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Daworpos, 8k Survival World - Arctic, Cliffs, and Mountains [1.19, survival friendly, Download, Java, Minecraft World]

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McMeddon avatar McMeddon
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Zianberg - 1.18 Caves, 2.Gen Village & Baloons - The Clifflands - (Download, 4k, 1.17+,Java & Bedrock, Multibiome Minecraft Survival World) Minecraft Map
Daworpos, 8k Survival World - Arctic, Cliffs, and Mountains  [1.19, survival friendly, Download, Java, Minecraft World] Minecraft Map

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Welcome to Daworpos,

a stunning 64km² Minecraft adventure map created by McMeddon. This Map offers a rich and varied landscape for you to enjoy in survival, creative, coop, or on servers.

Whether you want to loot ships or balloons, fight your way through dungeons, build your dream house on cliffs or mountains, or explore custom caves, mineshafts, coral reefs, and enhanced biomes, this world has something for everyone.
  • Compatible with 1.19+ Java and Bedrock edition
  • Enhanced biomes with trees, plants, and animals
  • Lootable structures such as ships, balloons, and dungeons
  • Custom caves, mineshafts, mansions, and strongholds
  • Survival-friendly with ores, resources, and villages

Download this World today and start your epic journey!


ReleasedRelease dateType
12. March 2023Source Files
12. March 20231.19 Java
12. March 20231.19 Bedrock

Predecessor Map (Evolution of:)www.planetminecraft.com/project/Cekanhall

Size comparison

Features, Structures and Biomes

General Features

Structures & Specials


DownloadVanilla and custom advanced structuresCustom Arctic Area
Exported for 1.19+ Java

✅ Plains Village
✅ Taiga Village
✅ Desert Village
✅ Savanna Village
Custom Badlands / Mesa
Exported for 1.15+ Java
Villager CampsBamboo Jungles
(integrated into jungles)
Exported for 1.12 Java
Custom Pillager and Illager OutpostsCustom Beaches
Exported for 1.19+ Bedrock
Custom Mineshafts

Custom Forests: Birch, Oak, Mega Oak, Dark Oak, Spruce, Mega Spruce, Taiga, Jungle
Map Size: 8192x8192
Map Center: 4096x4096
Map Size: (Java) 500+MB
Custom Strongholds
Custom Deserts
Terrain Heights: 320
World height: -64 to 320
Custom DungeonsCustom Red Deserts

Water Level 62

(Minecraft default is 62)
Strongholds scattered across the land
(indicated by Moss and stone statues)
Custom Flower Forest
Minecraft Ores: all 1.17+ OresCustom Desert TemplesCustom Flower Fields
Caves (Custom)Custom Ships and ShipwrecksCustom Jungle

Every Plant/seed possible/obtainable

Plants: In biomes, villages, flower fields, or through bushes
Custom Random Structures (farms, scarecrows, balloons, camps, beach loot, bushes, deep dark structures, water/lava ponds, skeletons, snowman, forester house, statues)
Custom Mountains
✅ Frozen Peak
✅ Stony Peaks
✅ Snow slopes
✅ Glaciers
Survival-Oriented plants:
Small trees are max 6-7 block reach, designed for easy chopping down

Vaultmine - Every Plant Available (Custom Mineshaft with Seedvault - Read More here)
Custom Mushroom Fields
(Passive-) Mobs spawningCustom WitchhutsCustom Oceans,
Custom Warm
Custom Frozen
Custom Coral Reefs
Vanilla Ancient CityMobvote Mob Statues and GolemsCustom Plains
Vanilla and custom mineshaftsCustom Plants (designed for survival)Custom Rivers

Custom Vanilla Mobs included (In mineshafts)Custom Nether PortalsCustom Savanna

Loot chests accessing the Vanilla Loot-Tables, for random loot
Custom Mobs Spawner Structures for:

Bees, chickens, cows, donkeys, foxes, goats, horses, ice bears, llamas, ocelots, pandas, pigs, sheeps, tutles, and wolfs)
Custom Caves Gen 2
✅ Lush Caves
✅ Dripstone Caves
✅ Crystal Caves
✅ Deep Dark Caves
✅ Mega Caves
✅ Deep Dark Caves
✅ Complex Caves

Loot chests accessing the Vanilla Loot-Tables, for random loot
(currently software limitation)
Custom MansionsStone Shores
Infinite World on Java & Bedrock with a transition
Abandoned Villages / Structures

Custom Swamps
(Currently Basic included)
GeodesCustom Ocean MonumentCustom Mangroves
Patreons as Villagers

Custom High and Flat Archipelago

What changed? What's new?

  • https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/mcmeddons-map-update-history/
  • 📀 added new abandoned portals
  • 📀 village plains - added fitting farms
  • 📀 village desert - new building styles (Gen3)
  • 📀 village - added base amount of villagers to villages
  • 📀 village plains updated - fixed spawners
  • 📀 village desert updated - fixed spawners
  • 📀 village taiga updated - fixed spawners
  • 📀 village savanna updated - fixed spawners
  • 📀 Small dungeons Updated - fixed spawners
  • 📀 textures - whitecliffs have now way more calcite%
  • 📀 textures - removed iced from snow flows
  • 📀 Misc - Mangrove bushes updated -added saplings (can be retro applied with bonemeal onto the leaves)

🚧⚠ Issues / Things to be aware of

As complexity rises, a small tweak or change can have unintended consequences, flaws, be just poor choices, or I maybe hit certain possibility limits of programs. These maps are really complex and hard to make, with dozens of steps and hundreds of layers to apply in the right order. And I'm just a non-magical-wizard boi making sometimes either a poor decision or an unintended mistake, but I want to let you know what might have an impact when playing this world, and here’s what I´ve noticed:

  • Saw at the map-edge a rift in the sea - that appeared for an unknown reason

Want to know what's coming next?
Check out this post: www.planetminecraft.com/blog/mcmeddons-roadmap/

The focus of this map was the reshaping and reworks of the base land and rivers. Combining them and refining the implementation of different terrain types and improved texturing for the environment

Minecraft Maps Java Installation Guide

  1. Download map by clicking the yellow button at the top right of the description.
  2. On Windows, use keys Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (On a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/). This will open the saves folder
  3. Drag your downloader map (after unzip or unrar) in the zip/rar folderMap into saves folder.
  4. Close windows and reopen Minecraft
  5. .Select your map and play.

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Minecraft Maps Bedrock Installation Guide

The world is as .mcworld file provided, meaning you just need to execute the file.
.mcworld is a renamed .zip file, you can rename it to .zip, and import it to your folder manually too.
For more insights how to install it check out PMC´s Tutorial: www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-download-and-install-minecraft-maps/

Possible Questions / FAQ

Expand this to reveal the FAQ Section

Which Programs did you use?WorldPainter:   https://www.worldpainter.net/
WorldMachine  www.world-machine.com/
Gaea      quadspinner.com/
WorldEdit     enginehub.org/worldedit/
Chunky Renderer https://chunky.llbit.se/
Amulett     www.amuletmc.com/
NBT Edit
How long did it take to make this map?
Gathering the experience: ca 2500h +
Building this export, around: 20h+
Building assets and redoing node structures, 4 days
Building, fixing, improving, and adding customized small bits: ca 2h
Rendering: 15-20 Images = 1-2 Days
Did you make those assets?Yes, every asset is done by myself. Those can be found here
For 1.18+ Maps, are Copper Ores and Deepslate included?Yes, near 0-10 will be a full layer of deepslate with all ores, Copper Ore is available underground everywhere
Is it made for survival?Yes with 100% survival in mind
Java - Do animals spawn?
Yes, worlds are populated with plants, animals, and nature blocks.

Also Mobspawners with animals are scattered around the world.
Bedrock - Do animals spawn?Animals are definitely spawning regularly independent from the terrain (in my experience)
For 1.18+ Maps, are Crystal Geodes included?Yes across the map are sparsely scattered.
For 1.18+ Maps, are Copper Ores and Deepslate included?Yes, near 0-20 will begin a full layer of deepslate with all ores, Copper Ore is available underground everywhere
What are your plans with these maps?These are adventure maps, survival maps, and creative maps for you to build, play and explore. For my part, I gain new techniques and experience with every new map, building on that for the next and making map by map better maps.
Do you do commissions?Yes, but only in limited amounts per month - checkout Patreon for further details
PMC Member: "[...] Out of curiosity, if someone else uses your world to build things in and wanted to share, do you just request a credit?"
    • Yes always - please credit the origins of work / the creator. (people want to know where to find the stuff)
    • Redistributing or selling my Intellectual Property without consent is not allowed.
    • Showcase Submissions are allowed
    • (Backside info: I've spent hundreds of hours to achieve the knowledge to create those maps. And can spend days creating each Map. For the casual people: I encourage you to play..test and build on these maps. I actually like to see what you can do on/with them. I see my maps as canvases for people to explore and enjoy... what I don't like it when people just plainly say: I made that canvas, that's mine. [​analogy end] It's IP theft, disrespectful, and ungodly frustrating to deal with. And there are either Kids who just entered the internet and don't know better and there are 3rd Parties that do that intentionally)

Can I use your map for my server?That's allowed
Where is the map center/spawn?2k Maps - 1024,1024
3k Maps - 1536,1536
4k Maps - 2048,2048
5k Maps - 2560,2560
6k Maps - 3072,3072
7k Maps - 3584,3584
8k Maps - 4096,4096
Are there versions without structures?No, but the source files are available, with which you can remove structures and reexport the pure map (Explanation: Online Storage Space is my main concern)
Where are villages?In all the recent maps, Villages are placed near rivers.
- On PMC you can find often a overview map.
- You can also import the map into WorldPainter and export a image/overview map from there.

How can i remove the Villagers?/kill @e[​type=!player] (kills everything except the player)
Can I build on the map and sell it?Redistribution and commercial redistribution is NOT allowed
Can i continue playing your map after the subscription has ended?ofc, every map you´ve downloaded until the subscription end is on your pc, where you have full control over the map
Map recommendations?Checkout maps with a "🌟", these are my recommended ones
Bedrock: I´ve Spawned in water/vanilla area where's the map/spawn?You´ve spawned at 0,0, the top-left edge, at the map edge. Head towards ~ 2000,2000 for the map center.
(Explanation: This is program caused issue, as during the conversion the spawn point gets reset to 0,0. And while sometimes the area around seems vanilla, that's the pregenerated area i had to create in order to insert/convert the map into.)


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Title of Expandable Spoiler

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
Exception: But you can use it as Server Maps
NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.
Exception: You are free to share Videos, Images, Renders

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    Looks cool af. What programme are you using?
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    this looks amazing! Im sad it costs money, I completely understand why. and I think it absolutely should cost money
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