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Ascension - Head Into the Clouds

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Nankaina avatar Nankaina
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
HITC Contest Entry: Ascension
Upon their arrival at this new, mystic land, Steve and his group of explorers thought the land to be barren. Nothing was in sight, and everything seemed untouched.
Then, one man fell off the floating island and landed on a cloud, not falling through, causing shock among all the others. They began exploring the cloud layer and were amazed to discover what has been playfully called by some The Gates of Heaven.
The mysterious palace stands alone among the clouds, with no explanation of how it got there, and no other proof of the lifeforms that made it.
Theories started flying: perhaps it was sent up here as a sacrifice to the gods; maybe the builders left it here to confuse future visitors; it could be a trap designed to lure unsuspecting travellers in. The people grew cautious of this seemingly utopian palace; many, seeing it as a trap, avoided it at all cost.
Still, the monolith stands, alone and untouched for thousands of years, promising riches and mystery to anyone who dares to enter...

I've finished the exterior, but I'm struggling a bit with the interior section. The throne looks more inherently evil than I wanted, and there's still a lot of empty space to fill.
When I finish, I might try uploading a video, or taking some screenshots with the Shaders on, but I thought I'd try showing it off without shaders to be different.
Update 1: I've begun work on the interior, and made some minor adjustments, as well as taking down some of the pictures with less-than-flattering shots of the empty void that was the interior. New world download and a few new pics have been added.
Update 2: Even more minor adjustments (it's amazing how many things can go wrong when you copy-paste), a new download, and a video. I couldn't be bothered with more pics, since I was working on the video, but I think it's safe to say that I'm done with this thing. Hope you guys enjoy it! I've basically put my social life on hold for the past 15 days, so it's nice to say it's finally out of the way.
PS: I also updated the story a bit. It's an infinitesimal update, but I think rewording can really help set the mood.

Also, I'd like to encourage you to download the map and check it out for yourself! I built this solo, and I had a late start, so it's not my favorite building I've made, but for the time I had I like how it turned out.
Progress90% complete

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05/22/2019 9:00 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Warrior
Mileonas_Lionclaw avatar
why is it always a .rar file?
08/06/2014 7:18 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
Nankaina avatar
I made it to the Finals! I don't even care if I win, which I'm pretty sure I'm not going to, but I still want to say thank you to everyone who helped get this there! May fortune favor you all.
07/31/2014 8:17 am
Level 43 : Master Artist
knuckles5577 avatar
Amazing, must have taken hours!
08/01/2014 8:04 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
Nankaina avatar
I started about the 12th of July, since I hadn't heard about the contest until then. I felt like I was behind, so I wanted to stay on the small side to make sure I could finish in time, but I also put in anywhere from 3 to 7 hours a day (sometimes I was just flying around thinking "What can I do here?", though ;D).
08/02/2014 2:23 am
Level 43 : Master Artist
knuckles5577 avatar
wow. I can see this in an adventure map! reminds me of how big herobrine's mansion was/is.
07/26/2014 11:54 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Architect
Schnogot avatar
cool build
07/26/2014 8:50 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
Nankaina avatar
Coming from you? That's amazing! Thank you a thousand times!
07/25/2014 9:32 am
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Fishies avatar
Best of luck in the contest dude! :)
07/25/2014 6:52 am
Level 23 : Expert Lumberjack
pokopoko avatar
awsome work! goodluck in the contest
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