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Castrum Caesarea Galliae (Version II)

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avatar misterich
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
This is a preview of my project for TomConn's unoffical Castle Builder Contest - it is not finsihed yet but it reached a stadium where I may show a little. Most infos will follow later or at least more detail. A download will be added around the End of this month, when the castle is hopfully 100% finished. The castle is built on the RP-World but actual it's only me who works on this.

Structural features:
This Lowland Castle is sourrounded by small hills with a wooden palisade, which makes the west the only natural entrance. On west side there is the main gate (redstone controlled - not just optical). This gate is the only way inside the castle that is protected by a 9 block thick double wall. The double wall has two high levels - 9 blocks and 14 blocks - and is filled with gravel, so that a hole can be closed by gravity. The west side the is most dangerous side so there are also two ballista-towers and two mortar bastions around the gate. The wall has also a watch tower at south and east side, aswell a signaltower on north-east.
Behind the gate we find a wide strip, which is the first castle height. Here is a also a stable, a siege workshop and a granery. The street goes northern to the gatetower (also a redstone controlles double gate), which we need to pass to get on the second level.
On the second heights we find various craftsmen's houses, for military training, but also for civilian use. In the east we find the keep. Arround the keep are stairs to the wall. The keep can be entered by (iron) doors from the wall, by the small stable gate or by the main keep gate near the fountain. On it's weakest point the keep's wall is 6 blocks thick.
Inside the keep we will not find many light from outside. There are only a few arrow slits or windows, that are closed with iron bars.

List of wall elements:
-3x Turris cum Ballistae - Ballist Tower [A1]
-2x Turris Observationis - Watch Tower [A2]
-Turris Signi - Signal Tower [A3]
-Turris cum Portae - Tower with Gate [A4]
-Porta - Gate [A5]
-5x Propugnaculum Mortarium - Mortar Bastions (real working 360° TNT cannons) [A6]

List of Houses and othere places in or outside the castle:
-Fabrica Belli - Siege Workshop [B1]
-Stabulum - Stable [B2]
-Granarium - Granery [B3]
-2x Hospitium Legionis - Military Quarters [B4]
-Valetudinarium - Hospital [B5]
-Taberna - Inn [B6]
-Templum (Martialis) - Temple (of Mars) [B7]
-Pantopolium - Storehouse [B8]
-Ferrarius - Blacksmith [B9]
-Sacellum - Chapel [B10]
-Domus Mensoris - Cartographer's House [B11]
-Sclopetatorium - Archery Range [B12]
-Fabrica Arci - Fletcher's House [B13]
-Area Exercitatonis - Parade Ground [B14]
-Domus Mercatoris - Trader's House [B15]
-Arx - Keep [B16]

List of notable outside the castrum:
-Area Crucis - Crucifixion Place [C1]
-Area Iuxtii* - Joust Place [C2]
-Vigiliarium - Here: Outpost/Small Tower [C4]
-Portus - Gate [C5]

List of Rooms inside the keep:
-Locus solii - Throne Hall
-Cenatio - Dinning Hall
-Culina - Kitchen
-3x Latrina - Toilet Rooms
-Carcer - Dungeon
-Vinarius Cella - Wine Cellar
-Cisterna - Cistern
-Stabulum - Stable
-Casteria - Barracks
-Bibliotheca - Library
-7x Officium - Office
- Consillium - Here: Officers' Mess
-Tabularium - Archive
-Armamentarium - Arsenal
-Ferrabius - Blacksmith
-Explosives Fabrica - Explosives Factory
-Aerarium - Treasury
-Ergasterium Alchymiae - Alchemy Laboratory
-3x Copia Armis - Munitions (or Weapons) Store
-Praefectura Legionis V - Legio V's Administration
-Administratio - Castle Administration

*Iuxtium is not a real Latin word. I created it because there is no Word for Joust or Jousting in Latin. The Englished word comes from the Latin word 'iuxtare' "to approach, to meet" - so I created Iuxtium.

Technical specifications:
Height: 55 blocks
Depth: ~35 blocks
Width: ~155 blocks
Length: ~327 blocks
Architectural styles: European Medieval mixed Roman Ancient
Function: Fortress
Game version: 1.15.1
Storage format: Going to be a world upload (as .zip)
Mods: Of course not
Texture Pack: None (but I built it in the programmer Art - also the classical default because I don't like the newer Sand-/Cobblestone)

History (Fictonal)
Caesarea is a concepted as a Lowland Castle as there area arround Caesarea is mostly dominated by flat land and small hills arround the castle, which gives Caesarea also another natural wall. Nevertheless, the castle has no other features that would be common for a low castle, such as a moat, which is also a result of the surrounding hills.
From a functional point of view, Caesarea was built as a typical border castle. After the conquests of Rome in the west and south, however, the border was carried away from the castle relatively quickly and the population also submitted to the Pax Romana without the expected great resistance. As a result, their original purpose was not needed to this extent. However, while a small number of the other castles missed, Caesarea got a second chance in the imperial period, when the castle became more and more a 'Hofburg' and became the seat of the Gallic 'Dux'.

The actual name "Castrum Caesarea Galliae" is just a template name, but I started to think about make it persistent. Caesarea is the most often used name for Roman settlements (there were 11 - most of them at the Levante) since the imperial time. That is why I used this name as template name, because it's like Springfield today - just to often used.
So that one could differentiate between the individual cities, a postfix was attached to the city name, which was usually the province name (in the genitive). That the castle stands in the Gaul (lat. Gallia) region of the RP world, so that Galliae got the name behind it.

Comments are very welcome
CreditCreated by Mister_Ich
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 House and Keep Interior finishing plus the Palisade : 02/19/2020 10:09:53 amFeb 19th

Inside the Keep and the houses Outside have now chests with filling, interior, a function and more. There is a lot of work and love inside them.
Also there is now a pallisade around the castle (5 blocks high) plus two places between the Main gate and the pallisade. Now there is only the village and tower interior missing!

9 replies

02/25/2020 10:08 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
Uncle Wit
yoo man how do you do the map in 3d.
02/25/2020 1:01 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
Like the 2d, which is more important to me^^; both are created by dynmap. That is a mod that can be runned by your (Spigot or other) Server
02/24/2020 5:59 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
Uncle Wit
Nice prrojec dude.
02/24/2020 6:01 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
Thanks; and I am sure in the following 3 days there will be the final version!
02/14/2020 6:06 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
ooohhh this is nice
02/15/2020 5:52 am
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
thanks, but your one is still better ;)
02/14/2020 3:08 pm
Level 20 : Expert Cake
You know, I thought I was the only one to use some Latin in my story... Dammit. Oh well it is at least used correctly.
Further, your castle looks pretty good!
02/15/2020 5:51 am
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
Sorry but there will be much more Latin; for example I am going to make each sign on the map in Latin language aswell; so sorry that you will not be unique, but that heppens when I am allowed to build also roman stuff xd

But thanks for the comment
02/15/2020 6:59 am
Level 20 : Expert Cake
No need to say sorry, you came up with it as well, and I don't have any reason to stop you. Well, if it's not used correctly, that would be a reason lol
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