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Alitheia - Wings of Justice (Modern Organic Greek Courthouse)(Cinematic)(Pop Reel)

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Alitheia - Wings of Justice

Hello! This was a very complicated build I've had, inspired by Justitia, and the TV show Daredevil apparently. Had to rush this a bit in time for the Week In Review, if it is actually counted. Couldn't do the sword in time but will make an update for it; at least the Scale with the two courthouses count. Added the features and chunk view a bit later. Introduced a new preview of photos called Interior View for functional buildings. Enjoy!

EDIT: Oh wow! So much support for this project! Officially this is the second project to achieve more than a hundred diamonds, thank you guys so much! You also have an amazing kindness to make fanmade renders and cinematics; they are all greatly appreciated! Thanks for motivating me to make more epic projects in the future! Stay tuned!

FUN FACT: The method of transport here are called Liarflies, which randomly generate GPS coordinates to avoid giving away the position of Alitheia in the sky. They send out a small EMP wave to turn off all electronics on board to avoid tracking, excluding its own engine.

   The screenshots include:            
GLSL Shaders Mod, compatible with Minecraft Forge 1.7+ 

Chunky Render, downloadable freeware  
Pamplemousse resource pack by MrFruitTree (recommended for modern downloads)   
Cinematic Commission by Aranay Studio (Check his channel out!) and ViculasMC (Check him out too!)
Renders Commission by TheAppleSenpie
Featured Videos
Another great cinematic by ViculasMC!

Silver Medalist for Organic Work

More cinematic work by MinecraftedFilms!

Jukebox music

She showed me her truth and her light, which will forever be mine.

It was my first jump across time. Waves of matter and light flowed through my body as I travelled through the wormholes - they could have been entire lifetimes, eras and civilisations. I could have skipped past the extinction of my own planet, or entered the time of its birth. Asteroids forming one rock and back apart into dust. The end of the tunnel seemed endless. My body would have to reach the destination before I do alive. I couldn't stop the clock from ticking inside me, death had plenty to wait before it would run out. I couldn't feel whether I aged quicker or slower in this portal, but it all stopped the moment I arrived at the beach.

The landscape around me was beyond Earth. There were two suns shining brightly in the almost white sky, accompanied by nearby stars that moved across the sky to compete for the same light. The beach they shone on was even more eccentric - there were glitters of silver and gold among the sands being both washed and replenished by the pale-blue tides; trees of varying branch length showered the inland with glowing dust; droplets of sweet, pure water fell either from the rain clouds dotting the sky or the bottom of floating islands surrounding me. Up ahead laid one of the most beautiful castles I've seen.

Through the embroidered marble gates, I let myself be seized by the locals. They spat at me, calling me the names foreigner, trespasser and alien.

I was taken into a dark courtroom filled with the howls of the angry inhabitants. Fire blazed from the columns, but it was not warm enough to thaw the cold I felt in this strange world. Much like those of Earth, this room was meant for conducting a verdict on the sins committed here. The only difference was that a beautiful lady judged by observing a gold scale she held, and brandishing a scabbardless sword, choosing whether to grant immediate freedom or instant death. I was forced to kneel towards her and gaze into the fire of her eyes. At times she alternated the view between my own and her scale, firmly gripping the deadly sword all the while. As she gazed at me, I felt there was something unusual about her stance.

She became uneasy of my case. She began shaking though minute to the audience who observed us behind. She trembled whenever her eyes met mine, so she quickly flashed back at the scale that seemed to have continuously caused her doubt. Between us, the same tiny specks of golden dust accumulated and gently weighed themselves on the scale, but her eyes told me that it must be wrong. The truth, they told me, was never wrong on the scale, but was I an exception? I came from another timeline, another era, another world, and what was certain was that she struggled to decide.

After seemingly a long time, she recovered fearless and rigid as before and declared me, "Not guilty."

The audience exploded with outrage. Several decorated guards caught her off gaurd and confiscated the sword away. The gaurds beat her almost fatally with spiked maces, until both received projectiles of what looked like telescopes, knives and torches. Soon everyone began tearing their own clothes off shouting out, "Liar! Traitor! Outcast!" Among all the tyranny, I was surprised not to have received any of the blows while kneeling, but was more surprised when I noticed the woman did not weep or cry out in guilt or pain. She took every physical blow targeted at her, but inside I could feel she could not stop the emotion I shot at her. My simple presence sacked her, made her betray her duty and left her to rot in detention.

I walked into the depths of court into the chamber of the Judge, humbly greeted by the guards. Telling them to leave us, I greeted her silently, hoping my presence would alarm her again. It did, and she suddenly wept tears. She confided to me that I was a man who didn't deserve death in spite of the dust that told her I trespassed in their land. She had lied to grant me a false freedom. She had given away her life to save mine. I answered back to her and exclaimed she must redeem herself by proving to the people once more she was an honest, faithful Judge. With one kiss on the cheek, she thanked me. In the darkest dungeon of the land, I explained a plan that could bring her back into light.

She ordered the assembly of the disgruntled people once more to the courtroom as a retrial for my sin. I kneeled as before, but instead I gazed into the new white cloth that shrouded her biased vision. Brave and still, she held out the scale and her sword firmly. This time, I did not fear death, but what I did fear now was her losing concentration over my eminent departure. She observed the scale silently. Golden dust settled on one side of the scale, tilting her hand slightly in one direction and uplifting her sword gradually. I could feel the audience shaking with as much anticipation and nervousness as I did.

She faced down at me one more time, and suddenly exclaimed with a proud voice, "This man has committed a more grievous sin beyond our righteous Laws. He deserves a death worth erasing him out of existence forever. With the enhanced powers of the sword, I declare this man guilty of treachery on our world," and swung the sword at me.

At the moment the blade kissed my cheek, I travelled through time. My body must have exploded into specks of dust in their eyes, thanks to the dedication of her sword. Behind me, I could hear applause and triumphant laughter through the ages of her planet. The white sky faded into the many colours forming the same vortex of light I tunnelled through before our meeting. I was, however, scarred by that kiss. I will miss her, knowing I was forbidden to enter her time again.

I entered once more a few millenia after the execution in curiosity. Before me laid a better court I could ever imagine. It was a statue of her, blindfolded, holding the model of the same sword she struck me with, and holding courthouses that rested on a massive scale behind her. The statue was more radiant than the white sky above. She showed me her truth and her light, which will forever be mine.
- Lady Justice holding the Judgement sword, generated using Voxelsniper
- Carries massive scale housing the Courthouses
- Home to the Liarfly transportation system, including landing platforms at reception and underneath the scales

- Reception area and entrance to the two courthouses
- Defensive cannon beneath central roof
- Air traffic control unit
- Four landing docks
- Two public toilets
- Waterway and brick decorations 

- Two identical court buildings bridged by the lobby
- Spaceous courtroom with two jury boxes, two prosecutor/defendant aisles, witness and judge chairs and audience seating
- Armory and detention centre for temporary criminal imprisonment
- Judge and jury office behind courtroom
- Court record and documentation area above courtroom
- Public facilities area including cafeteria, kitchen and restroom
- Two attorney offices beside cafeteria
- Clocktower consisting of staircase
- Underground Liarfly parking accessible by clocktower
- Surrounding gardens with large trees
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CreditMrFruitTree (resource pack), AranayStudio (cinematic), ViculasMC (cinematic), TheAppleSenpie (free render)
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Filler Update : by Art Dei Tech 06/29/2015 5:06:42 amJun 29th, 2015

- Built her punishing sword equipped with several photos including it
- Added the chunk view pictures
- Added a description of the court features

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07/02/2015 6:09 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
YaseenM avatar
Hello, I currently run a proffesional build team. Judging by your builds, you seem to have really nice talents. Is there a Skype I can contact you with. I am interested in offering you a place.
07/02/2015 7:41 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech avatar
Thanks but no thank you, I prefer working alone, sorry :(
07/03/2015 12:23 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
YaseenM avatar
You will be able to work solo, I will just get the commissions or sell the builds. In a sense, solo building is better as there isn't that much money to split.
07/03/2015 7:16 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech avatar
Before I decide, just a few questions.
When a build event comes up am I prompted to join the build team? 
Do I still post minecraft submissions from this to my profile but with a link to the server instead?
Will I be given more than one plot for building? If so, what is the size of each?
Any utility plug ins such as Voxelsniper and Worldedit?
Lastly, where will the revenue/money come from, and how many people agreed to this?
07/03/2015 7:27 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
YaseenM avatar
Can we talk on Skype, this is business matters and is private to us.
07/04/2015 5:50 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
AranayStudio avatar
If your build team, you should have had many posts on PMC by now and such why do I see you level 1 and nothing on your profile, get some content and then start inviting people to your "team" lol
07/01/2015 1:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ViculasMC avatar
Hey, I just renderd my video and didn't know that someone already made a cineamtic about this map, guss I was too late :( but if you want to use it as a secound video that's fine and mine isn't as good as the first one :D
06/30/2015 7:08 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
AranayStudio avatar
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs8w1cZ328U I made a cinematic for your map hope you like it :D
06/30/2015 7:21 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech avatar
This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Definitely featuring this video, awesome job!
06/29/2015 4:15 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
john_sauve avatar
very inspirationnal!! keep it up
06/29/2015 3:16 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
KoLusim avatar
Little is more <3
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