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Void Anomaly Mod (Fabric)

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Oslypsis avatar Oslypsis
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Main features

1) Totem-like item for falling into the void

2) New chest-like redstone block

3) New armor/tools/weapons set that are better than Netherite

4) Ability to instamine deepslate with efficiency 5 on the new pickaxe with a haste 2 beacon

5) New food that's better than steak and golden carrots

6) New, craftable enchanted golden apple-like item with slightly better buffs

7) Endermites have a drop now

8) New ore found in the bedrock layer of the overworld and in The End

9) New particle effects that emit from the ores

10) New light/ice road/jump boost block

Explanation of features

Ever thought Minecraft needed a pink ore? I did. I mean we have redstone, copper, gold, emerald, diamonds, lapis lazuli, amethyst, iron, coal, and netherite. There's no pink!

In this mod, you'll find Void Anomalies. These can be used to craft a whole new set of tools and armor, as well as a new food item called the Voided Beetroot and the Enchanted Voided Beetroot. Yes, finally those suckers are getting a good use! Anomaly gear is a notch above Netherite gear. The new Anomaly Pickaxe, for example, will allow you to instamine deepslate with a haste 2 beacon and efficiency 5. The Voided Beetroot and it's enchanted variant both satisfy 5 hunger haunches (10 points of hunger) and 7 saturation haunches (0.7 saturation). Better than both steak and golden carrots.
To craft all the new tools and armor, you'll need your Netherite gear first. See, Anomaly gear is made from the Netherite gear using the Blacksmithing Table. To craft the new food, combine 1 Beetroot and 1 Void Anomaly Speck to get a Voided Beetroot. For the enchanted version, surround an ordinary Beetroot with 8 Void Anomalies.

You can find the new ore block inside the layers of bedrock, and in bigger clusters in The End if you're brave enough to dig through those islands. But if you like to stripmine for your ores, keep an eye out for pink particles shooting up from the depths around Y=-62 to -59. Watch out for the lava. Oh, and don't bother with Fortune. You only get 1 Void Anomaly per ore block. If an ore block is surrounded by bedrock... well, sorry. Gotta find another spot. It happens.

If you prefer to farm your ores, for once there's a reason to create an Endermite farm (yes, surprisingly... they exist). First, you'll probably want an Enderman farm for all those Enderpearls though. This isn't exactly early game stuff as you've probably realized by now. Each Endermite has a chance to drop 0 to 2 Void Anomaly Specks.

Now for the fun part. Totems of Undying don't exactly save you from the void. But surround a Totem of Undying with Void Anomaly Specks (which can be crafted from 1 Void Anomaly to 9 specks) to craft the Creation Catalyst. While holding the catalyst in either hand, you will be safely and instantly warped to your spawnpoint with all your gear intact upon touching the void. This applies in all 3 dimensions, designed specifically with The End dimension in mind.
I remember my brother's rage when he, his fiance (now wife) and I were going to the end. We went through the portal and he started to bridge to the main island. Immediately upon shifting and placing a block, he glitched through and fell into the void, losing all his things. Not fair at all. It won't happen again, not with this mod.

When you manage to get your hands on a Void Anomaly Block (which is craftable using 9 Void Anomalies), you can either jump extra high on it, slide farther than you would on ice, use it as an expensive light source, or if you surround it with 4 End Crystals in the Crafting Table you can create a Substance Anomaly Block. This block is quite peculiar, as you can walk right through it. Power it with redstone, however, and it becomes solid. In this state, it is unbreakable, like bedrock. Immovable.. unshakable. Right clicking on this block in either state will open up a chest-like GUI. Store whatever items you like. Just know, if you break the Substance Anomaly Block (with any tool, including your hand), your items will spill out just like they would if they were in a chest, and the Substance Anomaly Block will drop for you to pick up.

(If I ever learn how to make a block like a shulker box, I'll update this mod with that as the Substance Anomaly Block's behavior)

There are 2 known, unfixable bugs at the moment:
  1. A slight visual glitch on the particles that seems to be a problem with the Fabric plugin for MCreator.
  2. The tool harvest level of the Fabric plugin/MCreator is bugged, so you can harvest the ores with any pickaxe.

These bugs will be fixed once the devs of MCreator/the Fabric plugin fix their software.

This is my very first mod, so there are most likely issues. Always back up your world before adding or removing a mod!

Os' Cracked Mud Bricks (Double Slab Replacement) Minecraft Texture Pack
CreditGoldorion, MCreator's Team
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.2

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12/02/2022 12:50 amhistory
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I've thought about a shulker box like behaviour and it seems possible to me, but I didn't test anything.
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