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Dome Doors - Java Datapack 1.15.2

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StephenP67 avatar StephenP67
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
The attached world contains a datapack which adds dome doors.

How to use
The datapack contains functions for three door variations (Dome Door, Clam Shell and Dissolve) in five different sizes plus the subroutines for the animation.

/function domedoors:domecreate

This places a hidden armour stand which acts as the centre of the dome

/function domedoors:domekill

Destroys the armour stand

/function domedoors:dome16open

Opens the dome from top to bottom in layers (sizes dome8open, dome12open, dome16open, dome20open, dome24open).

/function domedoors:clam16open

Opens the dome from centre outwards clam shell style (sizes clam8open, clam12open, clam16open, clam20open, clam24open).

/function domedoors:dissolve16open

Opens the dome with a block dissolve animation (sizes dissolve8open, dissolve12open, dissolve16open, dissolve20open, dissolve24open).

/function domedoors:dome16close
/function domedoors:clam16close
/function domedoors:dissolve16eclose

Reverses the closing animation.

The function creates a dome out of light blue stained glass utilising the schedule command to animate opening and closing of the dome in a variety of sizes and closing animations.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Added dissolve and clam shell animations : 04/12/2020 8:08:57 pmApr 12th, 2020

- Refined dome generation algorithm
- Added new animations for clam shell and dissolve
- Added a range of dome sizes

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