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Archdragon Peak from Dark Souls III

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Archdragon Peak from Dark Souls III

We always loved dark souls universe and decided after some time playing the actual game, that we should build some of it's content in minecraft.
So back in may 2019, we began the building of a whole location from dark souls 3: The Archdragon Peak.

Located beyond the Boreal valley and accessible from the Irythill dungeons, this area was originally a fortress built by humans. During his exile, the Nameless King took refuge in this place and built the actual Mausoleum, Bridge and Great Belfry that compose the current build, left to ruins after thousand of years, until an Ashen Ones came up here and defeated Gwyn's first son.

Build Status and updates

For now most of the peak is finished, including the Great Bridge, Dragon-Kin Mausoleum, Bell Tower and the Great Belfry.
We are finishing the details of this last area before moving on to the next stages of this construction.

How to join this map ?

Since the build is not quite finished yet, there's no download available for now.
But a discord server has been set-up, when there will be enough people to access it we'll open a server with the map, were you'll be able to see the progress live.

Beyond that, we're planning on adding a Dark Souls 3 like PVP "Hollow Arena" system to the server, accessible via bonfire !

Discord link: https://discord.gg/YnaT236

We hope you'll enjoy this first entry on this community,
fear no the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.
Creditbuilt by MisterHope & Yukiyavox
Progress55% complete

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