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Death Run Mini-Game

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eeke344 avatar eeke344
Level 45 : Master Blob
Hey guys! I made a new mini-game for you all called Death Run! I know i haven't been posting lately that's because i've been really busy but I put a lot of effort into this map. It took me 9 whole hours but it was definitely worth it!!! So in this mini-game there will be up to 4 'Runners', up to 8 player 'Stoppers' and an unlimited amount of spectators.

The aim for the 'Runners' is to race to the finish line while killing each other. Also the player 'Stoppers' have bows and snowballs and will try to stop you from reaching the end. The 'Runners' will be given several items to kill each other and to protect themselves. There are several chests for the 'Stoppers'. Every second chest is filled with snowballs and all the other ones are filled with 13 bows, 13 stacks of arrows and 1 over powered bow (enchanted). The game is started with a switch located in the 'Runners' start area.

The 'Runners' have separate colours - Red, Blue, Purple and Orange. To make the game harder and quicker give the 'Runners' a limited amount of lives if you want to. The 'Stoppers' are on high ground. The Death Run race track is surrounded by 8 blocks wide of lava. There is a lot of separate parkour that will slow down the player and there is HEAPS of lava through the track. So this makes it one hardcore map!!! At the end is an area for the winner to stand, the person who came second and the person who came 3rd. Poor 4th place :(.

Play with PvP turned on
Play with mobs turned off
No breaking any blocks
Do not kill fellow 'Stoppers' (If you are a 'Stopper')
Do not kill 'Runners' if they have made it to the end
Do not kill 'Runners' if they are not on the course yet
Do not mess with the game spectators
Do not steal 'Runners' items
Do not take other 'Runners' items (if you are a 'Runner')
Tell everyone when you are about to click the starting switch
Only start behind YOUR colour wool block (if you are a 'Runner')
Play on Easy, Normal or Hard (I recommend Normal or Hard)

No i couldn't think of better names than 'Runners' and 'Stoppers' :D

Subscribe, Diamond and Favourite!!!

I hope you enjoy!!!

eeke344 signin' out!

Download Link:


Please tell me if you are having any problems and I'll try to fix them!
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06/15/2013 7:55 pm
Level 45 : Master Necromancer
KAP40 avatar
Looks cool :)
06/15/2013 8:44 pm
Level 45 : Master Blob
eeke344 avatar
Thank you I hope you like it!
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