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Divergent Map

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RavenElfVampire's Avatar RavenElfVampire
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
This map, which I have built with GusJNW, will be based off of the book Divergent and may be converted into a server - but we aren't sure whether or not this will go ahead.

It looks better with the texture pack, so try using that with the map (it doesn't change much, mostly improved sounds and turning bows to guns). I'd like you to play it in Adventure, but you can play in other gamemodes if you want.

We have built an aptitude test, the Choosing Ceremony and made a start on all five factions, as well as a headquarters for each and multiple ruins for the factionless.

To join a faction, right-click their sign at the Choosing Ceremony. Two factions have tests that you must pass to join. When you join a faction you will be placed in a team, so your gamertag will be a different colour depending on your faction.

Each faction has different houses, different "jobs," a Fud 4 U restaurant and a Visit Factions booth, where you can teleport to other factions.

If you spawn somewhere strange, do /tp 0 64 0 and that should get you to the spawn.

Finally, if you are hoping to turn it into a server/adventure map/Youtube video then you can, provided you credit us and post the link to whatever you have made in the Comments section.


Laboratory containing a working five-faction simulation machine (used in the Insurgent movie)
A library/technology centre
Modern, stylish houses
The brewer's laboratory, where you can make and test out serums
Villager who sells soda
A soccer pitch
The "chemist" job where you make and sell potions (The buyers will say they want a water bottle, but any potion will satisfy them)

Cottages and barns that resemble Minecraft villager houses
A stage for musicals
Stands selling food and costumes
A trampoline (working)
The "harvesting" job where you harvest crops and give them to the Head Farmer for coins (if you are on Adventure mode, then you will need a hoe to break them - hoes are available free next to the fountain)

The Pit, which has the Chasm, a gym and a tattoo parlour
A zipline
Apartment buildings
The fear simulation (the fears are darkness, heights, small spaces, drowning, hurting others, bats and fire)

A climbing frame
The Fighting Cage - pressing the "Challenge" button tells other players that you want an opponent (Also used for the "Fighter" job - you can summon an opponent and earn money by defeating them)


A bank with an alarm system - if you open a chest, it will alert everyone that the bank is being robbed

Plain white skyscrapers

A radio station

The Debate Hall - pressing the "Challenge" button tells other players that you want an opponent


Two styles of house for different family sizes

A meeting-place for the government members

The "service" job where you cook and sell food to customers

A church
CreditGusJNW (builder), SuperTruperHans, IJA Minecraft, CommandScience and MrGaretto (commands)
Progress70% complete

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02/13/2017 1:34 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
Mattoiio0517's Avatar
yoyoyo is it up yet??? or will it ever be? IP?
04/29/2016 2:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RovoMan24's Avatar
when will it be on for download?
04/30/2016 12:07 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
RavenElfVampire's Avatar
We do not have a set deadline, but we think completion will take a couple of months.
04/28/2016 3:29 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
JackTC's Avatar
04/30/2016 12:06 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
RavenElfVampire's Avatar
It will be added when the map is complete.
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