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Leoliuos's Avatar Leoliuos
Level 15 : Journeyman Crafter
Welcome to Boozequest 1.4 for minecraft 1.10.2

1-4 player comical coop adventure with NPC:s.

Step into the thirsty world full of challenges and secrets.

a disaster hits the small town as the local brewery burns down and the locals are left without proper drinks! Players need to help the Brewery Saint to gain back what was lost, but it is no easy feat.


ADDED a Random town person with 5 random professions. randomized each server start
CHANGED some details in the world

V.1.3 - 1.4

ADDED: INSTALLER FOR YOU LAZY PEOPLE. Wrote it with python. Read and run the python code if you are scared of the exe or do it the manual way.
CHANGED: Bobandi's skin
ADDED: rare "Faction" sidequests. Depending on actions you take, you might get stuck with a nickname which will open sidequests or rewards here and there. Click characters even if you think you've read their chat in previous playthroughs.
ADDED: more redstones to secrets close by for balance.
CHANGED: sculpted some more details to the world
CHANGED: The endgame boss now also spawns wither for hard difficulty.
ADDED: 1 hazmat suit can be found in the end, no need to play post-apo chapter just for that.
ADDED: dirt into spaceship chest
FIXED: spaceship wasn't actually working fully because of a redstone block, replaced it with something else.
FIXED: spaceman nick flag had a typo
FIXED: Fixed some chats
ADDED: hazmat pumpkinblur texture to resource pack
FIXED stud teleportation
FIXED barbara show, skipped too much script lines when apartment1 is not taken
FIXED broker for special locations was reset which wasn't intended
FIXED some bad typos, 2 out of 100?
FIXED missing post-apo flags
FIXED post-apo wrong skins & names
FIXED post-apo wood for all types of planks
FIXED post-apo booby trap wasnt a trap chest
FIXED post-apo blind farmer ghosting
FIXED:holding geiger counter gives readings more often now
FIXED:made more sure players will spawn to chapter 2 - second part
ADDED: randomized spoon start location
CHANGED: brewery intro is mostly skipped now if its already burned down in a new game
CHANGED: dre new skin - referenced player had changed the skin. Looks like tupac now but close enough
CHANGED:business skin was changed by some player, found a new skin.

unfortunately if players keep changing their skins, there's little I can do as citizens loads them from the users. I've looked for players who rarely change their skins.

let us know if find bugs.

some day I'll post a walkthrough but until then if you get stuck you can ask here for the tips.

Boozequest Minecraft Map

- 50 000+ lines of script
- 3 Chapters, with Alternative chapter 1 & 3 , a bonus storyline.
- Difficulty modes defined at Reset Wizard; character who resets your adventures.
- Special sidequests such as acting in a movie, parkour and other challenges.
- Enough content for the whole weekend.

Script writer & Director: Leo Lipasti aka Leoliuos
World creators: Natty_ryal , Leoliuos

Without mods you can only find a parkour park to the east, and locations & secrets.

For the full adventure (story and characters) you need to setup the server that runs Denizen (and brewery).
Everything included in the download file. Only the host needs to install these.

alternatively follow the manual setup instructions for spigot server with mods.


as a server always stop the server with command stop.

if you close (kill) the window, the world is not saved and it can even damage the files.


CreditNatty_ryal , Leoliuos
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by Leoliuos 06/03/2018 5:44:25 amJun 3rd, 2018

Ok so I tested today and you may need to run that Buildtools-gitbash.bat as admin separately. that fixed the spigot server install getting stuck for me

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07/16/2017 7:07 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Crafter
Leoliuos's Avatar
I just noticed my installer needs to be run as admin on windows platforms, so that may help if it crashes. Probably cause it needs rights to download and install git to build the spigot server file.
03/01/2017 12:13 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Soldier
KayLow's Avatar
Haha nice :D
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