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Mugiwara no Mucahid avatar Mugiwara no Mucahid
Level 40 : Master Archer
So I have finally updated this pack to FiskHeroes 2.0
Enjoy it.
Abilities with conditians:
-Sonic:When you hold Eternium Shard you can go Super Sonic
-Miles Morales:When you sneak and push ability 5 you can become invisible
-Danny Phantom:When you sneak and push ability 2 you can use Ghostly Wail
-Batman:When you go in to water you wear a water breathing mask
-Miss Martian:You can shape shift in to Robin,Aqualad,Superboy,Kid Flash and Artemis and if sneak and press ability 1 you reset your shape shift.
-Raven:When you sneak and hold ability 2 you can use Dark Magic Beam
-Blue Beetle:After you aimed you can use sonic waves if you press Buton 1 of mouse
CreditHigor16:Human Torch Skin and Item
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

4 Update Logs

Update #4-Zoro Lost : by Mugiwara no Mucahid 06/30/2022 7:44:30 pmJun 30th

-Human Torch
-Invisible Woman
-Iron Fist
-Falcon/Avengers Assamble
-Ghost Rider/Agents of SHIELD
-Sub-Zero Injustice 2
-Dani Phantom(What a original name)
-Hiccup/How to Train Your Dragon 2
-Assassin/Ezio Auditore da Firenze with a flying machine
-Red X
-Green Arrow/Rebirth
-Red Lantern/Razer
-Xs/The Flash Cw
-Zoro/Pre Timeskip
-The Ninja(Randy)'s abilities rewriten.
-Danny Phantom and Dark Danny's Canary Cry renamed as Ghostly Wail
-Vlad Plasmıus and Dark Danny's Spell menu renamed as Spectral Copies
-TMNT abilities renamed
-Phantom chracters have no skin anymore but all of them added as alts
-And a few more...
-Assassin Ezio alt because he has own suit now
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