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Necrum! Devil's Request

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A mod expanding the Nether and adding necromancy to Minecraft

Necrum is a basic gem used for crafting wands. The wands are used to summon many different servants.

The first basic staff is Necromancer Staff which allows you to summon tamed Lost Soul that fights for you, mele ranged. It is the very basic mob with the lowest stats.

Druid's Corpse Costur is a next staff, summoning x1 Druid's Corpse.

Wraith Wand summons x1 Wraith that on agony spawns x2 exact copies of itself.

Which Wand (obtainable only by killing a new mob Wicked Witch) that throws a fireball dealing lots of damage and sets the enemy on fire. It does not explode though.

Fly Staff spawns x3 Small Flies that fight for you.


Necronomicon – teleports you the Hell (the Nether) making you immortal, letting you fly. Lasts 1 minute. After this time you are automatically teleported back to the Overworld to the same placed you had been taken to the Hell.

Book of the Dead – summons x5 great Undead Servants

Satanic Bible – summons fireball in the air before you, waiting for you to hit it and throw to the direction you are currently looking towards

Book of 7 Sins – summons x2 Imps (hostile). It’s got x7 uses and with every use it gives a gradually better item and spawns x2 more Imps than before. With the 7th use it spawns Whore of the Babylon (an item, not a mob)

Bible – strikes every enemy around you with a lighting, dealing enormous damage to them.


Every of the 3 Pacts works exactly the same after using (takes x9.5 hearts from you), except each of them gives you a different item. Each of those items are needed to craft the Head of the Goat, which spawns a boss – Satan.


I armor:

Necro armor – better than leather, gives you permanently Night Vision II and Luck II

II armor:

Wraith armor – better than iron, gives you Slow Falling and lets you fly (like on Creative Mode)

III armor:

Bone armor – similar durability to the Wraith armor, gives you Haste II and Bad Luck II

Every bone tool is better than iron.

5.Other usable items

Me, Myself and I – spawns x2 Shadows who fight for you. Only 10 uses, but easy to craft.

Sacred Heart – works like the Totem of Undying, giving you – at the moment of death – many saving, powerful effect like Resistance IV, Regeneration IV, Strength IV, etc. for 40 seconds.

Dead Cat – there is a chance to drop this after killing any cat, and after you’re hit (taking any amount of hearts from you) works like the Totem of Undying. After using it takes one life (1 point of durability) from the Dead Cat. Watch out while using the last life of the Dead Cat, due to its untypical behaviour.

Sacrificial Dagger – after using it destroys itself, giving you Blood and nearly kills you.

Blood – after drinking, withers you and spawns the Me, Myself and I.

Dark Prince Crown – while holding, gives you flying effect (like on the Creative Mode), Hunger II, Regeneration II and Fire Resistance II effects. While wearing, it gives you permanent Strength II and resistance of a full diamond set.

The Halo – while holding gives flying, Resistance II and Night Vision II. While wearing, it gives Saturation II, Resistance II and Luck II.

Holy Water – you can throw with it dealing a lot of damage, and it’s a part of other items’ crafting.

Soul Harvester – after PPM, spawns Undead Skeleton servants. After hitting an enemy gives you his soul fragment (used for crafting).

Rosary – x3 uses, kills all entities (except you).

Sulphur – spawns x5 Shadows making a great explosion around you, additionally giving you a lot of good effects.

Blood Ruby – material crafted with Blood.

6.Boss-summoning items

Lord of Flies – summons Belzebub

Spirit of the night – summons Leviathan

Head of the Goat – summons Satan

Angel Statue – after interacting, summons Archangel Gabriel. The statue is uncraftable, instead it spawns all over the world.

For recipes, i recommend using JEI

7.Hostile mobs

Lost Soul – smaller Ghast, dealing melee damage.

Druid’s Corpse – skeleton, dealing ranged damage. Has got x2 more HP than Vanilla skeleton.

Wraith – flying enemy, dealing melee damage. On agony spawns x2 weaker than him Wraiths.

Undead – stronger Vanilla zombie, which is not getting burned down by the Sun.

Wicked Witch – ranged attacks, can drop Witch Wand.

Imp – small flying enemy, dealing melee damage. On agony spawns two x2 weaker Imps, that does the same on their agony.

Undead Skeleton – Undead’s twin but stronger.

Devil – flying mob, melee damage, setting you on fire when you hit him.

Beast – slow mob with a medium damage, but big durability.

Devling – small, weak flying mob.

Nether Warplack – nether creeper, dealing a lot of damage with the explosion, melee damage. Explodes more massively than Vanilla creeper.

Hellstone – walking mob dealing melee damage. Sets you on fire when you hit him.


Yellow-eyed fly – melee damage, on agony spawns x3 maggots.

Maggot – can attack not only a player, but also animals. When he kills an animal he spawns additional maggots out of the animal. Maggot turns into a grown Yellow-eyed fly after one minute.

Red-eyed fly – basic flying mob dealing melee damage. It regenerates when you hit it.

Flies’ mother – a big fly, spawning on agony 3 types of flies with yellow, red and blue eyes.

Blue-eyed fly – has much less HP than the previous flies, when you hit it, it poisons you and kidnaps you from the ground. You must use Shift to get off of her, otherwise you won’t be able to deal any damage to her.

Fat fly – fat fly with dark-green eyes, that explodes on agony, dealing damage around, but not destroying any blocks.

Small fly – small and weak fly, spawns in groups.

8.Tamable mobs

Cerber – can be tamed with Bone Block

Ghost – can be tamed with Lost Soul Necrum

Some of all the mobs above spawn in the Nether.


There are new, amazing structures in the Nether.

The graphics have been inspired by The Binding of Isaac, the same as some of the music from the game, as well as the Lillium from elfen lied.

Not everything is described, as I want you to discover some things by yourselves 😉

Hope you like it and let me know what do you think about it in the comments. You can also give me your ideas what I can add to this mod.

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Made with MCreator
CreditTextures inspired by The binding of Isaac, and some bgm too
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

9 Update Logs

Update #9 : 04/18/2021 2:45:33 amApr 18th

-Devling spawn rate increased
-Bug fixes

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