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misterich avatar misterich
Level 48 : Master Architect
This world was started in November 2011 as a small creative World with the intention to build a desert city. I always imagined it as a roleplay world, with its own characters, stories, religions and factions. The oldest part of this map therefore is the desert city of Kairnous. To be honest I was much younger in this time and my building skills were not as much developed than today, but I kept my world and involved my brother and some friends to build in there. Over the years the project became much bigger and also the quality of our buildings became better. The World has now several regions with different factions, many books dungeons and secrets. There is a currency system based on Gold (nuggets, ingots, blocks) and a complete self-made trading system.

You could host the world on a server and populate it and roleplay your stories, or just explore the world find secrets and ancient tombs and have some bossfights against mighty wardens to get epic loot. Or you use it for war games or battle royal game modes.

Please note that the whole world is in German! Even though this should be no problem if you just want to explore it. Just keep in mind that all signs, books and renamed items are in German.

You can visit up to five regions at the moment and more are planned, with featuring all their own culture, religion, structures, wonders and cities. These are based on real life regions, lore from several fantasy universes and videogames. Some buildings are actually rebuilds. Also not all buildings were created in creative. Some were built in survival and exported to the server map.


Die Wüste von Ägypten (eng.: The desert of Egypt)
A hot and sandy land in an endless desert. The eastern part is revolutionizing against the tyranny of their reign. As the oldest region of the map it lies quite in the center of the world. The land is split between two religious groups. One side worships the old Egyptian goods and the other side worships the Roman good "Erbauer" (eng.: Builder).The capitol is the city of Kaironus exactly in the middle of the map.
Egypt does not represent the old Egyptian culture only; it holds also influence of Roman, Arabic and Medieval age.
Architectural style:
While the Western parts keep more to the ancient Egyptian bulding style the Eastern is a mix of Arabic, Roman and Egyptian style. Most used materials are birch wood, oak wood, sandstone and Quartz.

"Das Kaiserreich von Kaysang (eng.: Empire of Kaysang)
This land is inspired by the far east Asian cultures. The regions lay the eastern part of the map. The capital is Kaysang. Most people worship the Big Dragoon.
Architectural style:
Well east Asian - I guess you know what to expect; Pagodas everywhere.
Most used blocks are (dark) oak wood, spruce wood, and cobblestone.

"Nova Republica Romani" (eng.: New Roman Republic | ger.: Neu römische Republic) - short 'NRR'
The roman republic is located in south of the map. It is a modern and huge empire that also has colonies far away like Ariad a place you can only reach traveling with ships and lies in the far ocean. Capital is the City of Roma. Most people worship the "Erbauer" but there are also people that warship the old Roman Pantheon or are Immigrants that kept their own religion.
Architectural style:
The architectural style of the Roman cities and villages shows both Roman antiquity and the European Medieval Ages
Preference is bricks, cobble stones, an oak, but also quartz for most expensive buildings. The city of Roma makes an exception. Here, all building materials are wildly messed up to show the international appeal.

This cold land in the far north is ruled by many Jarls and the big Innos church (inspired by the Gothic-saga). The people are rich at metal and are forced to worship Innos or his brother Adanos. Other religions are hunted by the inquisition of the Innos-Church.
Architectural style:
Nordera represents the early and high Medieval of Europe plus the classical norse stlye. The Northern parts (Nordnordera) are focused on the building and live style of viking and other norse. The Southern Parts are more 'german' - also castles, churches, smaller towns and prefer to build with stone. Most building are built with spruce wood, cobblestone or dark oak wood. There are also the ice nomads (the lowest people in nordera) that live in Iglus and other snow build houses.

"Royaum Normanndia" (Königreich Normanndia / Kingdom of Normanndia)
A freudal monarchy between Nordera and Egypt that belonged to Nordera for a longer time but is independet today. Normanndia is very inspired from the real freudal French (like seen in language).
Architectural style:

In Normanndia there are lot of wooden buildings; the few city are not big but tight. The most used blocks are Oak-Wood, Dark-Oak Wood, Birch Wood, Spruce Wood, Cobblestone, Stone Bricks and Blackstone

Rote Wüste (Red Desert)
A hot land in west of the Egyptian desert the represents the real former African Empires and Kingdoms. The land is full of sand and lacks on water but it is settled by many people because of rich minerals hidden by a red sand; especially gold. The Egyptian Empire has also some influence and hold some parts in East directly. In addition to the Egyptians, there are also the Nubians, Eithopen and Malien people.

An upcomming part of the world that will be found in (south) west of the RP World. We are not 100% sure where the NRR will ends and the Barbaricum will starts. For example Kaer Scrios is set by barbarians but is not part of the geographic Barbaricum. The Barbaricum will contains a lot of Forrests and smaller towns instead of bigger cities. The local gallic and germanic barbarians are more or less friendly to the Romans, who tries to get in controll over the full land.

Wüste Göba (Goeba-Desert)
Gäba is another upcomming part of the RP-World that is loacated at the East. Like the Red Desert Göba is not controlled by one strong power. It represents the real Central Asian plains and deserts. For sure there will be nomadic tribes inspired from Mongolian and Huns that causes the build of the Great Wall in West. In earlier times larger parts of the area was controlled by Kaysang Empire which build some colony cities but Kaysang has lost all controll over these cities who are now independet trading cities who pays the horse lords for their protection. Today Romans and Kaysangians tries to get in controll over Western Parts (again) but the local horse lords offer heavy resistance and the success of the colonialists stands on very insecure feet

Maybe Göba will also hold a Persian Nation but that isn't sure yet.

Mods and texture packs:
This world was created to be used by everyone. Because of this we DO NOT use any mods on the world. All buildings are created in the default texture pack (programmer art - since 1.14).

I am forced to state of progress of the project. This doesn’t really fit in this map. I and my friends will keep expanding this map as long as we have fun playing Minecraft. Some regions are more complete than others but that will you see on your own.

Mit dieser Welt habe ich im November 2011 begonnen; seinerzeit noch als kleine Creative-Karte mit der Vorstellung dort eine Wüstenstadt zu errichten. Dabei hatte ich stets eine gewisse Geschichte im Kopf und stellte mit vor, dass es in der Welt verschiedene Charaktere, Fraktionen und Religionen gäbe. Damals war ich noch deutlich jünger und meine Baukünste ließen zu wünschen übrig. Dies besserte sich mit der Zeit, dennoch empfinde ich einige alte Gebäude heute längst nicht mehr so ästhetisch wie damals. Manches wurde zwischenzeitlich überarbeitet, manches bleibt aus Nostalgiegründen da. Die Welt wuchs immer weiter und auch mein Bruder und einige Freunde haben schließlich begonnen an der Welt mitzuarbeiten. Mittlerweile besitzt die Welt fünf Regionen mit einem eigenen Währungssystem basierend auf Gold (Nuggets, Barren, Blöcke) und ein ausgefeiltes System aus NCP-Händlern mit welchem Handel zwischen den Regionen möglich ist.

Die Welt lässt sich als Grundlage für einen Roleplay Server nutzen, eignet sich aber auch dafür einfach herumzustreifen und entdeckt zu werden. Es gibt neben monumentalen Bauwerken auch viele Geheimnisse, Gräber und Verliese, welche teilweise auch mit Wächtern und sogar Bossen bestückt sind. Auch eignet sich die Map als Grundlage für battle royal Spiele.

Die aktuellen 6 Regionen sind noch nicht das Ende. Sowohl die aktuellen Regionen als auch zusätzliche neue Regionen werden hinzugefügt, solange ich und meine Freunde Lust haben Minecraft weiter zu spielen. Die Welt ihre Bewohner und Bauwerke sind oft realen Gegebenheit nachempfunden, aber auch häufig aus Fantasyuniversen und anderen Spielen (wie beispielsweise der Gothic-Reihe) entlehnt. Über die Hintergründe der Welt berichtigen einige Bücher die man überall auf der Welt finden kann.

Die Welt wurde zu 95% in deutscher Sprache verfasst. Im römischen Gebiet gibt es einige religiöse Text oder Wegschilder in Latein, welche jedoch nur der kulturellen Untermalung dienen. Ähnliches gilt die Nutzung der französischen Sprache innerhalb Normanndias und diverser skandinavischen Sprachen (insb. isländisch) für Nordnordera

Old Version: 1.4 https://www.mediafire.com/file/yzqpd9mk7bs6v7v/RP_1.4_release_%28last_1.15.x%29.ZIP/file
Old Version: 1.4Pre-Release-Beta https://www.mediafire.com/file/d0hkglul0v8s5kn/RP_1.4_Beta_after_Caesarea.ZIP/file
Old Version: 1.3.2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/fcpx45iu818zk89/RP_World_1.3_Public.ZIP/file
Old Version: 1.3 https://www.mediafire.com/file/rrxvf9tes882b4y/RP_1.3.1_Public_%28after_Basilica_Bruti%29.ZIP/file
Old Version: 1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/k42vy2681kddmty/RP_1.3_Public.zip/file
Old Version: 1.1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/9er2sb47v797gzw/RP+1.2+Public.ZIP (video's version)
Old Version: 1.0: [url=www.mediafire.com/download/43wxzqkbx1al876/RP.ZIP
[/url]Old 3d-Preview-Minecraftworldmap https://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/vE1oQ#/-112/64/171/-3/0/0 (last version because of 1.13)
Collection of stand alones: https://www.planetminecraft.com/collection/25719/rp-stand-alone/
Warning: We did not cut off any places from the d3 World - so you could find secrets you should try to find by walking thru the world.
CreditSee the video's end for all builders
Progress100% complete

9 Update Logs

1.5 Beta release : 03/11/2021 7:28:49 amMar 11th

This update takes focus on Normanndia and Südnordera - have fun

I also updated the world maps (last three pictures) but no new video, yet

Cultural Changes:
-Complete Overhaul for all of Normanndia
-Instead of a Viking inspired culture Normanndia is now a Royal Medieval French Feudal Monarchy
-Now called “Royaume de Normanndia” – Königreich Normanndia – Kingdom of Normanndia
-Normanndia is separated in 3 Duchies
->Duché Elestria
---Was most time under Noderaian control
----Was part of the Grand Jarldome of Björtfjall
---Is lead by the Dynasty “Elester” who are a bastard subline of the the Weißlich
---Still hold many Norderians and Norderian Influence
--Is separated in 4 Countries
-->Comté Elsborgh
----Duché’s Capital and seat of the duce
----It’s built of AoE-II building from the West European Architecture Style
----Most building are done but no interior yet
----Most important economy is the duty as is position on the western landway from Südnordera to Nordnordera
-->Comté Còmt
----A small village at Pyrénàrian core
----Produce blackstone
----Ruling Dynasty is “Noir” – formally traders who build up the blackstone production.
----Not built yet
-->Comté Lorriné
----A coast town that products white wine
----Also ruled by the Elester
----Not built yet
-->Comté Pyrénà
----A small valley between Normannza and Elestria; both sides claims the province for their own
----Is not more than an single small castle
----Important because here is the land entrance to Björtfjall/Südnordera
->Duché Normannza
--Most wealthy and populated Duche in all Normanndia
--Is ruled by the “Orleans” – a dynasty founded by the local hero Johanna Orlean who liberated the country from the Norderians once
--Is separated in 3 Countries
-->Comté Normannza
----Biggest city in Normanndia
----Capital of Normannza
----Connected to the Normanndian Sea via the Esqué river
----Hold with the “Palais Orlean” one of the most pretty buildings of all Normanndia (based on the AoE-II Feitoria)
--> Comté Rhòn
----A small village with a (wooden) castle in very north east of the duche
----Ruling dynasty is not set yet
----Not built yet
----Should become home to famous horse breeders
--> Comté Toulea
----A small village close to the Egyptian border
----Not built yet
----Will be ruled by the “Roussillon” – an Orlean Corbeau Subline
->Duché Hauxté
---The Duche at the western coast to the ocean including the coast close islands
---Is ruled by the Corbeau – the royal Dynasty of Normanndia; the duce of Hauxté was always also the King of Normanndia
---Lacks of most resources but holds a few very well wine areas and is a key position for traders because of the ocean
--> Comté Caenaux
----Capital of Hauxte and Normanndia; second largest city in the kingdom
----holds the Royal Castle “Reims” – the Kings seat (based on the Lithuanian AoE II Wonder)
----Is partly finished but there is no interior yet; especially the harbor isn’t built yet.
-->Comté Champangé
----A town with almost no defense but very wealthy because of its excellent white wine
----Always hold be the royal hire
----Not built yet
-->Comté Dauphina
----Lays on the bigger of the two islands at Normanndias direct west.
----The island is named “Sélest“ so the Comté is also known as „Comté Sélest“
----The Comté is ruled by the dynasty „Dauphine“ – A Martell subline
-->Comté Carcassoné
---- Lays on the smaller of the two islands at Normanndias direct west.
----The island is named “Baßé“ so the Comté is also known as „Comté Baßé“
----Is primary just a big fortress; the biggest in all Normanndia
----Is ruled by the dynasty of „Martell“; Normanndias oldest noble dynasty. The Corbeau dynasty – the Normanndian royal dynasty – for example is Martell subline; however in the male main line is just the comté of Carcassoné
----As there are not much sources of income Carcassoné is considered as the poorest Comté of all Normanndian Comté – ist rich on history but you cannot buy much with that. The most imporant Export of Carcassoné is the royal Name of „Martell“ which still has got a high value for Normanndian.

-As result of the cultural changes the religion of Normanndia was created a new
--The main Religion of Normanndia is now the “Erlöserkirche” (eng.: Saviour Church); better known as Normanndian Church.
---The Normanndian Church sees themselves as a development of the “Innos Church” – Norderian seeing them as heresy
---Instead of the three god pantheon the Normanndian believe in an unknown person who united the gods in him/herself
---The Normanndian Chruch has no collective organization; it’s an autocephalic Religion (similar to real Orthodox Churches)
----There are particular four main churches in Normanndia:
-----Delphinian Church
------Has a strong personal cult; the Normanndian Nobles are ancestors of the Unknown Saviour
------The Delphinian Church has no celibacy
------Most followers can be found on the Normanndian islands and at Lorrine
-----Normannzian Church
------Most radical church
------Priests (of both genders) live in celibacy
------Has a hierarchic organization likely to the Innos Church
------Openly Intolerant against any other Religion
------Most Followers can be found in the Duché Normannza
----- Elsborghian Church
------Absolut different tot he Normannzian Church
------Refuse any kind of (hierarchic) organization
------Feasts and fairs have no great value and there is no compulsion to do so
------There are no special rules for priests
------Smallest number of followers; almost only Comt and Elsborgh (city of)
------Extremely tolerant to any other religions
-----Caenauxer Church
------The Caenauxer Church is something like a mix of the other churches
------The Caenauxer Church is paternalistic
------The Caenauxer Church has a personal cult around the Normanndian King
------The Caenauxer Church is structured, but instead of the Normannzian Church it is not independent from the nobles
------The third born male child of the king normally become the next Arch Bishop of Caenaux
-------The title of an Arch Bishop hold until death; but exclude the holder from the royal heritage
------The priests are chaste

Regional Changes:

Egyptian Desert:
-Northern Desert
--Much Terraforming (see Normanndia)
-Central Desert
--Expanding the Green Nillus; it’s now going from Camassda near the pass to the northern desert than around the pyramid and trough the mountains into the Egyptian Sea
---The area around the Green Nillus has also been ‘greened’ and plant.
-East Desert
--The riveres Heketus and Nilla has been greened
--In north of Saceni is now breakthrough the mountains that now called “Sethspitzen”
---There are plans for creating there a small village
---The upper quarter of Saceni will be dismantled; especially the Marcus cathedral will be removed; maybe it will be reused but surely not there or another place in Egypt.
---The geographical border between Egypt and Normanndia was smoothed; some of the mountains became much bigger and the river that also crosses Saceni has now a name; “Esqué”

-First of all the Landscape of Normanndia was completely terraformed; much parts of broken or unuseful biomes were replaced be the new Egyptian Ocean.
-Normanndia is now complete grassland with almost now forests and a huge mountain range (the “Pyrénà”) that separates the Land into three parts
--Pyrénà is loosely connected to the “Sethspitzen” of Egypt
-The City of Normannza was completely dismantled
--Only the outward farms and the walls/bridges are kept untouched
--Is about 95% finished built (also with interior!)
--Has got three significant building () that are uploaded or will be uploaded as standalone

-- Grand Jarlsdom of Feuerfeste
---Feuerfest (city of) has been completed
----About 15 new houses and more
----The former fields inside Feuerfeste were cut off and set in west and east behind the city walls
----The lower part of the Feuerfeste palisade has been replaced by stone
----All houses inside Feuerfeste have interior now (including the new ones)
----Fix for the “Feuerfestetuniergelände”; now horses may enter the field from outside
----A new suburb of Feuerfeste has been founded in direct south west of Feuerfestes wall
-----Is named “Mühlenberg” (eng.: Mill Hill)
-----Holds a few farms and houses but mostly notable are the two mills; a wind mill and a horse mill (Göpel)
----Another Feuerfeste suburb at the harbor is planned
---Loc Mur
----Now going from the “Götterkreis” left to the street to Argaarnus
----The road from Feuerfeste to Bärenhall was removed; now there is no other land way from Südnordera to Nordnordera than the one trough Argaarnus – except by going over Normanndia an crossing the Weester two times
---A new city with a huge castle has been founded in South of Argaarnus close to the coast
----The city is named “Weißhaven” (engl.: “White Harbour”) and is seat of the new Hansa – a large trading network that controls most of the inner Norderian and Normanndian trading. Official the Hansa regent is a Feuerfestian vassal
----The city has a large castle called “Lüdburg” (name is mix of the real historical defacto capital of the Hansa “Lübeck” and the Burg – the German word for castle)
-----The Lüdburg is most notable building of the new RP Hanseatic Architecture Style – most noticeable are high towers of a gothic style with golden peaks and prismarin roofs
------The prismarin should be cooper roofs; the announcement of real cooper block was after the end of construction. It is not sure for now if they will be replaced after Minecraft 1.17 or not
---The Pirate Camp between Weißhaven and Feuerfeste finally really built
----now named “Klausbucht”
----Camp has got 3 built parts; “Klausburg”, “Schwarzhaven” & “Schievgräb”
----Has interior
----The Loc Mur around the Klausbucht has been increase a little bit and plant with trees
--Grand Jarlsdom of Björtfjall
---Björtfjall has been completed
----All chests and interior of the city has been increased
----Now owns many crafmans, a Hansa Trade Workshop, and a Cannon Foundry
-----The “Björtfjaller Kanonengießerei” is now the largest creation place for TNT in the RP World – giving Björtfjall a much bigger strategic importance; especially when the RP world is played in PVP
---River in West of Björtfjall
----Is now named “Weestler”
----Is no longer frozen
----Has a connection to Cottal, Elsborgh, Västar and ends at the Normanndian Sea
----Is also the Border between Björtfjall and Normanndia
---Luc Mur
----The mountains in north of björtfjall has been increased and linked to the other Loc Mur Parts in East (now the Loc Mur runs from Weester to Nordmeer and finally completely divide Nordera in a Northern and Southern part)
--Jarldom of Dökkhain
---Chapel in East of Dökkhain was upgraded to an abbey
----Now named “Oxhain”
----Even when small, the abbey is the most important producing point for paper/parchment in Nordera
---A new ruined castle can be found neat Oxhain the tunnel near the Dökkhain crossing
----Named “Bussahdort” – was the former dynasty seat of the “Närchtholtz” – Dökkhains ruling dynasty. However the castle is destroyed since the Second Norderian Egyptian war
---A new village has been founded in south of the Grömblinwacht (border station to Egypt)
----Named “Südfurt”
----Is controlled by a local Ulfjarl
----Produces wood and wheat
--Grand Jarlsdom of Cottal is now official founded
---The city of Cottal already existed as a natural generated NPC-Village in North of Björtfjall and could be founded on old RP-World map
----The city is connected to the Weestler-River and owns a larger boat mooring
----Largest production place for cot
----Has a castle (named: “Cotburgh”) which serves as the Grand Jarls personal seat
----Has many fish farming tanks (mostly for cot) plus a big smoking house
----Most houses are without interior, yet and properly there will be more
----Is connected on a landway to Bärenhall (using most parts of the streets that connected Bärenhall with Feuerfeste before)
----Has a close ice nomad tribe (“Mäke Clan”), which holds a big igloo in North of the city
----Has also a land way to “Västar”
---New Peninsula “Västar”
----Was created of a land parts that were not transformed as part into the Egyptian Ocean
----Was manly created of broken chunks (it is not good if 4 or more different minecraft versions creates a few chuncks….)
----Is controlled by the Innos-Church
----Is the connection beween Nordnordera and Normanndia (Elsburgh)
----At the Normanndian Border there is the “Västar-Wacht” – an Order border station
----There will be an Abbey in west of the peninsula that also holds a small harbor.
-----A few parts of the abbey are already constructed
--Grand Jarlsdom of Swartbyen
---Jarlsdom of Bärenhall
----Increased the spawnrate of Ice Bears a little
----A few broken streets has been fixed
----A new motte (wood keep with wall) was built in south of the town next to the street to Cottal (formally to Feuerfeste)
-----Is named “Bjarnafjallid”
-----Is seat of the local Jarl
-----Has interior
-----Because of be vassal to Swartbyen the motte is defended by Schwarzsöldner
---Together with the creation of the Egyptian Ocean a very large part of the world in north of Swartbyen was generated; most notable an Ice Spike Planes that will get importance in future.
---A new sea in North of Swartbyen has been founded the “Eismeer”
----The Eismeer is just connected the Egyptian Sea for now; but there will also be a connection the Nordmeer one day; but the east of Nordnordera is absolutely not done yet, and somewhere there will also be “Scanida” but the absolute position is not clear for now.
----Most landscape northern of the Eismeer will belonge to the ice desert; in this cold and frozen plains will be only very few settlements and much more ice nomad tribes.
---North of Bärenhall there are now larger mountain region; somewhere here there will be the often called Grandjarlsdom of Fenry
---In North of Cottal there is a also another very mountain peninsula that separates Eismeer and Egyptian Ocean
----However there is a canal that links the sea and ocean with each other.
-----Around the canal there is nothing for now – there will be a harbor and an abbey, or an order castle or a Hansa Trade Workshop; maybe even a town. There will also be a street to Cottal one day

New Roman Republic
-Gallia Septentriones
--Creation of a new villa (Vila Catonis) started
---Will be the family seat of the Catones
---Is north of the “Genfer See” and west of the “Mons Tarranis”
--Haedonium – a mining village on west side of the Arar is now under construction
---Main builder is Philumbo who joined our building team
---Actual there is a starting wooden wall and a duty house plus garrison building; more is planned.
---The near big hole will be a large copper open pit and the town’s most important source of income
----however this cannot be done until the next Minecraft version will be released

Item Changes
-New Normanndian Alcohol; Weißwein (White Wine)
--Always give regeneration like ale wine but also give fast swimmovent or extra live
-New Normanndian Military Line
--Levels are Knappe (Squire), Chevalier, Kürassier (Cuirassier)
--Uses Crossbow, Shield, Horse Armor and Sowrd
-New Südnorderian City Milita Military Line
--Levels are Fyrd and Rondaschier
--Has most of the new Iceboni Enchantments but doesn’t give much standard protection
--Is used by none mercenaries troops from the Südnorderian (Grand) Jarlsdoms
-New Diorite Weapon and Tool Line
--May be found a lot at Björtfjall

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07/04/2020 10:40 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Hashaa avatar
woah, I can tell you spent a lot of time on that, nice back story to everything! Can;t wait to try it out! :D
07/05/2020 5:15 amhistory
Level 48 : Master Architect
misterich avatar
thanks I am glad to hear that :)

Of curiosity; how did you find the project?
Did you search the list of the last uploaded projects (was the big update 1.4 update a few days ago), or have you clicked on another project of mine and then about my last activities, or about the referencing to the RP world via a stand-alone, or via my profile page or another way?
01/15/2019 6:40 pm
Level 29 : Expert Archer
Kwanatla avatar
Wow, big map! I think some of the buildings are a bit bland from the outside. But otherwise great job!
01/16/2019 5:49 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
misterich avatar
" I think some of the buildings are a bit bland from the outside." - true especially the oldest buildings. For example - Kaironus was the first city that was build on this map but the Kaironian buildings are much more boring than the Roman (City of) buildings. That are just evolution of minecraft skills :D

The Palace in Kaironus is so borging compared with the palace in Kaysang or the town hall of Petarum. That is also a reason why there are just a very few stand alones from Kaironus, but I do not want to build all Kaironus a new because of historical reasons.
01/16/2019 6:36 am
Level 29 : Expert Archer
Kwanatla avatar
Experiencing the same thing with my world. My building style did change quite a bit! I am considering the renewal of some older buildings, while not changing them completely. Totally understand!
11/01/2018 11:38 am
Level 42 : Master Professor
HeliopolisCity avatar
try to build roman pantheon or concordia temple of agrigentum in roman respublica
11/02/2018 11:44 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
misterich avatar
The Temple of Agrigentum - well I thougth about another merchant basilica in Rome itself and Lividia and Asia will get a temple basilica one day aswell. I am just not sure which basilica I will use.
Building the Panthon of the real Roman city is a person dream of me, and I will do but it will need more time because of the rp story and the local place.
Theoreticly a pantheon should stay in the City of Roma, but there is not much place left for another huge building - especially not a temple. The position has highest Temple for all Roman Gods is represented by the Basilica Julia and there is no need for another. Also you must think that my RP-Rome has a huge different to the real historical one - this rome has never fallen and is now somewhere between ancient period, late medivale and early modern period (NRR and First French Republic are comapreable in early developing).
But what is not told in the world discription here is, that another Roman Part of the world (the Roman Empire - because the Emperor still exists) was still not built and just mentioned in some in-rp books. The Roman Empire is going to be a lot more "classical roman" and they worships the old gods more than the builder like the Republicans. In one of their cities (properbly the new imperial capital Nova Troja) will hold a rebuild of the Pantheon. Aslong I do not have a mcedit for 1.13 I will not be able to import or terraform larger parts so I will need about one or two years. If worldpainter works for 1.13 I could maybe try to switch to worldpainter for terraforming and coping stuff. I still have many buildings, castles and more on other worlds I would like to import (for example a sioux world for the america/colonist part of the world around ariad, the city of Kyshu for the japanesse style nation called Nipponia, about 8 cathendrals and some AoE/AoM wonder that was not published yet. The 1.13 update with the missing mcedit paused a lot. The next developing steps for the world are northern desert and saceni + lot more for kaysang.
11/01/2018 10:56 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Explorer
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11/02/2018 11:45 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
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In name of the team:
Thank you :D
07/06/2018 4:53 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
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Egyptian parts are a bit messy and all over the place, it doesn't seem like there's a consistent theme in it, especially in Kaironus screenshot. It's also very hard to pinpoint the buildings from the AoM that you said this map contained. I like it, but it could use some work
07/06/2018 4:37 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
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AoM is just a little part (wonders in Camassda and some buldings in the village of Raqoté). This RP-Worlds has an own history separted from the real history. Kaironus should not be the ancient Egypt. Kaironus represents the mix of the Egyptian time as part of the Byzantine Empire and an Arabic Renaissance city. For example Kaironus has no big monument for the ancient Egypt Religion but a Builder (represents Christianity) Cathendrale. While that the west Parts of the desert are more like the former ancient Egypt and the Eastern are revolutionaries. In the RP world, Egypt is a divided country, which is threatened by tyranny and corruption as well as the power claims of the great neighbors like the New Roman Republic to tear completely or sink into insignificance. Kaironus, as the capital of the Kingdoms's Middel/Eastpart, shows the civil cracking architecturally and culturally.
01/16/2018 6:31 pm
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This is the best role play map I have seen!
02/01/2018 10:30 am
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Thanks a lot;

A question; are you a German - because I would like to know if also people like/download/diamond it, when they do not understand the language.
02/02/2018 8:49 pm
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I'm not German, and i just used google translate to figure it all out ;)
02/03/2018 9:54 am
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Well than thank you again.
09/21/2017 12:19 pm
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Was für eine Minecraft-Version ist das
09/22/2017 5:58 am
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Also begonnen hatte das Projekt glaube ich in der Beta 1.8 und wurde seitdem fortgeführt. Mit anderen Wort für die aktuelle Voll-Version 1.12.2. Es werden keine Mods oder ähnlich benutzt und es wird das standert Texturenpakt benutzt, damit wirklich jeder diese Welt so benutzen kann, wie sie gedacht ist, ohne irgendwelche zusätzlich Pogramme oder gar Kompaktibilitätsprobleme.
07/28/2016 5:03 am
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Wunderbar! Wirklich ein gute arbeit!
07/30/2016 10:25 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
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