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Belial6 avatar Belial6
Level 54 : Grandmaster Wizard
Updated for 1.19. Uses the Conquest resource Pack. Use Optifine.

Come and stay at the grand Kringlewood Inn this Christmas! Inside this Nordic-inspired palace, you will find all the following fully-decorated rooms:

Entrance Hall/Reception

Banquet hall

Main Lounge

Grand Tree Room






6 Bathrooms

16 Guestrooms

2 Bedrooms

Master Bedroom

Bell Tower

Observation Tower


Stable Barn


Servants' House


The Story of Samuel Pepperman

The entrepreneurial Samuel Pepperman sought his fortune as an innkeeper, and took it upon himself to erect an inn upon the hill of the Kringlewood forest valley. Through his charisma and wit, his inn grew, and his fortune flourished. He served many travelers, many hoping to make their own fortunes on the arctic frontier, whether by prospecting for gold or gathering fine pelts. But none were ever made quite so successful as our Mr. Pepperman.

Being a generous soul, Mr. Pepperman was always willing to give and help. He loved to laugh, and could instantly befriend anyone he spoke with. He seemed to fill the room with life and warmth. So naturally, when it came to Christmas, Mr. Pepperman was at his highest spirits. Between the festive name of his valley, his popularity, and his jolly demeanor, Pepperman was made a king of the Christmas season and a local legend. He lived long, enjoying every day of a life lived wisely, finally leaving his fortune to his wife and children.

There are fewer travelers these days, but Mrs. Pepperman -no less jolly or colorful than old Samuel- is always willing to give those who need it a place to stay.


Holiday Hunt
~Can You find in and about the Inn:
10 Snowmen?
15 Sprigs of Mistletoe?
20 Teddy Bears?
60 Nutcrackers?

CreditTrees by Lentebriesje
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Belial6 12/11/2022 7:48:33 pmDec 11th, 2022

Updated for 1.19:
-Better path
-Added servants' house
-Replaced library with more rooms
-Misc. Renovations

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07/29/2022 2:12 pmhistory
Level 1 : New System
OggaBoogaAndre avatar
This is the good stuff. Love the snow surrounding the palace. I would use this as a winter residence. Just a place I could retreat to for a few months. Are there any staff bedrooms though? I am pretty sure the Innkeeper wouldn't want to do the cooking or cleaning himself lol.
07/30/2022 12:52 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Wizard
Belial6 avatar
I don't know if I would go so far as to call it a palace. And it's just the Innkeeper's wife now... So having some help wouldn't just make sense, I think it would be necessary for an inn of this size. The stables, the greenhouse, the kitchen, cleaning and maintenance... And it certainly wouldn't be practical to have them travel to and fro', so yes, there should be servants' quarters. Maybe eventually I'll add some below the building or in an auxiliary building
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