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A Jurassic World in Minecraft PE

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Welcome to Jurassic Minecraft. I thought I’d float my unfinished concept to see people’s reaction. The release date for my finished map will be June 22 2018. I will not be sharing my texture pack, so I would recommend Flow HD for Minecraft PE. Also, there are many dinosaur resource mod packs that work with this map. I recommend downloading Gona's JurassicCraftPe resource mod pack which is based on JurassiCraft2, or Smithies' JurassicEra-PE resource mod pack. You will need a resource mod pack to properly enjoy this map.

(For further information on what is included in the park, and what is being built, visit https://thecrazytitan.weebly.com/)

Upgrading Creator: TheCrazyTitan


Ferry Landing: this is where you arrive. Isla Nublar awaits. Here you can board the Jurassic Train via the terminal and proceed to the other areas of the park. Please have your tickets on hand when you disembark the ferry.
Golf Course: this is currently under development and has no access routes.
Jurassic Waterpark: this is currently redevelopment.
Hilton Hotel & Spa: this is the only functioning hotel on the mainland. I recommend that you visit the luxurious level three Hammond duplex suite (Room 117) for a taste of luxury. Take a dip in the pool, or the ocean, play tennis, or relax on the beach in your own gazebo. *You may notice that this hotel has large areas requiring development. The hotel, when completed, will have a room total of 123 (excluding all other Hilton suites outside of this building).
Jurassic Hospital: this is the only hospital on the island which is easily accessible via its own Jurassic Train Terminal. With an expansive lobby overlooking jungle, hospital beds with ocean views, and world class medical staff, you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time. *Unfortunately, only the hospital lobby, parking bay, staircase, elevator, and Train Terminal has been constructed thus far.
Hotel Plaza: this is the communal hotel area with pool-side and ocean view bars, gazebos for hire, and live music. *Under development.
Oceanic Hotel: this will be, once constructed, our second most luxurious hotel, with only the Royal International Resort coming in first. *Under development.
Royal International Resort: fancy a room in proximity with the likes of the British Monarch, A-List Celebrities, Politicians, etc? This is the most luxurious hotel on the island offering world class service. *Under development.
Jurassic Hotel & Spa: this is Jurassic Craft’s own budget hotel for families and those wishing to have a Disney feel. *Under development.
Jurassic Airport: our airport is for exclusive for VIPs and our cargo planes. You can arrive in luxury quicker than our regular guests. Unfortunately the access road is awaiting construction so you will have to access it via the mainland monorail, not the Jurassic Train.
Sports Centre: this is our new high-end centre which has every type of facility related to sports imaginable: ice rink; football pitches; squash courts; tennis courts; indoor pools; outdoor pools; saunas; steam rooms; etc… *Under development.

Main Street: this is the heart of Jurassic Craft. With a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, you can spend your entire day here and completely miss our other exhibits. You can access some of our exhibits on foot from here: Innovation Centre (*under development); Jurassic Aquarium; Herbivore Observatory; In-Gen Extraction Lab; Mosasaurus Stadium; Oviraptor Observatory; and the Dodo Paddock. To get around the rest of the park, please refer to our map to navigate either the Jurassic Train line or the monorail. VIP guests are entitled to buggy transport.

Mosasaurus Stadium: this is our biggest arena, with the largest aquatic dinosaur on show during our feeding show. You can also view the Mosasaurus from the Jurassic Aquarium which is situated underneath.

Herbivore Observatory: if you don’t wish to travel to the safari, or get too close, and want to be immersed in interactive information, then visit this paddock. Safe within ten-inch-thick observatory glass walls, you can view Brachiosaurus and Triceratops roaming. The In-Gen Extraction Lab is also located within the same building.

Dodo Paddock: this was our first de-extinction of a species. These friendly birds will be more than willing to stroked if you feed them. *Feeding pen under construction.

Oviraptor Observatory: these ferocious dinosaurs shouldn’t be underestimated because of their size. Feeding shows, due to their appetite, occur every thirty minutes. *Unfortunately only one of the three observatories are functional—under development.

Aviary: view the Ludodactylus from observation tunnels in the largest aviary in the world. Feeding shows occur every three hours. *Information stands and seating under construction.

Dilphosaurus Observatory: adjacent to the Aviary, these dinosaurs spit poisonous venom. Similar to raptors, they are hyper intelligent animals.

Chilesaurus Observatory: one of the least aggressive dinosaurs in our park. *You can pet theme at our petting zoo, which is currently under redevelopment.

Cosmpsognathus Observatory: these tiny dinosaurs are weak individually yet in large numbers they swam and can take down a larger carnivore.

(Former) Raptor Paddock: this is scheduled for demolition. In the meantime, we are using it as a temporary goat enclosure. If you wish to feed the goats, please ask a member of staff.

Carnotaurus Paddock: this is our latest carnivore enclosure. With a stadium with a capacity for 200, crowds gather to see these fierce dinosaurs. *Observatory under development.

Spinosaurus Paddock: this is currently closed for upgrades. The Spinosaurus has been moved to a temporary paddock by the Discovery Centre on the opposite side of the park.

Arctic Biome: In-Gen’s latest discovery was an intact gene sequence of a woolly mammoth. Once incubation has been completed, they will reside in this biome. *Under redevelopment.

Petting Zoo: fancy the opportunity to feed, groom, and sit upon small herbivores? This paddock is designed for small children. *Under redevelopment.

Anguilosaurus Paddock: beware of their mighty tail. View regular feeding shows from one of four observation decks. *Under redevelopment.

In-Gen Parade: the events within our parade tent redefine the meaning of circus. Experience trapeze artists, clowns, and dinosaurs in one space interacting to produce a hit show.

In-Gen Infancy Biome: this is a specially controlled climate for young herbivore dinosaurs prior to paddock relocation. *Under redevelopment.

Gallimimus Valley Feeding Paddock & Observatory: this is our largest single species paddock in the park. These shy dinosaurs need large expanses to stretch their legs. Feeding and petting continues throughout the day.

Tyrannosaurus-Rex Paddock: the most revered dinosaur in the park. View hourly feeding shows from tiered stadium seating, or through our two observatories.

History of Isla Nublar Exhibit: come and experience a detailed walkthrough of this islands history—including both of the parks and the road to present day. Situated next to the ruin of the former visitors centre, immerse yourself in history you can interact with. *Exhibit under development. Ruins aren’t accessible.

Jurassic Cruise: kayak down Isla Nublar’s main river, through our safari paddock, and experience a relationship with Jurassic nature you have never before experienced.

Jurassic Safari: this is a feature as old as our first park. Drive through herds of herbivore dinosaurs in park jeeps in awe of size.

Hammond Manor: our most exclusive retreat reserved for royalty. Situated at the edge of the safari with ocean views, experience luxury at its highest. *Areas of this campus are under redevelopment.

Hilton One: experience panoramic ocean views from within a modern cliff house. Accessible only by helicopter, you experience a sense of total isolation from the rest of the island. *Bedrooms x3 and Jurassic Gardens under development.

Discovery Centre: this is our educational centre, with professors at the top of their field delivering lectures on a variety of jurassic themed topics. *Areas under redevelopment.

Temporary Spinosaurus Paddock: relocated from main paddock due to redevelopment. Observation and tiered seating allows adequate views of this carnivore.

Temporary Triceratops Paddock: relocated from the safari due to illness.

Silverfish Paddock: this paddock, which the Jurassic Train glides through, is a semi-underground paddock designed for the weevils of the Jurassic era. Experience these flesh-eating organisms with regular feeding shows. Accessible via the Discovery Centre. *Observatory under development.

Velociraptor Observatory: these are the most intelligent small carnivore dinosaurs in the park—so smart in fact that we constructed an entirely new paddock to ensure they can’t escape. Observe them from all angles.

Indominus-Rex Paddock: this is our most dangerous genetically engineered dinosaur. With camouflaging traits, this half-raptor-half-T-Rex dinosaur will give even parents nightmares. View this ferocious beast in our tiered seating or our suspended observatories during feeding shows. *Tiered seating stadium under construction.

Hilton Park Suites: situated next to the Indominus-Rex paddock are the Hilton Park Suites. Each of these suites has a private observatory in our Indominus-Rex paddock. *Under development.

In-Gen R&D Complex: visit the complex which houses our world-renowned scientists who created all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Craft along with every species of dinosaur in their infancy. *Under development.

Jurassic Transport
To get around the park there are three options: Jurassic Train, Monorail, and Buggies (reserved for VIP Guests). The Jurassic Train is the default access route for all guests. Travel quickly with style between our fourteen Terminals across the park and mainland. Trains arrive every twenty minutes to each station.

Our Mainland Terminals:
  • Ferry Landing
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Hospital
  • Main Street

Our Park Terminals:
  • Main Street
  • Aviary
  • I-Rex
  • Discovery
  • Safari
  • Hammond
  • In-Gen
  • Arctic Biome
  • Carnotaurus
  • Aquatic *

Once you have arrived at a Terminal, you can either walk to an exhibit, or take the monorail. There are six monorail zones (Mainland: A & B. Park: A, B, C, D, and E [*F under construction].) which will aid your transport to our smaller exhibits. Buggy transport is to be requested in advance of your arrival.

*Please Note: the latter list is only provisional and subject to change.

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In-Gen Research Lab

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