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Rare Trident & Axe

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avatar GodRage
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Axes & Tridents with "impossible" enchantments are now in the game, as survival loots, in the way that you can't farm it easily.

Rare Trident can have Sharpness/Looting/Fortune/Power enchantments. (the game will pick 1 randomly)
Rare Diamond Axe can have Looting enchantment. (the game will pick Looting I II or III randomly)

Elder_guardian has 50% chance to drop a rare Trident.
igloo_chest has 50% chance to hold a rare Trident.
buried_treasure has 5% chance to hold a rare Diamond_axe.
end_city_treasure has ~3,5% chance to hold a rare Diamond_axe. (as much %chance as any golden tool)

It's working on Minecraft 1.13.2.

I will probably update it when 1.14 will be out.

Some things to sort out:

Do Power V is used by tridents? My last checks seems to show that Sharpness V adds damage to thrown tridents... if you know please comment. ;)
My original wish was to unlock Sharpness on tridents, and Impaling on swords, being mutual excluding (Sharpness or Impaling or Smite...etc), and also unlock Looting III on Trident and Axe. And adding Fortune III to Tridents because it seems perfect to work the ground for potatoes. :D
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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