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Join our discord to download DeathRun "The Woods" Free Edition. Soon there will be a better, improved version. After that we are gonna release DeathRun "Neon City"
Our discord: https://discord.gg/4wNKHxT
You can find the download in #deathrun-maps.

DeathRun "Neon City"

This is our new DeathRun project by JSY-Projects. We just started building this map and we are still working on it! I've uploaded some sneak peaks in our Discord server. If you want to be up-to-date, make sure you join our Discord: discord.gg/4wNKHxT

Game information:
Minecraft version: 1.12.2
Players: 2-18

Game explanation:
Deathrun is a populair minigame and fun to play with your friends. There are 2 teams, the "Death" and the "Runners".
The Death's goal is to kill the Runners with traps so they can't reach the end portal. As a Runner you need to avoid automatic and death-activated traps so you can reach the end portal to finish. If the Runners don't reach the end portal in time, they lose and the Death wins. Good luck.

Other information:
check_box Checkpoints
check_box Spectator-mode
check_box Fully automatic
check_box No plugins
check_box New & custom traps.

Join our discord to make sure you stay up to date so you don't miss anything.
We will announce new projects and sneak-peaks in #sneak-peaks.
Also make sure to check #deathrun-maps for more DeathRun maps.
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