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Ancient city of Ebla - AD 313 [Roman Lakandahar Kingdom]

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Ancient city of Ebla - AD 313 [Roman Lakandahar Kingdom] Minecraft Map

This city is part of the Roman Kingdom of Lakandahar (check the city of Lakandahar here for informations: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/ancient-city-lakandahar-with-ziqqurat---ad-255/). Ebla was the first city conquered by the Lacandrines, after 134 years of war. The city became part of the Roman Empire after the fall of the Lakandahar Kingdom.

Brief history of Ebla
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The city of Ebla was founded around 4100 BC and along with it one of the first realms of history, with one of its kings: Ibla. The city, however, was independent for a short time: soon, in 3613 BC, the city would become part of the Lacandrine empire and there was built the tomb of the first real tor, Lakandahar. But why was Lakandahar's tomb built at Ebla and not in his hometown, which is the capital of the newborn empire as well? You will wonder why, rightly; Lakandahar is the founder of the first dynasty, how could he not have been buried in the city built by himself? Well, the story is particular. Tor Lakandahar liked traveling very much and every couple of years he used to visit at least one city: on the other hand, he was inspired by one of these foreign cities to build his own. In 3747 BC Lakandahar visited this small town known as Ebla, not far from Nevur (the former name of the city of Lakandahar). He made his usual visit to the streets of the cities, to then meet the local king; unfortunately Samire, king of Ebla, did not like the king of another kingdom to enter his city. Lakandahar was therefore murdered in his sleep, in the palace of Ebla, at the age of 75. This obviously triggered the wrath of the son of Lakandahar, known as Lakandaham; in fact, he wanted to declare war to the city of Ebla, but he was urged by the Minadigius Maximus Ganaoh to not do that. The problem, however, was that the body of Lakandahar was still in Ebla. The successor of Lakandaham, Lakandaham II, however, did not agree that his grandfather's body was outside the kingdom. The Minadigius Maximus successor to Ganaoh, Ocaniphisah, unlike his predecessor, agreed with Lakandaham II to declare war on Ebla. And so it was. The war lasted 134 years, with several pauses, and finally the city of Lakandahar had the possession of Ebla and with it the body of Lakandahar. To celebrate the victory, tor Lakandahak (successor of Lakandaham II) built the tomb of Lakandahar directly in the city of Ebla. Since then the city became an important center for the kingdom, but at the
same time the shape of the city changed just a little: over time only temples, a theater and other few buildings were built, but the city remained the same. Towards the end of the 4th century AD, a hundred years after the end of the Roman kingdom of Lakandahar, a rich citizen of Ebla, Cassander, rebelled against Roman rule and founded a kingdom that over time will become very rich and powerful: it will be a point of reference for the Middle East. The kingdom will survive until 1627 AD, when it will be finally conquered by the Ottoman power (which, compared to the real history, was slowed
down very much due to Ebla: the Eblaite kingdom even posticipated the end of the Byzantine empire, which lasted another fifty years).
This is the video about the history of Ebla (after 293 AD, at some time I will build the city of Ebla in 1627 AD):

Disclaimer: the original city of Ebla got abandoned a lot of years before 293 AD, but you have to remember that this is fiction.
P.s.: sorry for my english.

-The download will be available tomorrow.
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City and history updated.

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