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avatar RynzAMasta007
Level 49 : Master Architect
This is my Dungeon Maker!
This will allow you to wip up your own dungeon in no time! I've taken all the hard work out of building somthing massive so you can get right down to the grit of what you want to create.

3 easy steps for you:

1#- make your self a path threw all the corridors using some kind of marker like glow stones. make your marked path with twists and turns. build hidden rooms and halls and dead ends. Setting up your path threw the dungeon first is ideal because once you start closing off walls and making halls/rooms. your going to get lost.

2#- close off the corridors (door ways) to start creating halls and rooms, dead ends and traps.

3#- be sure to place supply chests with tools such as armor and weapons and raw food. I suggest placing furnaces in other locations so that a player would still have to find a way to cook the food they have found and find tools to cook that food.

FYI: You will have to make your stairs or ladders to each level because I want the user to customize their dungeon as much as possible.
IDEA- Use mob spawners or even villager spawners.
NFO- make your "true path" as twisted and long as possible. you want players to spend some time trying to survive and your going to want them to explore alot as well.

I wont be asking for credit on builds you may post or upload in the future for using this project to get started.
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