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Maze Autobuild Datapack Java 1.15.2

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Level 18 : Journeyman Miner

The attached save file contains a datapack that adds a number of build functions to automatically generate a variety of mazes. If you want to add the functions to another map just copy the autobuild datapack to its datapack folder.


To build the mazes in game just use

/function autobuild:ksar1

(ksar1, ksar2... ksar9)

/function autobuild:maze1

(maze1, maze2... maze9)

/function autobuild:mazeflat1

(mazeflat1, mazeflat2... mazeflat9)


/function autobuild:mazelarge1

(mazelarge1, mazelarge2... mazelarge9)


I added functions to destroy unwanted mazes

/function autobuild:nuke


/function autobuild:nukelarge


The main function checks the direction the player is facing and calls a subroutine to build the maze in front of the player.

The ksar variants are skinned in the style of a Moroccon ksar with the exit onto the roof.

There are 9 variations of each size but the small one is already pretty challenging. I just included the large variations for anyone looking for an insane maze challenge. The flat variation is a more traditional, single-level maze.

If anyone uses the mazes I'd be interested in seeing any speed challenge videos or servers to see how you've utilised or expanded on them. If you have any questions, comments, requests or suggestions feel free to post them.

The maze functions were generated by an AppleScript I wrote that creates a structure based on a cubic grid 9x9x9 for the regular maze and 15x15x15 for the large. Each cell is then generated as a 5x5x5 cube with a wall shared by the adjacent cell so the final structure ends up 37x37x37 blocks or 61x61x61 for the large maze. I used a different colour terracotta for each level just to try and differentiate between levels. The result is a very difficult multi-level maze.


Converted my applescript into a Swift app for Mac OSX if you want to generate your own variations.

Github: MazeGenerator
Progress100% complete

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OSX Swift app : 11/02/2020 7:27:42 pmNov 2nd, 2020

Converted my applescript to a Swift app for Mac OSX to generate the mcfunction files if you want to play with the generator to create your own maze variations.

Github: MazeGenerator

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