon's Avatar
You should add a spell that drains targets life: enemy loses health and you gain health. And soul reaping! And other dark spells and such (element of shadows should turn you into shadow demon! its big and haves great powers!
02/23/2013 9:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
anonpmc872342's Avatar
04/02/2014 3:02 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
dagget10's Avatar
butter does not exist in minecraft, it is gold
06/08/2013 2:16 pm
Level 27 : Expert Crafter
idiotfucker's Avatar
I don't think
06/16/2013 11:12 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Cake
zenen's Avatar
neither did he/she/it
11/14/2012 9:16 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
Lucargia's Avatar
100th diamond! :)
10/17/2012 7:12 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Warrior
ibakugani's Avatar
element of shadow turns in to a dark knight which you control as a slave
10/07/2012 12:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Derp101's Avatar
what do u do
09/27/2012 9:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Neqtune's Avatar
You are officially my favorite modder! :D Honestly i don't know anything about this mod, apart from it has necromancy, but with the element of shadows maybe you could:
1. Blend into shadows (turn invisible)
2.Maybe cast a spell on yourself making you a zombie or something when you die.
3.A funky floor tile?
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