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WORLD RESOURCE PACK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dyc6n4azw7n4fs9/Titanic_World_Resource_Pack.zip/file


Hello, my name is RelentlessTitanic. I made this survival world about 2 1/2 years ago at the time of publishing this post, so it's decently aged. At first glance this may seem like a creative world, but it isn't, purely survival. I got all the resources for building by the farms I've built. It may take a while to explore everything because the city is so massive, but I'll give some tips. In the world download you'll spawn in at the city center, which isn't spawn. Spawn in this world is 0,0. 0,0 is Old Town and all the farms and stuff like that. The archive size is almost 7 gigs and the world size extracted is about 10 gigs, so make sure you have the hard drive space beforehand. I'll post an update around every month or so, so I'll post an update around the beginning of September.


Ampere City, located in the middle of the searing desert, started as a small town in the savanna biome. The savanna wasn't quite as hot as the desert, but temperatures still easily climbed to 110° in the summer. The first building built in Ampere City was the world creator, RelentlessTitanic's first house. Then he slowly built up old town as we know it today with a villager trading hall, a church and a rudimentary smelting room. There was a village where he planned the city was going to be, so he decided to bulldoze it and leave no traces of it behind. Alongside building Old Town, he started building the industrial district (farms and stuff) which would fuel the economy. Then he decided to build the Titanic, the staple of the world. After Titanic, thoughts were exploding in the builder's head as he went to build a castle and as a side project build some houses in a nearby shattered savanna (Ampere City Hills). But all these points (Titanic, Shattered Savanna and Old Town) were separated by a massive, barren desert in between. He had to put something to connect all three points, and that's when he thought of it. A city, with massive skyscrapers almost reaching world height. So, gradually started building through the desert in the searing heat. He built skyscrapers but alongside that, in the city lies a waterpark, nightclub, and a city park. Then he made his way to the coast where Titanic and Ampere City Hills were. On the coastline he decided to build what resembled the Twin Towers, a city plaza and a mall. He's only about halfway done with his plans with the city, and by downloading the world you can join him in his journey. (I wrote this in third-person for some reason so yes the "he's" and "him's" I'm referring to are me)
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