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Roman Baths of Decius

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theannihilator2's Avatar theannihilator2
Level 71 : Legendary Engineer
This is my speculative 1:1 scale reconstruction on the baths of decius.this therme/bath house was built in ad 252 by the emperor decius, 40 years after the baths of Caracalla and in the same general area, so i just used reconstructions from the bath of Caracalla to do the interior since nothing is known about it besides it was very fancy because it was on the Aventine hill one of the richest areas of ancient Rome and it had a statue of Hercules.this is based mainly on the maquettes-historiques version of the building for the exterior. heres the link for the interior reconstruction that this was based on youtu.be/ejxVEbOba2g

This was the very last all ps3 project i did The reason i built this obscure one is it was the only bathhouse in rome that has the rotunda hot bath with the pool linked to the cold baths that wasnt absolutely huge and could actualy fit on my ps3 map.Even so this did really push the limitations of the ps3 having this nearby my pantheon and hagia sophia it literally halved the view
distance going near it lol. So far this is the best interior ive made the only building that in my opinion ties with it is the pantheon that hasn't been posted yet as of 6-13-17

Please enjoy it and hope it inspires some more roman builds, you can use it for anything you want just dont blow up this up in a pvp server or something :p
-- the reason it comes with a big slab of dirt and rock on the bottom is because for the hot baths theres an underground part to make them actually hot and i didnt want to cut that part off.
Creditmaquettes-historiques and danilia logniovs reconstructions
Progress100% complete

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11/29/2017 8:28 am
Level 37 : Artisan Nerd
JCHelland's Avatar
Very impressive!
06/16/2017 5:27 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Unicorn
Saracalia's Avatar
Amazing work man, do keep it up!
06/14/2017 4:18 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Crafter
Mech265's Avatar
Very opulently and meticulously crafted build. I don't see a lot of good Roman Baths projects on this site and this is one of the good ones. Fantastic job :)
06/14/2017 10:10 am
They/Them • Level 52 : Grandmaster Sweetheart
Quirinalis's Avatar
Looks great! I like the details

If you're interested in a resource pack that has more 'Roman' blocks, you could check out Romecraft. You got both a Germania (vivid) and Aegyptus (more dusty) version. I always use the last version :) Can recommend it!
06/14/2017 7:45 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Pirate
Refreshinq_'s Avatar
Wow looks great! been there one time and it looks just like it well done:)
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