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Caesar's Gallic Wars


Caesar's Gallic Wars is an adventure map for Minecraft 1.6.2. It is set in 55 BC. Gaius Julius Caesar was sent to conquer Gaul by the senate in Rome. Caesar already conquered various towns and cities. But the Gauls have rallied under one banner. They have hundreds of thousands of men. Caesar is getting desperate. He asked for reinforcements but the senate refused to give him any. Choose your side, fight either for Caesar and the glory of Rome in conquering the rest of Gaul or side with Vercingetorix and his Gallic tribes and crush the invading Romans!


Avaricum, Rome's capital in Gaul. Caesar conquered it recently and changed its culture to a Romano-Gallic style. It is also the Gallic goal.


Lugdunum, although Alesia is the capital, the Gauls hold Lugdunum dearly and its threatened by the Romans who live nearby.


-Side with either the Gauls or Romans

-Renamed equipment

-5 towns to attack and conquer in your nation's name:

Alesia (Gaul)

Lugdunum (Gaul)

Lemonum (Gaul)

Avaricum (Rome)

Fort Massilia (Rome)

-Fully automatic map with quests and exploration

-And many more!

This map can be played by 2 players or more, though its best for 1 or 2 players.

Download Link:


Download the Map.rar file and extract it to your saves folder.

1. Open your start search bar thingy
2. type: %appdata%
3. Click on: Roaming
4. Click on: .minecraft
5. Click on: saves
6. Drag the "Map" folder in the saves folder

Made by: Lucinianus

Progress100% complete

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