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avatar Leon123134
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
Welcome to my adventure map, Athoria.

Currently we've only got a limited amount of things done due to the crazy amount of time it takes to put such detail into the map, but I assure you it'll get done.

We made a soundcloud to put all of the OST: soundcloud.com/buildteam6

There's going to be 4 Races included in this adventure map which the player will choose from to start his adventure:

HUMAN: The Tankiest of Races, get's a low DPS but can tank damage like a beast allowing for easy dungeon runs, this race is also the only one to be able to use shields.

ORC: The Bloodthirsty ones, Highest Damage of all of the Races, But also the least amount of health rendering them incapable of being able to tank anything heavily.

ELF: The Ranged Race, This race isn't defined by it's health or attack per say but by it's ranged attacks as well as being the only race to get a movement speed boost.

DWARF: The Miners, The Most balanced of all of the races, it's only distinctive feature is the crazy amount of knockback resistance they get.

It's still a WIP obviously, but i'm trying to get everything done as fast as possible without ruining any of the detail that goes along with it.

I wanted to add this onto here for the longest time but here's as follows what each race will be like in combat.

-Most Health
-Most Armor
-Most Weapon Variety
-Least Damage
-Most Boring of all of the Races

-Most Damage
-Best Over-All Sustain due to special abilities
-Easiest to Solo with
-Least Armor
-Least Health

-Medium Health
-2nd lowest Armor
-Best escapes and distance techniques due to high base movement speeds.
-Best ranged damage, and highest DPS if you count range over melee.
-Has easier access to potions and potion items because of cities and towns with those types of items that'll sell only to Elves.

-Most Median Class of them all
-2nd highest Health
-2nd highest Armor
-Lowest Variety in weapons
-Worst Abilities in game
-Bad beginning speed, medians out to okay later on but isn't great.
-Best Knockback Resistance. Won't get thrown nearly as far as the other Races.
-Most Dwarven Brews will benefit the Race better than others. Negative effects will not last as long if brewed by a Dwarf.

Each Race will get a choice of 2 classes later on in the game, these different classes will give the player 3 special abilities based on how those classes run.

{"Paladin"} - Paladins are holy knights, crusading in the name of good and order as well as being a divine spell caster.
Passive - {Unending Crusade}; When the Player gets below (3) hearts their health get's healed up to (15) Hearts, gain a Resistance (3) and Speed (2) Buff for (15) seconds.

#Blessed (Healing)
Level 1 - {Cleanse/Cleanse II/Cleanse III}; Removes all Debuffs from the player. CD Decreases with Rank (40/25/15)
Level 2 - {Prayer/Divine Mediation(Passive)}: (3/2) Seconds after the player stops moving, the player gains Regeneration (3/4) until they move.
Level 3 - {Heathen}; Stops all undead mobs for (10) seconds in a (10) block radius and heals the player for Instant Health (3) for (2) seconds.
Mastery - {Aura of Righteousness}; For the next (45) seconds, any abilities the player casts now heal the player for Instant Health (2) for (2) seconds

#Vindication (Protection)
Level 1 - {Vindicate/Vindication/Vindicated}; Reduces damage done to the player by Resistance (1/2/3) for (4/6/8) seconds
Level 2 - {Remove Infection/Remove Infection II}; Removes (Poison/Wither)/(1 + Nausea/Blindness) and shields the player with Absorbtion (2/4) for 15 seconds.
Level 3 - {Reckoning}; Levitates all mobs around slowly, suspending them in the air before dealing Instant Damage (3) to enemies, and Instant Healing (4) to Undead.
Mastery - {Shield of the King}; For (64) seconds, the player gains an (8) heart shield that regenerates every (8) seconds even if it's depleted completely.

#Fallen (DPS)
Level 1 - {Tire/Exhaust/Wither Away}; Syphons (Strength 1/2/3)/(1 + Speed 1/2)/(2 + Health 3) from all Undead in a (3/4/5) block Radius.
Level 2 - {Holy Bolt/Holy Strike}; Causes all mobs in a (5/7) Block radius to be struck by lightning and inflicted with Weakness (2/4) for (8/12) seconds.
Level 3 - {Retribution}; Causes the player to be effected with Strength (3) and Haste (4) for (10) seconds.
Mastery - {Judgement}; For (40) seconds, any damage the player causes also causes undead mobs in a (4) block radius to get inflicted with Instant Health (3) (2 second cooldown between damages)

{"Pirate"} - Pirate will use a combination of weaponry instead of specializing - usually being able to switch freely between pistols and swords while maintaining higher healths and defenses with their abilities. Once used to be civilians, they still get the attributes of Humans but with more Water and brutal abilities.
(Once a Player chooses a skill tree for Pirate, they can't choose abilities from other skill trees. This is the only class that does this.)
Passive - {Upper Hand}; Inflicts Slowness (1) and Weakness (2) to Enemies in a (3) block Radius when the Pirate is swimming or walking in water.
Passive 2 - {Diseased Blade}; Causes Wither (2) to all enemies in a (3) block radius for (3) seconds when the player deals damage while in water.

Level 1 - {Quick Step/Swift Foot/Fleet Foot}; If the player hasn't taken damage in the past (6/5/4) seconds, then they gain Swiftness (1/2/3) until they take combat damage.
Level 2 - {Seagull Bomb/Group of Seagulls}; Places a beacon on the ground which spews smoke up to signal seagull(s) to drop (1/5) bombs to the beacon's location. {"Group of Seagulls"} Does it in a circular area around the Beacon.
Level 3 - {Bullet Time}; Fires (16) Arrows around the player dealing (16) Damage each arrow. Happens instantly and each Arrow goes in a single direction.
Mastery - {Make it Rain}; Places a small indicator on the ground, and after (2) seconds summons arrows constantly for (6) seconds all doing (10) damage each. Arrows cause Slowness (2) for (2) seconds if hit.

Level 0 - {Beserk Mode (Passive)}; After taking (10) Hearts of Damage over the course of (3) seconds, goes into a state of Rage for (20) seconds, during this Rage the player get's inflicted with Wither (2), and allows the player to cast all of their other abilities. Out of this state the player cannot cast any of the abilities as well as gaining no bonuses from Ability-Base passives {(Not including Class-related passives.)}
Level 1 - {Energy Drain/Energy Drain II/Energy Drain III (Passive)}; During Rage, when the player deals damage, they gain Regeneration (2/3/4) for (3) seconds.
Level 2 - {Pirate Chant/Sea Song}; The player gains (6/10) Health and Strength (1/2) for (15) seconds or until Beserk mode ends.
Level 3 - {Waterlogged}; Causes a storm to rage above, activating your passive for (45) seconds even out of water.
Mastery - {Upgraded Beserk}; Now lasting (20) seconds longer when going into Beserk mode, you now gain Resistance (1) for the duration and Absorption (4) when first going in {(Doesn't regen)}.

Level 1 - {Powerful Blow/Powerful Blow II/Powerful Blow III}; The player get's inflicted with Strength (3/4/5) until their next attack.
Level 2 - {Knee-Capper/Knee-Smasher}; For the next (3/4) seconds, mobs in a (2) Block Radius are unable to move completely.
Level 3 - {Crew Help}; Summons (2) Iron Golems with (50) Health, and (20) attack damage for (15) seconds to your side.
Mastery - {Hurricane Strike}; Stops all Entities (Including the Player) in a (10) Block Radius, after (3) seconds, deals massive damage to all mobs in the radius based off of how many entities there is.
(1-3 Entity(s) = Instant Damage/Healing 5 for 0 seconds. 96 Damage)
(4-8 Entity(s) = Instant Damage/Healing 3 for 3 seconds. 72 Damage)
( 8+ Entity(s) = Instant Damage/Healing 2 for 5 seconds. 60 Damage)

{Destroyer} - Warlords of the Orc Community, they look deep into their primal instincts to do as much damage to the enemy as possible, disregarding their own health.
Passive - {Feast}; after killing a mob with a non-spell you get healed with Instant Healing (2)

#Warlord (AoE Damage)
Level 1 - {Decay/Hemorrhage/Internal Rupture}: Deals Wither (2/3/4) in a 2 Block Radius to a Maximum of (2/4/6) random enemies for (5) seconds
Level 2 - {Wither/Turn to Dust}: After dealing (50/40) damage, mobs in a (4) block radius are dealt Wither (3/5) for (2/4) seconds
Level 3 - {Barrage}: Summons (32) Arrows above the player at a high speed dealing (3) damage each in a circle around the player instantly.
Mastery - {Self Destruct}; Reduces the players over-all health bar by (10) hearts for (60) seconds with a Stick in the Offhand slot with a Negative Health effect (- 20), but in return deals Instant Damage/Healing (6) to all mobs in an (8) Block Radius.

#Bloodletting (Sacrifical Regen)
Level 1 - {Lifesteal/Lifesteal II/Lifesteal III}: After dealing (60/45/30) damage the player heals with Instant Healing (1/1/2)
Level 2 - {Self Shock/Electricuted}: Summons lightning right where the player is standing, and after (3) seconds the Player gains Resistance (1/2) for (5/7) seconds
Level 3 - {Life Drain (Passive)}: While you're below (5) Hearts, the Player deals Instant Damage/Healing (2) in a (4) Block radius and heals with Instant healing (1) every (4) seconds
Mastery - {Mudblood (Passive)}: After taking any source of damage, the Player gains Regeneration (5) for (3) seconds.

#Commander (Self Buffing/Random Damage)
Level 1 - {Thwack/Wallop/Critical Strike}: The Players next attack is increased for up to (10) seconds with Strength (3/4/5)
Level 2 - {Fortify/Fortify II}: Inflict the Player with Swiftness (1/2) and Resistance (1/3) for (6/12) seconds, but also inflict Weakness (2/3) for (8/16) seconds
Level 3 - {Smite}: Causes one random enemy in a (5) block radius to summon a fast moving arrow above itself, dealing (10) Damage, as well as Wither (5) for (5) seconds.
Mastery - {Betray}: A random mob in a (10) block radius summons an explosion ontop of itself with a power of (6) that damages it and any enemies in the radius of the explosion.

{Equalizer} - Guru's of the Orc Community, they learned spiritual essence and enlightenment from Human-written books that was scavenged from Dungeons and raided Towns.
Passive - {Enchanted Blood} - The Less Health that the player has, the higher level of Strength they have.
>3 Hearts = 5
6 Hearts = 3
9 Hearts = 1
<12 Hearts = 0

#Transcendence (Enchantment)
Level 1 - {Spirit Walk/Spirit Walk II/Spirit Walk III}; Removes all Movement Impairing effects and inflicts the player with Swiftness (1/2/3) for (5/7/9) seconds.
Level 2 - {Freezing Strike/Frostbrand (Passive)}; Everytime the player attacks, they inflict slowness (1/3) and Glowing (1) on all enemies in a (2/3) Block Radius for (2) seconds. (2 second cooldown between hits)
Level 3 - {Ra's Spirit}; Inflict the player with Levitation (2) for (3) seconds and summons Fireballs under the player going in a circular direction, before dealing Instant Damage/Health (3) to everyone in a (6) Block Radius
Mastery - {Might of the Djin}; Become Invulnerable for (5) Seconds, Gaining Swiftness (2), Strength (5), Regeneration (4), and Inflicting all Enemies in a (5) Block Radius with Slowness (2) for the Duration.

#Discord (Damage)
Level 1 - {Weaken/Diminish/Abate}: When the players health drops below (3/5/7) hearts,the player inflicts weakness (1/2/3) to all mobs in a (2/3/4)-block radius
Level 2 - {Debilitate/Hamstring}: The players next attack afflicts slowness (2/3) for (10/15) seconds
Level 3 - {Internal Bleeding}: Inflicts Instant Healing/Damage (4), as well as Wither (5) for (15) seconds to mobs in a (2) block radius
Mastery - {Equalize}: Inflicts Instant Healing/Damage in a (6) block radius based off of the level of Enchanted Blood (1/2/3/4)

#Harmony (Healing)
Level 1 - {Meditation/Meditation III/Meditation III}: Slowly levitates the player and holds them in place. Grants the player resistance (2/3/4) for (3) seconds and grants the player Regen (2/3/4) after being let go
Level 2 - {Headache/Migrain}: When the player has less than (3/5) hearts, the player is inflicted with Regeneration (3/5) for (3/6) seconds everytime the player deals (30/15) damage.
Level 3 - {Healing Winds}: Projects a strong gust of wind in the direction the player is facing that grants Swiftness (2) and Regeneration (5) for (5) seconds.
Mastery - {Sunfire Soul}: Every time the player receives any source of healing, the player damages all mobs around them with Instant Healing/Damage (2) (2 second cooldown between heals)

{Hunter} - Rulers of the night and forest, these types use Animals and Instincts to their advantage.
Passive - {Animal Spirit} - Gains a permanent pet to their side, This pet deals (12) damage, Doesn't Die and has Knockback (1)

Level 1 - {Enrage/Enrage II/Enrage III}; Buffs you and your pet with Haste (1/2/2), Strength (1/1/2) and Swiftness (1/2/3) for 10 seconds.
Level 2 - {Fierce Roar/Fierce Roar II}; Causes Weakness (2/3) and Slowness (2/3) for (15) seconds in a (10/12) Block Radius to all Enemies.
Level 3 - {Synchronize}; You and your pet gain Speed (3) and Strength (1) for (4) seconds then Speed (1) and Strength (3) for (12) seconds
Mastery - {Bulk Up (Passive)}; Your pet's attacks are increased by 12 Damage, and Causes Slowness (2) to all mobs in a (2) Block Radius

Level 1 - {Tar Trap/Tar Trap II/Tar Trap III}; Slows all mobs that pass through it with Slowness (2/3/4) for (3/4/6) seconds. Lasts (10) seconds
Level 2 - {Ex Trap/Ex Trap II}; Explodes when an Enemy comes near it and Withers (4/5) to all mobs in a (4/6) Block radius for (8/12) seconds. Lasts (60) Seconds
Level 3 - {Stalker}; Uses your Survivability skills to go invisible for (15) seconds. Uses Invisibility (6)
Mastery - {Adrenaline}; Gives Strength and Heals based off of how many Abilities are on cooldown (0/4/8/12) Hearts and Strength (5/3/2/0) for (8) Seconds

Level 1 - {Harming/Harming II/Harming III}; Gives the Player (16) Arrows in their Off-Hand slot, which inflicts Wither (2/3/4) for (2/4/6) seconds.
Level 2 - {Crippling/Crippling II}; Gives the Player (16) Arrows in their Off-Hand slot, which inflict Slowness (2/3) for (10/15) seconds
Level 3 - {Sonic-Bang}; Summons a Light that inflicts Slowness (2), Weakness (4) to mobs, Regeneration (3) to the Player, and reveals all Enemies in a 10 Block Radius for (15) seconds
Mastery - {Arrow Volly}; Summons a Volly of Arrows (30) around the player all dealing (20) damage in each arrow to those hit and inflicting Slowness (2) for (5) seconds.

{Scholar} - Wizardtypes of the olden times, these wise folk study Magic and cast spells in battle to combat enemies.
Passive - {Magical Veil}: Gain Absorption (2) after (10) seconds of taking any damage, when this shield goes up (or refreshes) it removes all negative Ailments.

#White_Mage (Healing/Undead Damage)
Level 1 - {Radiance/Radiance II/Radiance III}; Heals for Instant Health (2/3/4) while damaging all undead for Instant Healing (1/2/3) in a (3/5/7) Block radius.
Level 2 - {Sanctuary/Sanctuary II}; Summons an AoE Pool that heals the player but deals damage to undead mobs by Instant Damage (2/3) every (3/2) seconds in a (3/4) block radius
Level 3 - {Holy Light}; Gives the player Regeneration (4) and damages all undead mobs with Wither (6) for (12) seconds
Mastery - {Guardian Angel}; Heals the player for Instant Health (3) every (10) seconds for (60) seconds, if the player were to get below (3) hearts while under the effects of Guardian Angel then the healthbar of the player is healed by Instant Health (4) and given Absorption (5)

#Black_Mage (Damage)
Level 1 - {Firebolt/Fireblast/Firestrike}; Summons a basic Fireball in any direction dealing damage with a (2/4/6) explosion power
Level 2 - {Blizzard/Blizzard II}; Weakens, Slows, and Withers (2/3)/(2/3)/(3/4) all mobs in a (5/8) Radius for (12) seconds
Level 3 - {Tempest}; Gives All Entities Slowness (5) in an (8) block radius and the player Resistance (4), then summons an array of lightning bolts dealing massive damage for (6) seconds.
Mastery - {Erupt}; Summons a series of (25) Meteors from the center with an Explosion power of (4), then afterwards summons a highly damaging middle meteor. with an Explosion power of (7)

#Blue_Mage (Utility)
Level 1 - {Dehex/Dehex II/Dehex III}; Removes Negative Ailments and gives Resistance based off of Rank. (Wither/Poison)/(1 + Slowness)/(1 & 2 + Weakness/Blindness), Resistance (1/2/3)
Level 2 - {Reckoning/Reckoning II}; Weakens all mobs and Strengthens the player by (2/3) for (8/16) seconds in a (5/7) Block Radius, as well as giving the Player (3/5) arrows that inflicts Wither (1/3) for (6/10) seconds.
Level 3 - {Rab}; Transforms all basic mobs within an 8 Block radius into Rabbits, and gives the player Strength and Swiftness (3) for 12 seconds
Mastery - {Healing Winds}; Heals the player based on their current health and gives Resistance (3) for 10 seconds

Race Passive - {Endurance}; Instead of high health, Dwarves gain temporary boosts to their health. The more damage in combat they take, the more health they get. Resets after not taking damage for 10 seconds.
1) 0 - 16 Damage - No Boosts.
2) 17 - 30 Damage - Health Boost 1.
3) 31 - 50 Damage - Health Boost 2.
4) 51 - 80 Damage - Health Boost 3.
5) 81 - 120 Damage - Health Boost 4.
6) 121+ Damage - Health Boost 5.
7) 150+ Damage - Health Boost 6. (Increased Vitality Only)

Race Passive 2 - {Stunted}; All abilities that deal damage scale off of the rank of Endurance rather than their own damage. They also only get 2 Basic Abilities, and 1 Mastery Ability due to being Stunted.

{Stoneforge} - These types of Dwarves are the kind to hammer down and use all of their inner might to boost themselves in battle, providing shields/resistances and distractions rather than magical effects or AoE damage.
Level 1 - {Battlehorn/Battlehorn II}; Summons a Minion to the players side everytime the player advances up a stage of Endurance up to (5) Minions. They have (10/15) Hearts of Health, Carry Iron Swords that deal (10/15) damage with Knockback (2) , and have (10/12) points of Armor Rating/Toughness. All minions Dissapear once Endurance get's reset.
Level 2 - {Rocks of Renewal}; Heals the Player for Instant Health (3) and all Minions the Player has summoned for Instant Health (2).
Mastery - {Commander}; For 60 seconds, a commander with 100 health sits on the spot it's summoned. It can't move or attack, but it summons 5 minions every 10 seconds and buffs nearby allies (including the player) with Speed II, Strength II, and Regeneration II for the duration of the commander. After said commander dies his minions stay but do not get buffed any longer.

Level 1 - {Toughness}; Gains Resistance (2) for a certain amount of time based off of level of Endurance when initially hit (Racial Passive) (0/2/3/4/5/6)
Level 2 - {Molten Shield}; Gain Absorption (5) for (15) seconds as well as Haste (3) for (10) seconds
Mastery - {Obsidian Core}; Instantly charges the players Endurance up to Max and Gives the player Strength (3) for (10) seconds

{Explorer} - Getting the best out of combat, Explorers gain bonuses to their racial stat the most and more utility than in-combat buffs.
Level 1 - {Recovery}; Gains Regeneration for (4) seconds based off of level of Endurance when initially hit (Racial Passive) (0/1/2/3/4/5) (6 with Increased Vitality)
Level 2 - {Increased Vitality}; Unlocks an extra slot in their racial passive, allowing the player to now gain Health Boost (6) instead of maxing out at Health Boost (5).
Mastery - {Adaptive Personality}; Gains Different effects based off of aspects in battle (Has a 5 Second Cooldown between effects)
{After Dealing Damage}; Gain either Instant Healing (1) for (2) seconds, OR Absorption (3) for (3) seconds
{After Taking Damage}; Gain either Haste (3) for (3) seconds, OR Strength (3) for (3) seconds

Level 1 - {Scrounger/Looter}; Whenever you kill a Mob you automatically get (1/3) Emeralds, Whenever killing a Boss mob you gain (1/3) Emerald Blocks.
Level 2 - {Rabbits Foot}; Permanently Gain Luck (1), at Rank 6 of Endurance you gain Luck (2), Whenever killing a Mob, you gain Absorption (2) for (5) seconds
Mastery - {Insight}; Levels of dungeons (Obsidian) and below become easier to you, gaining the answers to some puzzles magically, as well as Instantly killing any Basic mobs around you within a (8) block Radius

Check the Update Logs for any actual updates.

People working on it:

Leon123134: Redstone, Terrain, and Building.

Firekoz: Idealist, Itemization.

WaterBlock: General Help.

Progress25% complete

6 Update Logs

Update #6.A - HUGE Amount of updates : 09/23/2017 5:03:59 pmSep 23rd, 2017

Ok, so being gone for 2 years due to some personal things i've had going on in my life I wanna say Sorry to that.

2nd off we've been doing ALOT of updating including some Soundtracks we've been working on and a bunch of other quality of life updates.

- Bosses are updated to be more fluid and feel overall more consistent to the player.

- Soundtracks for the game are starting to be uploaded, you can find them on soundcloud.com/buildteam6

- We've done alot of updating to classes and races. Including a few We'll post into the 6.B Update Log in a bit.

- The world is changing alot due to some corruption issues with 1.12 but they'll be better than before and i'll upload some photos in a little.

- Races now use specific armor pieces to cover specific stats. (ex. Helmets for Health, Chestpieces for Knockback Resistance, Speed on Boots, etc.)

- We're adding in Charms that the player can use and expand their power with.

- An Infusion Altar has been worked on and a Prototype of that Infusion Altar is up and running. The Infusion Altar will infuse Weapons that you get throughout the world with some specialty Aura's you get from Bosses/Chests/Specialty Mobs.

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  • SnowyOxygen
  • Level 21
  • Expert Architect
  • September 23, 2017, 4:08 pm
Very sexy.
  • Leon123134
  • Level 21
  • Expert Engineer
  • September 23, 2017, 5:03 pm
Thanks man, I try my best when it comes to things, and this is only the beginning!
  • R3ktInPiece
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • December 31, 2015, 12:48 pm
Doesn't look bad at all. Good job!
  • Leon123134
  • Level 21
  • Expert Engineer
  • December 31, 2015, 8:03 pm
Thanks man, I'm trying seriously hard and whatnot to make this ridiculously fun and challenging. c:
  • fov360
  • Level 43
  • Master Pixel Puncher
  • November 28, 2015, 1:08 am
Looks promising.
  • Leon123134
  • Level 21
  • Expert Engineer
  • November 30, 2015, 1:23 pm
I'm hoping the hard work that I put into this will be worth it in the end for everyone :P
  • yoda473
  • Level 25
  • Expert Button Pusher
  • November 24, 2015, 10:54 pm
Will this have CustomNPCs?
  • Leon123134
  • Level 21
  • Expert Engineer
  • November 25, 2015, 10:28 pm
It's actually all being done in Vanilla, but there will be custom coded mobs and villagers and other such things.
Awesome :D I'm soooo excited for this! (any idea when it'll come out for a download/beta test?)

Greetings from the person who made Build Team 6's banner's for facebook ;)

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