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avatar cnorgren
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Architect
The Aurilia

Welcome to the Aurilia (Awe-really-ah). The Aurilia is a modern mega home built for a green future. Upon entry you're greeted by soaring ceilings and a massive water feature. To your left is a washroom, the main stairs and access to the 3 car garage. Walking under the cat walk in front of the doors you enter the great room with more soaring ceilings and a 360 degree view fire place. On the left is a beautiful office space, moving to the right you walk past the raised dining room. Then you head right past the main floor cocktail bar with sitting room on the left and an elevated art studio space. Past the bar the home opens in to the massive kitchen which is ready for any event. Through the kitchen you'll find the butlers kitchen to your left and the expo room to the right. The expo room is for major family functions, want a buffet style dinner? This is what your expo space is for and its connected to the main dining room which makes the set up easy. Past the expo room is a massive pantry and access to the 2 car garage. Heading back to the entrance of the Aurilia we head down stairs. The basement is designed for rest, relaxation and business. Featuring 2 bedrooms with walk in closets and private bathrooms the basement could almost be a home on its own. The basement bar is just to the left of the stairs where your greeted by another 360 fireplace. On the other side of the fireplace is a sitting area and an indoor golf simulator. Opposite of the simulator is a massive storage room and the grand theater room. Just down from the theater room in the second office space and workout gym. Heading up the stairs to the top floor you come across a great library to your left and cat walk to your left and straight ahead. Turning right down the cat walk will take you to the third and fourth bedrooms, both feature walk in closets and en-suites. Across the cat walk is the play nook where the kids can chill out and play. Past that to the left is the piano nook where the acoustics are designed to beautifully echo the sounds of a piano through out the home. To the right of the play nook you'll find the laundry room and a set of double doors. Through the double doors is the master suite, the biggest room in the home. The Master has a massive walk in closet which connects to the mast en-suite with a massive tub and shower separated by a fireplace. Heading back up the stairs again you'll find yourself on the roof, where the home really performs its green magic. The roof has a solar station on either side which powers the Aurilia and feeds back in to the power grid. The roofs main attraction is the roof top garden, which is big enough to comfortably sustain a full family.

The Aurilia is not just a home it is functioning piece of technology working to improve the planet we live on.

Please DO NOT take any section of my world, use it and claim it as yours I have put a lot of time in to this project. This site clearly states the following: "© 2011-2017 PlanetMineCraft.com. All rights reserved. All creations copyright of the creators."Alleron 2.0, Alleron City, Galaxy S and Galaxy SX are copyright of cnorgren. Any use with out permission will lead projects being removed or worse.
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  • IXAnakinXI
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Architect
  • August 13, 2017, 2:20 pm
I always love the planning that goes into your builds. :)
  • cnorgren
  • Level 64
  • High Grandmaster Architect
  • August 13, 2017, 7:22 pm
Thanks! I feel like I go over the top sometimes but i am always happy with the results haha Glad you like it :D
  • Gigeno
  • Contest Judge
  • Level 45
  • Master Wizard
  • August 13, 2017, 12:11 pm
That cozy well planned sctucture it so sweet
  • cnorgren
  • Level 64
  • High Grandmaster Architect
  • August 13, 2017, 7:21 pm
Thank you :D
  • Ontvlambaar
  • Level 42
  • Master Architect
  • August 12, 2017, 11:02 pm
I like it!
  • cnorgren
  • Level 64
  • High Grandmaster Architect
  • August 13, 2017, 8:48 am
Thank you!
  • grodan
  • Level 20
  • Expert Botanist
  • August 12, 2017, 4:04 pm
Like the presentation! Nice build as well :)
  • cnorgren
  • Level 64
  • High Grandmaster Architect
  • August 12, 2017, 4:28 pm
Thank you!

1 - 8 of 8

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