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Battlefleet Gothic - Imperial Navy Complete Pack

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Edit 2: Video uploading, should be available soon

Edit: Added better pictures, included some of the pictures not previously featured, will include a video at a later date.

It has taken me forever, but at long last and after so much pestering I have finally posted the first real installment of my Battlefleet Gothic ships.  This first package will feature my Imperial Navy ships, which includes the following schematics: 


- Sword-class Frigate

Staple escort vessel with shorter range that is an iconic escort ship found in Imperial navies. Can be equipped with a 
Lance under its prow in order to convert it into a Firestorm Frigate, increasing its range

- Falchion-class Frigate

A newer sort of vessel, occasionally seen taking the role of Sword-class frigates despite its reputation among the 
navy as an "untried pretender" of older models.

- Cobra-class Destroyer

A quick and versatile torpedo boat with highly successful speed and mobility, and a well known veteran ship of the Gothic 
War and the 13th Black Crusade. 


- Dauntless-class Light Cruiser (Lance and Torpedo Variant)

An ideal scouting cruiser and escort vessel used as a staple warship for those on long patrols in deep space. The Dauntless is 
appreciated for its speed and the range in which it can be fielded. This package comes with both a Lance variant in alternate 
colors and a Torpedo variant in more traditional colors


- Lunar-class Cruiser

The Lunar-class Cruiser is an uncomplicated but effective cruiser that has been in service as the backbone of the Imperial Navy for 
many centuries. It is easily constructed, and variations on its design have proven to be highly effective and serve in a variety of
tactical roles.

- Armageddon-class Battlecruiser

Made in an attempt to increase the number of ships available to the Imperial Navy, Armageddon-Class Battlecruisers are built from the 
wrecks of old Lunar-class hulls. While not as effective as Lunars, they are less expensive to field and the easiest to construct. They 
are upgraded in terms of weapons and firepower, but demand much more manpower and energy to function than their counterparts.

- Overlord-class Battlecruiser

The Overlord variant was built in an attempt to create a cruiser-sized vessel with the range and stopping power of a long-range Battleship. 
As such, it has the most guns of any Cruiser variant. 


- Excelsior-Class Grand Cruiser

Built during the early days of Imperial experimentation in ram-capable prows, the Excelsior-class was the last of the Grand Cruisers ever 
built before the rise of Battleships. Built in Magister's Shipyards in the Archaon Subsector in the Segmentum Obscurus, the Excelsior 
retains much of what made its sister-design, the Avenger, from which it was rumored that it was reverse-engineered from, the Excelsior 
differs in that it has a massive forward prow designed to shovel up ships above its keel and in range of its upper guns. Sadly, only 6 of 
these ships were ever built before they were decommissioned, and only 2 of these are still in service to the greater Imperium. It is rumored 
that 1 was lost to the warp and another turned to chaos, though this was never confirmed. 


- Rogue-Trader Cruiser

A cruiser built similar to the Overlord but tougher, this Rogue-Trader Cruiser variant is the one used by Rogue Trader Kerian Halcyon. 
Not much is known about it save for what is used to build it, which is a close kept secret.

- Orbital Defense Platform

Commonly used to protect the space surrounding Imperial Worlds, Orbital Defense Platforms are stationary space stations that can be 
deployed to protect a region of vital importance to the Imperium.

Please look at the Readme for rules on how to use them.  Like all my other schematics, people are free to use these for their adventure maps as long as they include me in the credits.  Same goes with servers.  Be sure to send me a link to any custom content you happen to include these with!

CreditWarhammer 40K (c) Games Workshop
Progress100% complete

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01/01/2019 12:34 pm
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that must be complex to build
08/02/2015 9:53 am
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awesome work! You should totally check out CC!
Chaplain Ares
07/28/2015 9:30 pm
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Wow can't wait for the Chaos, Ork, and Space Marine ones to come out!
07/28/2015 6:31 pm
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Wow, this is some pretty cool stuff!  :D
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