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The Sacred Grove Mod

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Crowfaced avatar Crowfaced
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
5/19/2022 Update
This has been a long-time coming, so I apologize for dragging my feet a bit getting around to it! But I think it's worth the wait, with the updates and additions! Which are:

- The Sacred Grove biome should be a bit rarer now, along with the new Sacred Meadow secondary biome! There's also some new additional structures to explore in them!

The Sacred Grove Mod Minecraft Mod
- The Sacred Grove unicorns have become a bit smaller now, but there's also a new perk should you choose to tame one! They give you buffs while riding them! In fact...

The Sacred Grove Mod Minecraft Mod
-The new Etheral Unicorn has ALSO been added to the Sacred Meadow, and like their smaller cousin, give you buffs if you tame one! They also attack zombies on sight!

The Sacred Grove Mod Minecraft Mod
- The Knightmare Unicorn has also been added, however is more fierce than the other two unicorns, and is found VERY rarely in the mountains. Should you manage to tame it however, you'll have a powerful steed on your side!

- The Red Bull is also now tamable, though unlike the other three unicorns, requires Sacred Grove unicorn horns to tame! But when tamed, it gives Fire Resistance buff when ridden instead of setting the player on fire!

- The True Phoenix has now been added, and can VERY rarely be found in the Nether Wastes and Crimson Forest. It can be tamed with Blaze powder, and shoots fireballs at enemies! Rumor has it however if you manage to kill it, it drops a VERY powerful ingredient...

- Four New Weapons have ALSO been added, and can be crafted from the new horns of the newly added unicorns! In fact, one of them requires ALL the weapons crafted from their horns, and then some!

New Weapon Recipes Spoiler
Storm Edge Recipe. It shoots LIGHTNING!

Etheral Staff Recipe. It makes enemies glow and float away!

Grove's Retribution. It combines the powers of the other swords into one!

True Retribution. It taps into the power of spectral unicorns from which it is made...

Hidden deep in a mystical forest, awaits many new and magical creatures yet to be discovered. From surly little gnomes, to floral Dyrids, there's even some hushed whispers of unicorns being sighted!

This is my first Minecraft Mod -Ever-, and believe it or not I managed to get this mod to this point in a matter of eight days :'D It was part learning experience and part passion project, though it's not finished, I think it's at a point where it's a fairly solid mod to play with, especially if used in conjunction with other fantasy-themed mods and texturepacks for a more enhanced fantasy experience. There's still the errant unfinished mob so just don't pay them any mind for the time being... I have BIG plans for that one!

Currently this mod adds the Sacred Grove biome, along with the following mobs:

Unicorns!!!! Ridable, they seem fond of some -very- special blossoms...

Four different-colored Dyrids - Right-click on each with a diamond and you'll get a petal! What could they be for?

Gnomes - They're neutral but don't get them started on those goblins! They love berries!

Goblins - ALSO neutral but can't stand those gnomes! They have an affinity for strange soups? Live in swamps

Faux-Phoenix - Fancy chickens, basically!

Sprites - Etheral, glowing fairly-like beings!

Grove Beetles - They also glow, the Faux Phoenix seem to like them. Their wings are also useful!

Kelpie - Water horses that lurk in the swamp. They think you're quite tasty...

The Red Bull - Firey bovines native to the Nether. Fire won't hurt them but they'll set you aflame if you touch them! They hate unicorns, but seem to like their horns...

This mod also adds various blocks, a couple decorative items, small structures (gnome and goblin homes) and TWO different swords!

I have more plans for the future, including a couple more structures, as well as possible a couple bosses and decorative items!

MUCH credit to Mcreator too of course, without it none of this mod could have been possible!

Recipe Spoilers:
Sacred Sand Recipe

Crystal Chandelier Recipe

Sacred Grove Flower Box Recipe

Prismatic Dyrid Blossom Recipe

Grove Cutter Recipe

Nether Hacker Recipe

CreditMcreator, Burklee College of Music (opengameart.org), cicifyre (opengameart.org), Bjørn Lynne
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Crowfaced 05/19/2022 8:45:28 pmMay 19th

- Fixed and Updated the Sacred Grove Unicorn, they're smaller now BUT there's now two Additional Unicorn species!
- Added the ability to tame the Red Bull
- Added Phoenixes
- Added Four New Weapons
- Added a secondary Sacred Meadow biome

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07/11/2022 4:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
rainbowdragon247 avatar
sooo i downloaded this mod and i've found a knightmare unicorn but im kinda confused how i tame it lol pls help! 🥺
07/11/2022 4:44 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
Crowfaced avatar
You need Prismatic Dyrid Blossoms to tame all unicorn species! To get one, you need to trade a diamond to every color of Dyrid, which gives you a petal. You then use the petals to craft the blossom with a glowstone block. The recipe should be in the description above! Good luck! There's a chance you MIGHT need more than one blossom :'3
07/11/2022 10:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
rainbowdragon247 avatar
oh god, thank youuu!! i tried riding him multiple times yet kept dying lol
07/12/2022 1:41 am
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
Crowfaced avatar
05/19/2022 10:50 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
tapiocah avatar
05/19/2022 11:19 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
Crowfaced avatar
05/08/2022 10:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CreeperAwMan178 avatar
Can this be for 1.2.2 please
05/17/2022 2:20 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
Crowfaced avatar
Unfortunately I haven't been successful backporting, sorry
06/17/2022 2:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CreeperAwMan178 avatar
That's ok. Was hoping to be able to mix this mod with techguns (a 1.12.2 mod is frequently play with) but luckily techguns is updating to 1.16.5
03/21/2022 7:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
potato_chippie avatar
Hi there, I love your mod but it's choosing to be very biome heavy on my world. Is there any way to increase its rarity? currently it's more common than any of my other biomes.
There isn't any options in it's config file, it's just empty.

Any reply would be amazing, thanks in advance :)

Kindest regards,

Planet Minecraft


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