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ALONE Survival Map 1.8

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AJPDT Patato avatar AJPDT Patato
Level 25 : Expert Architect
ALONE post-apocalyptic survival map by TuturPatato and DarkDodo31

You are alone in this big desert, you

must survive. Welcome in the post-apocalyptic world of ALONE. 

You are the last survivor of the earth.
Your village is destroyed, your family is dead. Now you must rebuild
the world and live.
You can play solo and multiplayer, with over 50 objectives and over 15 dungeons and buildings

Rules : 

- do not go outside the map

- no nether portal

- no cheat


Spoiler - click to reveal



-do not go outside the map

-no nether portal

-no cheat


Ressources are only
available in caves or dungeons. It is useless to search them with


Level 1:

-grow a tree

-create an infinite water

-grow wheat

-repear a house in the

Build a house outside the

-create a sugar cane farm

-gather wood

-gather 25 coal

-gather 20 iron ores

-gather 10 gold ores

-gather 3 emeralds

-gather 1 diamond

Level 2:

-grow a whole forest

-grow a wheat field

-repair the entire village

-raise livestock

-build an underground

-build a road to the

-make the farm bigger

-gather 80 coal

-Gather 64 iron ores

-gather 20 gold ores

-gather 9 emeralds

-gather 5 diamond

Level 3:

-Explore all 4 dungeon

-Build a field containing
wheat, potatoes and carrots

-Build a mob factory

-Enhance the underground
shelter with a iron door and redstone

-Build 4 guard post
outside the village

-Gather 160 coal

-Gather 128 iron ores

-Gather 40 gold ores

-Gather 25 emeralds 

-Gather 20 diamonds

Level 4:

-Protect guard posts with
redstone systems

-Repair and enlarge the
abandoned nuclear shelter

-Grow at least one tree of
every type (6)

-Build a pumpkin fiel

-Build a melon field

-Build a house of a at
least 15X15 blocs outside the village

-Find and explore the
abandoned factory

-Find and explore the ice

-Find and explore the
village with redstone

-Gather 200 coal

-Gather 140 iron ores

-Gather 64 gold ores

-Gather 30 emeralds

-Gather 35 diamonds

Level 5:

-Build a palace in the

-Protect the safe with 

-Automatize 3 mob rooms

-Have 5 emerald blocs

-Build a artificial lake
in the desert

-Build a fishing harbor

-Find and explore the

2 additional
objectives are available on the map

Thanks for
insanemadscientist for the translation of objectives

The map is in English and in French, so, French objectives are available in game.

If you make a let's play of the map, please put the link of the Youtube Channel and the PlanetMinecraft in the description.

Let's Play of the map :
Spoiler - click to reveal

Spoiler - click to reveal

Spoiler - click to reveal

Spoiler - click to reveal

Spoiler - click to reveal

Spoiler - click to reveal
CreditTuturPatato (terraforming, build) DarkDodo31 (build) InsaneMadScientist (translation)
Progress100% complete

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01/12/2016 8:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CausticBotanist avatar
I love the concept!  A bleak and deserted post appocalyptic world where you need to struggle to find supplies!  The concept is a really popular one, especially with all sorts of variables that can be added in to make it more unique.  I also want to commend you on the scenery!  The whole world must have taken a long time to built, it's absolutely incredible how much detail was put into it!
But there's two issues I really have with it.  The first being the "objectives".  I get they're goals to reach for, but some of them seem vague.  Grow a whole forest?  Smelt a bunch of ores?  Look you got them right with some of them, you seemed to have some specifics set for most of them, but some of them are just too vague to followthrough on?  The second is how easy it is.  I found a settlement in a cave that had way too much of everything I needed to survive.  It takes away from the challenge.

Personally, these last two kindof put me off on this map, but I feel you have a real good start to something.
01/13/2016 6:32 am
Level 25 : Expert Architect
AJPDT Patato
AJPDT Patato avatar
thanks for your comment =), I will use your advice for our next survival map =)
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