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DS Schiller (Swiss Paddlesteamer)

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I'd like to present you the third paddlesteamer of the SGV, The DS Schiller. she looks very similar to the DS Uri but has some diffrences and looks magnificent!

The former steamship company of Lake Lucerne (DGV) ordered the saloon steamboat 1904 at Sulzer in Winterthur. It should lean in type on the saloon steamer Uri and Unterwalden built a few years earlier, but be slightly larger and more powerful. The background of the order was that the fleet of the DGV was very busy, especially in midsummer, and it should be possible to take further courses. The launching of the Schiller took place on 17 February 1906, on 17 May the ship was granted the definitive operating permit by the then Swiss Post and Railway Department and on 21 May it began its course service.

As a machine, the Schiller has a sloping Sulzer two-cylinder steam-steam combined steam engine with condensation. It has an output of 700 hp.

Around 1920, the Schiller, which had like the other steamboats of their generation originally an open helm, received a wheelhouse. A first major revision took place in 1930. In 1946, the smoke cabin on the upper deck was given a shelter. In early 1952, the firing of the steam boiler was converted from coal to heavy oil and 1953 another major revision carried out. Since the Schiller in contrast to the Uri and the Unterwalden in the construction of the low Acheregg bridge 1961 was not equipped with retractable fireplace and wheelhouse, she can not ride on the Alpnachersee since then.

Main deck, 2nd class with a view of the machine
Compared to the other Lake Lucerne steamboats from the time of the fin de siècle, the external appearance of the Schiller has changed only slightly over time. 1976/77 she was the first SGV steamer, which was renovated with financial help of the Association of Steamship Friends. In 1998/99, the Schiller was comprehensively refurbished at a cost of 6 million Swiss francs, whereby it received a new steam boiler, and in 2000 it was put back into operation.

In honor of its namesake, Friedrich Schiller, Schiller has been flying a flag with the coat of arms of Weimar on the bow since 1995.
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06/10/2018 11:53 am
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Nice Boat!
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