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avatar Zamoradin
Level 38 : Artisan Dragon
Hey, everyone!

First of all, thanks for checking out my new project. It's been around in my world files for a while but since the finals have been around, I didn't have time to publish it. Anyhow, here they are anyways!

I spent about a month of building, but not constantly as I've got school and staff position at countless servers so I have basically got a lot of stuff on my hands.
I am planning to post more stuff on PMC during summer vacation, as well as doing videos on Youtube with my in-real friend Truls (aka trueim).
I am also planning to shoot for the stars work my way up the ladder.

This bundle was created for downloading and using for pretty much anything.

Videos or Machinimas;
Sure, just put me in the building credits in either the description or credits. A link in the comments would be nice too, so I can enjoy it and possibly promote it :)

Projects on PMC or other minecraft websites;
Putting me in the credits is fine.

Usage on servers;
Not much is needed, really. Having an IP to come look would be awesome :)

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Update #1 : 06/04/2013 2:23:33 pmJun 4th, 2013

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Youtube video added.
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