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ImRandomm avatar ImRandomm
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Quick Overview

After hundreds of years of humans doing experiments, it has finally gone extinct due to pollution. Fast-forwarding many years later, where everything is overgrown and ruined, a mysterious civilization has started reinhabiting the planet, by building on the remains that are left from the experiments, and that's why I decided to name it "A New Hope"

The style of the structures that they're building is quite fascinating as it's not something that you would expect to see from a futuristic, mysterious civilization, rather it makes you question yourself, Who are these beings?" & "Did they find our historic blueprints that somehow survived the inevitable end that we had?"

I believe that the mysterious element adds a lot to the build itself, and also the contrast between a futuristic "cryogenic" testing tube and the style the structures are made in, makes a beautiful contrast, which ultimately was my goal with this build.


The build was made on 1.16.5 Builders Refuge Minecraft server that has the no physics plugin installed; if you download the map, some of the gravity blocks may fall.


Render was made by @CommonUwu on twitter

& big thanks to Dr_bond for inspiring me to make this piece! :)
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10/11/2021 2:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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very nice
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