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[ 1.7.2 ] Hardcore Mob Arena

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michaelm 1022's Avatar michaelm 1022
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Today is a huge day! I finally released my extreme hardcore mob arena map! I have worked on this thing FOREVER, but finally finished it thanks to thanksgiving break! Its been MONTHS of work, but I present to you : THE HARDCORE MOB ARENA VERSION 1.0!!! Heres some info about the map :

*6 Classes Each With 20 Hearts And Their Own Unique Gear And /effects!
*One Huge Nether Arena With All Kinds Of Spawners
*5 Different Armed Enemies Each With Special Gear.
*Natural Spawning Items In The Arena Like : Bomb, Poison Grenade, Medicine, Super Strength, 3 Minute Energy, Steak, Diamonds, Gold, Iron, And Other Items That Are All Renamed In Color!
*FUN FACT : All Items Are Renamed In Color
*3 Different Difficulties To Play On.
*A Guide To All The Items.
*Custom Inchants On Most Every Item!

Upcoming Features :
*Kits : Pyro and Engineer!
*Access To Upper Parts Of Arena
*More Geared Mobs With Speed Or Other Effects!
*Shop With Special Legendary Gear!!
*Money System
*More Items
Also Tell Me Your Ideas In The Comments Below!

Additional Notes

Thanks For All The Support Guys!

CreditCredit To The Creator of MCEdit, and My Free Time...
Progress100% complete

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06/06/2015 8:54 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Princess
Flyswatterz's Avatar
03/02/2014 4:16 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Artist
Kimminess1312's Avatar
I played your map and I have to say it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bothers me that your class of "caption" is spelled wrong.  I think you meant "captain".

Caption: 1.  a title or brief explanation appended to an article, illustration, cartoon, or poster. 

Captain: 1. the person in command of a ship. 2. be the captain of (a ship, aircraft, or sports team)
04/10/2014 12:16 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Artist
Kimminess1312's Avatar
no worries, it wasnt offensive, I was just a bit confused and figured you meant it as a captain, good job on this project though ^_^
michaelm 1022
03/07/2014 8:52 pm
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
michaelm 1022's Avatar
sorry, i hope this wasn't offencive or anything, its simply a error when i got cocky and thought i was almost done, consider it a facepalm moment. I didnt have anyone to realy accuarately test this map for me so it was difficult fixxing everything. Despite please dont hate for a little error, sorry for inconviance and Caption as in like genneral or something among those lines.
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