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Egg Wars Offline (mcpe) [ LAN PARTY GAME]

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Egg Wars Offline (LAN Party Game)

Egg wars is a very popular game in Minecraft!

All what you have to do is protect your EGG to avoid losing your ability to respawn

You have to defeat all players by breaking his own eggs to be sure that they will not respawn again if you kill him!

This Map don’t need any access to internet connection!!

1)How To Download:

  1. Click The Download Link Below
  2. Wait a few seconds then Skip the AD
  3. ⚠ Warning: Don’t open other webpages (Close All new Webpages created and stay in the download page)
  4. Download The Map From Media Fire
  5. Enter .mcworld file OR share it to Minecraft

Skip ad Tutorial Video:

2)Preparing To Play:

Invite Your Friends By Connecting All devices to one Hotspot Network or Router Network

-Enter The Map then let your friends join you by following Steps:

Play >> Friends >> (choose Your Friend Name)

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_2.png[/img]

3) How To Start:

First select The Nubmer of players You Want To play with.

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_3.png[/img]

After That Enter The Play Portal and Wait untill all players join The Match

: Don’t Enter the Portal Together to avoid Bugs

4)Game Rules:

Wait a few seconds until the match starts

After the game begins, start claiming some IRON/GOLD ITEMS to buy A special weapons from the Villagers.

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_4.png[/img]

Upgrade your generators to increase the number of ITEMS PER SECOND

To upgrade the generator, you have to pay some irons/gold/diamond to Development CHEST!

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_5.png[/img]

You will find 3 types of villager :

IRON : This villager sells with Iron items

GOLD: This Villager sells with Gold Items

Diamond: This Villager sells with Diamond Items

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_6.png[/img]

You Can claim Diamond Items only from the Middle Island !

You must protect your EGG to avoid elimination from the Match

If your egg has been broken, you won’t have another chance to survive!!

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_7.png[/img]

You have to break your enemies egg to be sure that they will not respawn again if they’ve been killed!

If you have been eliminated, you will be able to spectate the match by using SPECTATOR FEATURE!

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_8.png[/img]

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_9.png[/img]

5)Full Tutorial Video:

6)Contact us:

[img width=100%]my.mcpedl.com/storage/worlds/4428/images/egg-wars-offline-lan-party-game_10.png[/img]

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