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Shadow World

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Petunia770's Avatar Petunia770
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Fox
shadow world adds a new dimension and new mobs the dimension and the mobs are more sculk oriented new customized ores are also added

How do you build the portal?

the portal itself is built with reinforced deep slate which you can also find in the ancient cities the portal inside consists of sculk blocks and sculk mobs new ores can be found in the dimension

Sculk Ant:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/sculk-ant-silverfish/

Sculk Spider:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/sculk-spider-5708634/

Sculk Piglin:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/piglin-sculk/

Sculk Creeper:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/sculker-5139365/

Sculk Wolf:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/deepdark-wolf/

Sculk Hoglin:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/sculked-hoglin/

Sculk Ravager:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/skulk-encroached-ravager/

Sculk Fox:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/sculked-fox/

Sculk Skeleton:www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/sculk-skeleton-with-glowing-soul-request-by-withersoul111/

The Biomes Update

the biome update adds 6 new biomes in the shadow world dimension from a sculk plains to sculk wasteland and sculk forest all biomes consist of new sculk blocks
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20.4

6 Update Logs

V1.0.6 : by Petunia770 04/02/2024 8:38:34 amApr 2nd

-update to 1.20.4
-neoforge added as basic modloader
-The sculk grass block has been changed slightly
-All biomes now have color gradients
-colored sculk added
-Added bright mushroom soup
-Added warped and crimson soup

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