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Christmas Trees in One Command

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ClassyElm's Avatar ClassyElm
Level 48 : Master Engineer
Merry Christmas everyone! In this creation I've added craftable Christmas trees! These trees can be decorated as well. Enough talk, the information is as follows:


By throwing 1 spruce sapling on the ground on the same block as 1 thrown flower pot, a Christmas tree spawn egg will be crafted.

The Christmas tree when spawned is empty. It is up to you to decorate the tree with ornaments. Right-click the tree while holding the item you wish to put on it will place it on. Note that only certain spots on the tree can have ornaments placed. I would recommend using blocks as ornaments, but it's up to you. Don't forget to put the star on top!

Removal of a tree:
To remove the tree, break the block it has been placed on.

I wouldn't recommend spawning Christmas trees too close to each other. I recommend that you don't spawn too many if your computer isn't a beast. You still can if you want though. Before removing the tree: I would recommend taking all ornaments off. If you don't, the ornaments will be deleted.

-Made by ClassyElm
-Used Mr Garretto's Command Combiner for 1.9
-Used JSON Creator for Minecraft

1.9-1.10: http://pastebin.com/1YYvtMmc
1.11+: http://pastebin.com/LyFVVgiE
Progress100% complete

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11/15/2017 12:25 am
Level 1 : New Network
BobsBurger21's Avatar
Is there any way to get rid of the spam chat because of the tree?
11/15/2017 8:01 pm
Level 48 : Master Engineer
ClassyElm's Avatar
Are you referring to the chat or the game output? If you're talking about the game output, you can run the following command:
"/gamerule logAdminCommands false"
If you're talking about the messages that come up when the command is installed or removed, you'd have to manually edit the command, which I will not encourage. If the commands are spamming the chat, run the following command:
"/gamerule commandBlockOutput false"

Please let me know if those aren't any of the problems you're experiencing.
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