Airship Battle Royale

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Airship Battle Royal is a fun and intense minigame to play with friends from 2 to 6 players. The battle takes place between Pirates and the British Royal Navy high in the sky. Use your canons to shred your enemies ship to pieces with TNT or burn it down. Hop between clouds while dodging enemy fire to see if you can make it to their sip to ignite the gunpowder stash, blowing up their respawn point in the progress.

Try it for yourself, have fun!

extra credit and a big thanks to "Sillouet" who made the base for these wonderfull ships, I used his designes and later changed them around for ascetics and functionality.
CreditDagmarski, Sillouet
Progress100% complete

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Update #2 : 08/04/2020 2:44:46 pmAug 4th

typos + added little Easter eggs
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