Advent Map [5] - Wulfberg, The Mega Taiga Island (2k, Java, Bedrock, Survival, Download)

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Bedrock Edition
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Wulfberg is a small island... its 2km by 2km by McMeddon. It's an Island that is "shaped like the number five".

Dominated by its huge Mega Taiga Forest,dozens of rivers and rough coastline, this map will take a long time to explore. The forest stretches across the whole island, only a few places near the beach has cleared a bit. Make a journey around the island and make your way to new worlds. The Sea level is at 62 as the default Minecraft generation, which means.. if you take a boat, you will make a near seamless transition between reality and Minecraft.

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✅ Download
✅ 2000x2000
✅ Java
✅ Bedrock
✅ 1.14+ Aquatic
✅ Custom new mega taiga tree’s
✅ Custom new foliage
✅ Custom new river systems
✅ Wallpapers
✅ structures or strongholds
✅ Water Level 62 (Minecraft Default)

Project-Name: 20201124Dec5_Wulfberg

Possible questions:
🞂 Which Programs did you use?
    • Gaea
    • WorldPainter

    🞂 How long did it took to make it?
      ca 5h and 3h+ hours of rendering spread over 3 days in total for all maps it too around 30h to complete

    🞂Did you make those assets?
      Yes, they are enhanced default mega taiga tree´s i made.

    🞂 What are your plans with these maps?
      These are adventure maps, survival maps, creative maps for you to build, play and explore. For my part, i gain new techniques and experience with every new map, building on that for the next and making map by map better maps.

    🞂 Timelapse? Showcase? Breakdown?
      uploaded, coming soon (follow the yt channel)

    Progress100% complete
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