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CubeLeaf avatar CubeLeaf
Level 27 : Expert Crafter
Alps Tree Pack Minecraft Map
Plant Species
[Every plant species contains several growth/shape variations]

Alpine Aster
Alpine Cyclamen
Alpine Hawkweed
Alpine Lady's-Mantle
Alpine Sow-Thristle
Black Yarrow
Brown Knapweed
Common Agrimony
Common Cottongrass
Creeping Pine
Curly Dock
European Ash
Fairy Foxglove
Great Masterwort
Martagon Lily
Monk's Hood
Perennial Cornflower
Rose Daphne
Sessile Oak
Spiked Rampion
White Asphodel
Wig Knapweed
Wolf's Bane
Photos: Chunky, GIMP, Photoshop
Plants: frogocomics
Why do the grass/flowers not get exported/keeps falling off?
Answer: This is a common problem users had. Basically after exporting, WorldPainter fixes blocks that "don't belong", such as floating sand, etc. However, it also removes grass and plants that are floating, thus ruining the trees. A fix is to go to the WorldPainter advanced settings. It is usually located at C:\Program Files\WorldPainter\worldpainter.vmoptions. Run Notepad WITH ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSIONS and open the file. If you can't find it, make sure the Open File dialog is set to All Files.

Add the following line:

WorldPainter should not apply any fixups now. But the problem is that once you go into the world, grass on trees will start dropping. This can be fixed through NBT. Use your favourite NBT editor and go to a random world. (Any World!) Go to level.dat of that world, and navigate to Data\GameRules. Copy the GameRules package. Now open the level.dat of the world containing CubeLeaf trees. Copy the gamerules to the level.dat. Now go into the GameRules package and set "randomTickSpeed" to 0.

Although seemingly complex, it'll get easier after a few tries.
Credit(See Credits)
Progress100% complete

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09/10/2016 11:24 am
Level 29 : Expert Architect
Very_T avatar
This looks so amazing
09/10/2016 5:14 am
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
SergecjArtist avatar
09/10/2016 4:38 am
Level 88 : Elite Creator
PitchBlackPL avatar
Upload pics with closer look to trees pls
09/10/2016 2:10 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Blockhead
Mine Maus Craft
Mine Maus Craft avatar
I like tree packs very much, so good so far but I'd also like to see some closer pics of the smaller things you put on the map, I can't see what they are from so far away :-)
09/10/2016 2:38 am
Level 27 : Expert Crafter
CubeLeaf avatar
I'll render a close up
09/09/2016 7:55 pm
Level 44 : Master Fox
AkaFox avatar
Thank you for sharing this!
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