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PMCSkin3D is a free online app for advanced Minecraft skin editing and publishing. We hope beginners find it easy to use and advanced skinners find it to further their craft. All of your progress and settings are saved to your personal device allowing you to pick up where you left off. Try it on your mobile device as well!

Main App Modes

File Menu

You'll spend most of your time in creative mode but there are two other main app modes located in the upper right of the application.

  • palette Creative Mode : Allows you to pose the 3D Model by grabbing pivot points.
  • accessibility Pose Model Mode : Allows you to pose the 3D Model by grabbing pivot points.

accessibility Create, Edit, Save & Publish Minecraft Skins

note_add How to CREATE a new Minecraft skin?

Click File > New Skin...

File Menu

Choose a model type (Steve / Alex) and a base model color. You can select a color from your color palette as well!

Create New Minecraft Skin
edit How to EDIT an existing Minecraft skin?

Click File > Open...

File Menu

Select the Minecraft Skin .png source file from your computer or mobile device.

file_download How to SAVE a custom Minecraft skin?

Click File > Save to file

File Menu

Then choose a location to save the Minecraft skin .png file on your computer or mobile device.

publish How to PUBLISH a custom Minecraft skin on

Click File > Publish on PMC! OR Click the big "Publish on PMC!" button in the bottom right! XD

File Menu

Fill out the form title, category and description.
Click Save! You did it!


brush Paint Brushes

Brushes are used to paint on the 3D model. By default, you are provided with a set of basic brushes including pixel, square, circle and triangle.

How to change brush color, opacity, size, rotation and other properties

Depending on the selected brush you can change it's color, opacity, size, mode and more. The options will appear below the brush modes.

Different brush types and modes will provide different options. Best way to learn is to experiment.


Click the current color to open the color picker.

Color pick

You can use the color picker tool colorize to select colors directly from your skin.

Color picker tool

You can also change the current color by selecting one from a color palette. More on color palettes later.

Color palette
flare Magic Wand Brush

The Magic Wand brush is useful when your skin is already painted and you want to change specific details. It allows you to paint / replace colored pixels that are similar and in close proximity to each other.


Unique magic wand options

  1. Wand Select By : Changes the way the wand selects pixels on your skin
  2. Threshold : Smaller the threshold the pickier the selection is. If you're trying to select a specific color, keep the threshold low. If you want to select a greater variety of pixels, increase the threshold.
How to save custom brushes

At anytime, if you like the settings of a brush, you can click the add_circle icon in the brush list to save it as custom brush for reuse in the future. For example, you can save a 5x5 red triangle brush rotated at 180 degrees. The brush will be saved for you to use over and over again.

Create Brush
Custom Brush

While a custom brush is selected, use the brush actions icon more_vert to change it's name, delete or export it as an image.

POWERFUL! How to import an image as a custom brush

You can import images to be used as custom brushes! For example, you could create a single dragon scale in your favorite pixel art program, import it as a PMCSkin3D brush and use it to scale your entire skin!

Brush Actions

Here we imported the Minecraft heart icon as a custom brush!

Heart Brush

gesture Brush Stroke Options

border_clear Mirror your pixels as you paint!
Mirror Pixels

Mirroring allows you to paint in one place and automatically mirror your strokes.

Surface mirroring allows you to paint across the X and or Y axis of a single surface.

Mirroring Across Limbs allows you to paint both limbs at the same time!

gesture Brush stroke application
Brushstroke Application

These options allow you to change the way your brush stroke applies to the skin.

  • Constant : Paint pixels at a constant state even when you overlap the current brush stroke.
  • Builds Up : Paint pixels that build up color when you overlap your current brush stroke. Only noticeable when using opacity or HSL mode.
  • Wrap Model : Brush strokes are allowed to move to other sides.
  • Surface Lock : Brush strokes that start on one surface will not wrap onto the neighboring surface. For example, if you start a brush stroke on the face surface, it won't accidentally wrap onto the sides or chest.

edit Brush Modes

Brush modes changes the effects of the current brush on the Minecraft skin.

Brush Modes
edit Smooth Mode : Paint pixels with solid color

Smooth mode allows you to paint solid pixels of color. You can change the color and opacity. Depending on the selected brush you may also see size and rotation options.

Smooth Mode
blur_on Noise Mode: Paint pixels of varying intensities

Noise mode allows you to paint pixels that automatically vary intensity as you paint to create texture. You can change the Noise Intensity value to increase or decrease the effect to suit your needs.

Noise Mode
tune HSL Shift Mode : Paint pixels shifting Hue, Saturation & Lightness

HSL Shift Mode allows you to paint pixels that shift Hue, Saturation & Lightness. This mode is useful when your skin is already painted and you want to change it's color, add texture and shift existing pixel HSL.

HSL Mode
filter_none Clone Mode : Copy pixels from skin to the clipboard brush

Use Clone Mode to copy existing pixels and paint them to other parts of your skin. For example, you could copy one side of the head, rotate 180 degrees, flip the X-axis and paint the other side.

Clone Mode
settings_cell Eraser Mode : Remove / reset pixels

Use any brush type in Eraser Mode to remove / reset pixels on your Minecraft skin.

Eraser Mode

palette Color Palettes

Color palettes allow quick access to a set of colors. A good color palette includes color ramps that include a specific range of colors that work well together. Any custom palettes you create will be saved on your local device for future use!

Color palette
How to create a custom color palette

On the Color Palette pane, click the more_vert actions icon in the upper right then Create new palette....

Create New Color palette

To add colors, click the add_circle_outline icon in the bottom left. To remove colors, click the remove_circle_outline icon in the bottom right.

Add color to palette
How to import a color palette file (.aco, .gmp, .gpl, .pal, images)

If you have a color palette file, you can import the colors into the current color palette. You can even import images as palettes!

First, create a new custom palette. (see above: How to create a custom color palette)
Next, on the new custom palette pane, click the more_vert actions icon in the upper right and click Import palette...

Color palette
How to customize palette color size and pane size, position & style.

The color palette colors can be increased or decreased in size using the zoom_in and zoom_out buttons in the lower left.

The color palette pane is positionable. Click the header and drag to position it.

The color palette pane is resizable. Each palette saves your personal size settings.

  • Pane horizontal sizing is accomplished by hovering over the right edge of the pane, clicking and dragging.
  • Pane vertical sizing is accomplished by hovering over the bottom edge of the pane, clicking and dragging.

The color palette pane can be compact or full size. Useful when your done adding colors and just want a minimal interface while working on your Minecraft skin.
Click the more_vert button in the upper right of the pane and select "Compact Mode".
Once compact, you can always go back to "full size display".

Color palette

accessibility Body and Armor Visibility

Body & Armor Toggle

You can toggle the visibility of the body and armor by clicking the check_box above the desired set.

You can toggle individual parts by clicking the desired part.

help Additional Help

If you need further help, please visit the skinning section of the forums or join chat.

lightbulb_outline Suggestions & Bugs

If you have a suggestion or bug to report, please visit our ticket section. Thanks!

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