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States - [Land/Terrain Protection || 1.12.x || FORGE MOD]

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FEX___96 avatar FEX___96
Level 78 : Legendary Engineer
New terrain protection mod over here!


This is a multi-layer land protection mod, with powerful in-built off-the-go features, and more being worked on.
This mod is not "completely done", but as it does work, and do it's job, I decided to post it.

Terrain in "States" consists of "Chunks", those can be claimed by a "Municipality" (village/city/town/etc) and assigned to a "District", as such, Municipalities consists of Districts and districts consist of Chunks.
Municipalities can be united together by Forming a "State", as such, States do consist of Municipalities.

Relatively highly configurable!
Every Municipality as well as State has a unique ruleset!

Do you want to do all yourself? Just adjust the rules.
Do you want the council to decide on things? Just adjust the rules!
In the latest version a Municipality's title can be set by the Municipality itself, no longer bound to a player count. Decide yourself about your town's Identity!
A Municipality's max chunk amount depends on how many citizens inhabit it, the chunk-per-citizen ratio is configurable, aswel as the chunk prices.

"Overclaiming" beyond the chunk limit can be allowed in the config, with a separate price.
Available Districts depend on the claimed chunk count, which can also be configured.

Chunk properties and linking!
Chunks can have an owner, as example a player, the player can assign than others to the "whitelist" for them to access their chunk. By default, some blocks like Chests, Furnaces and similar will be locked.

Chunks can also be owned by the District, Municipality or State, the access to the blocks in whem will be then allowed to the District Manager, Mayor or State leader respectively.
Chunks can also be "linked", meaning, that changes made to the "core" chunk will be applied to the linked chunks, be it adding someone to the whitelist, or selling them all together as property.

All these commands are irritating? No clue what you claimed and what not?

There is a nice GUI for claiming giving you an overview of the area around you.
There are GUIs for almost all settings and information of each layer.

Protect all the Blocks!
By default all blocks in "Wilderness" (unclaimed land) are protected, meaning unless anyone claims them, they won't be accessible for placing/breaking/interacting, this can be disabled of course in the config.

What to do if you want to build a road to another town, which is a mile away? No worries!
Just "temp-claim" your way to them! A temporary claim only costs 10% of the Chunk's price (default chunk prices also are configurable) and gives you access to a fraction of the chunk (the level/s on which the chunk can be accessed are also configurable)!
This way, you can temp-claim your way to your neighbors, build a road, and do not worry, the chunk will automatically unclaim the next day!

More? Coming soon.
this mod is not on the priority list though, so no time/quickness guarantee

Tutorials? Guides?
Oh.. yer got me there, there are no tutorials, but you could take a look at the GitHub Repository, and play around with the commands, like in the good old says, but I'll give you this:

  • /ck - general command for Chunk related things
  • /dis - general command for District related things
  • /mun - general command for Municipality related things
  • /st - general command for State related things
  • /st-debug - statistics/similar
  • Help in making Guides/Wiki is kinda, welcome.

Other Features:

  • Discord Integration - chat with your players on the server directly from discord, and the other way around!
  • Override of the default Chat Style
  • Nick Names
  • Chunk Loaders (chunk-force-loading), with global per-municipality limit
  • Chunks rest claimed, for ever (unless admin interaction), meaning once it's claimed, it remains part of something, you can change it's district or municipality though!
  • THERE MAY BE SOME FEATURES I FORGOT EVEN I MADE THEM,LIKE THE SHOP SIGNS AND SUCH, so making suggestions may remind me I actually did that already!

Planned Features:
  • Tax, scheduled either daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Tax for Chunk Loaders
  • Companies! Alternative protection layer, to allow a group of players to own properties in even various countries, also based on their "type" they won't be able to settle in specific areas. As example, an "industrial" company can't buy land in "residental" districts, or an "agricultural" company won't be in the "commercial" district!
  • You can suggest things! Just join our discord!

- FCL - Fexcraft Common Library
- FSMM - Fex's Small Money Mod
By the way, FSMM allows you to define own money items, or set items of other mods/vanilla as valid money items. FSMM is used as the main Money/Balance management mod in "States".


Nope. I had quite a few servers in the past and I generally got bad experience with it, as for one, it is hard for a decent war-mode in Minecraft (not even the Towny-Plugin ever got it, as far I am aware) but for other I'm generally against it, just look at the real world! How messed up it is.
No way to make my annoying neighbor suffer?
Oh perhaps, do use some economy! Take your Geological location to your advantage (implying your server has a fancy large map and generator settings as mine)! Rule the trade!

Or perhaps, when the "Companies" feature will be added, add tolls and other fancy things, like even banning them.





I sure could need those, I guess.
I mean, people pay (literally) dozens for some shady bukkit-plugin dev kid to get some shady plugin done, and need to keep them as staff so they will do "maintenance" on it. Or people do pay (literally) dozens for fancy models for entities, blocks, items.
But who will pay that developer/programmer, who spends his free time and nerves for making an relatively high quality mod, follows the EULA and doesn't sell it, and gives it for free?

:thinking: < no discord emoji here sadly

> Paypal > [url=www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=fercalo96@yahoo.de&item_name=Fexcraft+Network&item_number=Support+Developement¤cy_code=EUR]Click Here[/url]
> Patreon > https://www.patreon.com/fex96
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

15 Update Logs

Update #15 : by FEX___96 08/21/2023 3:43:51 amAug 21st

- fixed mail item calling "/mail" instead of "/st-mail"

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10/07/2021 5:43 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3847926G avatar
I keep trying to claim a chunk by entering the command /ck claim -1. the GUI pops up and I click a chunk to claim and the game says "District not Found" Help Please...
10/07/2021 9:08 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Engineer
FEX___96 avatar
Why are you trying to claim into wilderness? That won't work.
10/07/2021 11:09 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
User3847926G avatar
Nevermind, I got it. Sorry to waste your time. And thanks for Modding!
01/06/2020 1:26 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
FloGamerFAQ avatar
Hello a question,

are you thinking to port your Mod to Minecraft 1.7.10, or not.
I mean there is no other Mod like yours. Bur still looks like very good work.

Keep doing good ;=)
04/27/2019 10:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Daeshimaru avatar
Hello, I have downloaded your mod and together with a friend we have been testing it. I have some questions:

1. Is the mod still in development?

I say this because I have seen the percentage of development and it is 95%, however the last version came out on October 29, 2018, six months ago.

2. Is there a way to start using it in survival mode without modifying the "config" file, or is it just a tool for the game?

Let me explain, I have seen that there is no way to get in survival the coins of the companion of the mod, FSMM (Fex's Small Money Mod), nor the block of the bank, so that the players have no way to get income, which It means that they can not create municipalities or districts and can not progress in the mod. That is the reason why I ask if it is a tool, that is, that you should modify it as an administrator, or if it is a mod that can start playing like any other, in survival, but do not understand it well yet.

3. Will the map types of the "/ ck map" command be improved?

The map of the command "/ ck tempclaim" works perfectly, it shows you the interface in an appropriate way and as I see it only the coordinates in the black holes would be missing, but its function when converting the "Wilderness" zone into "Zone of transit "meets it. However, as for the maps of the command "/ ck map"; you could improve the interface of the same by placing next to the map that appears on the screen the information at the top left of the screen, ie "VM, Terrain, Coordinates of the chunks and SyncQR", data that one finds difficult to see once starts the "/ ck map". In addition, we spent some time investigating how the "Prev Map Mode" and "Next Map Mode" arrows worked, until we finally discovered that next to the "Refresh" button a black dot could be seen on a green plane, and the information from the top left of the screen we saw it much later. We also realized that the "/ ck map" shows the "Owner" as "Municipal" (in the case of being a municipality) and not with the user's name, which we think could be another error.

4. Finally, we have tested all the commands and they go well, but the command to invite users to any institution does not work. We put the command to invite a municipality, for example, and the one who created it can invite me, but nothing comes to me, or the one who created it sometimes puts the command and has no answer through the chat that the command has been sent correctly.

PS: we know that it is not intended to implement a war mode, but it would add a great touch to the mod beyond the protections and institutions.
04/28/2019 6:28 am
Level 78 : Legendary Engineer
FEX___96 avatar

1. Yes, but it's not in primary queue, as I work on various mods, in addition I had quite an unlucky start of the year, all my mods are delayed since at least december, then I was without electricity for like a month, which kinda threw me out of the loop.

2. "States" was made for "servers", it was pretty common, at least on servers I played on, to make a server spawn with a shop area, where e.g. admins could place ATMs also, or give them out for free. Actually could make a recipe for them, but I'm pretty idealess for such.
2.1. States has own "sign shops" which work with FSMM automatically, although data on how to use them was either on my Discord server or some YT video (unsure on the YT matter).

3. I wanted to either remove or rework the AreaMap(/ck map), I know it happens to break/disfunction a lot. It was intended for being able to see a while minecraft region (32x32 chunks) and in various "map" modes, where it gives data relevant to the map mode, e.g. in district mode it would show only districts (and in their color), in municipality mode only municipalities, and so on.

4. In latest States version you need to setup a "Mailbox", things like invites end up in mailboxes as "Mail" Items (a mailbox can be anything, even modded blocks, as long they have an Inventory accessible by Forge).
Back when I was making it, that seemed more reasonable then setting up a whole separate mail system, which seemt pretty heavy to upkeep, at least at my knowledge.

For other infos you could join our Discord server. We sadly do not have functional Forums right now yet.
02/04/2019 1:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
kkp101 avatar

Hi there! I'm in the process of setting up a server with your awesome mod on it! Though, I'm running into a bit of an issue that I can't seem to solve on my own.

As the admin, I'm trying to claim a good amount of chunks to create the spawn point, but despite having PLENTY in my personal bank account, it says I can't claim any more chunks because I don't have enough funds in my Municipality. I've tried playing around with the commands for about an hour now and I simply can't figure out how I transfer funds from my account to my Municipality to claim these chunks before opening the server to the public. This has also prevented me from creating a state, which I'm eager to do before opening the server to the public.

Anyway, many thanks in advance!
02/04/2019 3:24 am
Level 78 : Legendary Engineer
FEX___96 avatar
Use the ATM, the FSMM commands aren't reliable.

The ATM is a block.
Also, in the GUI input field, 1000 equals 1$.
02/04/2019 11:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
kkp101 avatar
I was using the ATM. I was trying to somehow use the "Transfer" option to transfer funds to my municipality but it seems to only want to transfer to other players. Am I missing something?

Because when I deposit funds, it only deposits them into my personal funding account, and not my municipality's account, making it currently impossible to claim chunks or create a state
02/04/2019 12:04 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Engineer
FEX___96 avatar
Do you have discord? (In case of more questions/issues)

Did you select the minicipality's account from the menu in the ATM as the receiver?
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