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Elderidge City

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avatar Lockie_Spartan
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
This for the longest time had the warp name newcity because I couldnt think of what to call it. But after I built the windows lining the sky high wall towers and laid in the nice upper end houses I knew this city was more of a posh and proper, full of rules city such as NO ELYTRA IN THE MARKET. Other than that it is a very peaceful city and a very peaceful people of stone masons, miners, jewelcrafters all sorts of geologists and engineer's all inside the same walls. Now the king was promised a blueprint on a new flying machine from the east by this coming friday so I'll have to post some pictures when they arrive. I figured that since a church is a place of worship regardless of the book or deity it ought to be left sacred so i had the market put off to the side and a large ornate fountain for the cathedral's courtyard. These leveled effect gardens are my personal experiment that i think turned out quite nicely, I still need to hire a gardner to plant some flowers though. I found that endrods gave off light. I had no idea so i figured it would make a for a very nice hanging light or something of the sort. I discovered about the harbor, that how very close together it all is makes me think it's kinda cheap, you know, slums, shanty housing. A perfect place for a pirate lord to find quiet yet close real estate...

I want the king to have a pretty promenade down to his people and vice versa, so i started off with a grass/wood slab stair case and i think that will have to be finished another time.
Progress80% complete

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Update #1 : 06/15/2018 3:59:55 pmJun 15th

Alright so, I've gotten the King's Promenade all spiffy and nice. Though, I'm sure I could add more detail in some places, it looks alright to me, as I've stated in previous posts I am quite new to building in minecraft. I also added a gigantic tanglewood tree because I have seen that as a street name and as a location in video games and I had to make my imagination come to life as this mess of thorns and shadows looms over the city docks. Also, I may have to make a separate post for the elderridge city keep because there's not enough post space for all of my images. I take pictures like my mother used to, take 1 million photos and use 2 or 3 haha

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Apologies on the percentage, any artist knows his work is never fully complete.

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